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Claire's POV

Everything was cold. I looked around and saw my so-called 'team'; the only other person I really knew was Riley, because Sophie had been placed on another team.

Bishop made us stand on the outside of Morganville as back-ups until he needed us. All I heard was that we weren't meant to attack only get our presence known.

'You look as if your about to either going to be sick or faint, I'd rather you tried not too though' Riley said, he'd moved to stand next to me from speaking to another leader.

'They were my friends and family, I've known Bishop longer than you and I doubt that he'll stick to not hurting anyone' I wasn't afraid of telling him how I really felt. But that didn't stop the flinch I gave when he asked.

'Aren't we your friends and family now?'

However I didn't have a witty come back, his words were lost in my thoughts, someone had said something like that before, but whoever it was I couldn't remember.

Who was it?


Myrnin, the one who used to be my crazy vampire boss, he was the one who'd asked me what I meant to him before. I haven't seen or heard from him since I'd left, he could be one of the people Bishop wanted dead or hurt.

No. I wouldn't let that happen. No matter what, no matter if Myrnin had forgotten or even hated me, I couldn't let Bishop hurt him.

Before I could start thinking more about him I felt something poking my shoulder.

Oh, Riley was looking at me now, I hadn't answered him and before I even thought of what I was going to say, his phone went off. Everyone turned to look at us, and as Riley picked up the call. I couldn't help it but my whole body froze.

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