When i said my first kiss every one groaned got up and started leaving "hay where do you think you guys are going" I said . "Um ... the bell rang.. duh" Kevin said in a awkward tune . "Ya what he said it's not like we never had a first kiss it's just um" Nelson said then ran outside with kevin. Oh that's why i thought "Ok there out what about you guys" i said to Kacy and Stievie who were almost out the door . "Look maybe we could come over your house on saturday and talk about our memories and junk because in 3,2,1," the bell rang "bey " . Stievie said and puled Kaycy with her to there next class."oh god I'm late" i said grabbing all my stuff and heading out the door to my next class. "how did she do that" i said wondering how Stievie knew when the bell was going to ring and we didn't even have a clock in there. Maybe she's been here so much she just instantly knows when the bell rings wait but she never used to do that in fact she would always ask me what time next period started so she wouldn't be late, weird . Then i went back to reality when "Mr. Robins back to earth " Mr. March said in an angry voice only a teacher on low pay can pull off. "um i think the answer is tow" I said clueless of what problem we're doing our what period I'm in . "That's correct if we we're doing math but we are in history sadly" great just my day shit