Author: Michmak

Summary: A short pieceof poetry - what Gris thinks of Sara

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. We all know who owns them.

Sara's smile flashes across her face,

Like a shooting star across the midnight sky

Both are bright and beautiful,

But Sara's smile is more mysterious than the vastness of the galaxies.

I could watch her face forever.

Her eyes are like exotic butterflies,

Fluttering against her petal soft skin,

Before landing to rest on my face.

What does she think?

What does she feel?

Just a smile and a look from Sara,

And my heart begins to race like it did

When I solved my first case.

Each smile brings a new revelation,

With every look, I am drawn deeper in.

I cannot analyze this; I can simply feel -

No longer a scientist, but a man.

She is my other half, and I don't know what to do.

How do I woo sweet Sara?

How do I tell her what is in my heart?

There are things there I cannot describe -

No Latin terms to explain how I feel.

So, if I speak to her of butterflies,

Will she know I am thinking of her eyes?

If I ask her to look at a shooting star,

Will I see her smile dance across the universe?

She alone has the power to make me happy.

And she can break me with just a word.

I didn't miss anything before she came,

And now I simply yearn.