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Claries Pov.

It has been two years since Bishop decided on giving me a birthday present, if I could really call it that; he somehow managed to steal half of the Founders book pages, which was all he really needed. He left after he got them but he didn't leave alone, that was my gift, I could either die or join his group.

I didn't need to be a vampire, he told me as long as I was to be the scientist of his own little town then my life shall be spared. I was the Myrnin of Bishops town. Not many people lived along with us, just a few old, stuck up vampires and some humans who were either used as a meal or made weapons, in case of an attack.

I missed everyone I left, my parents, Michael and Eve, Shane, Myrnin, Hannah, Everyone who had ever spoken to me I missed.

But two years is a long time to be all alone, I'd made friends with a man named Riley; he was a human trainer, he made all the newbie's into the fighters Bishop needed. Also a girl called Sophie who, was indeed a vampire, but she was kind of the one who was more likely to make you laugh then to kill you.

But as any leader, Bishop grew bored; killing the small towns just weren't the chaos Bishop lived for. The only ones left that issued a challenge for him were vampires, and they were so rare you would've thought they were extinct.

So that's why, today 19th September we were leaving the broken town we'd lived in for two months.

I was going back to Morganville.

Amelies Pov

"Can you not just listen for one moment?" Oliver had been furiously yelling at me, for at least half of an hour now, It still didn't mean anything and I sincerely doubt it ever will.

"Why shall I have to suffer listening to your incompetent complaints about how I should run my town, Oliver, It has been two years and no hear nor site had been about my father, as I have said before and will say again, he isn't our problem now." We had indeed fixed the town from the destruction caused, Only one little problem we hadn't been able to fix was, Her.

Claire our own little assistant who should still be working with Myrnin, but doubt that life shall ever give one what they want, she had been taken, and now Myrnin had to deal with another assistant, whose name I was lead to believe was Taylor. Myrnin didn't like her one bit and he made sure everyone knew about it.

I believe she would be long gone now, our little Claire that is.

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