It's Not Okay

A/N: Well… I wrote this a while ago because tFioS is insanely amazing, and I love it (the book), so I felt the need to write fanfics about it… and being me I decided to not try to write a story, lest I wake up and start to compare myself to John Green (LOVE JOHN GREEN) and then get all sad because he is a genius, and I, obviously, am not. So- you have a poem, which is kind of not my best but still alright, I hope. BTW formatting most likely got messed up, sorry.

Hazel's POV- I think. :D I'm odd and indecisive. Pick for yourself… This could be a lot of different characters, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head and keep an open mind.

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Disclaimer: tFioS belongs to the amazing John Green… Not me.






The lies we used

To tell each other-

The words

We used to say.

That now are like

A firing squad-

Most every night-

And day.

I drown myself

In memories;

Breathe in and out the pain-

Put up the walls

And fake a smile;

Pretend it's all okay.

But the thing is-

It's not,

The word itself

Is sad;

For whenever I hear it,

I think of you-

And all that we once had.

But I try not to dwell

Upon the end-

The last few days,

The hurt, the pain-

But upon us;

The days which

We just forgot

All the ways that life's unfair;

Just lived and loved and forgot-

Or embraced-

The fault in our stars,

The fault in ourselves.

But then I wake up,

I hear the word,

I smile faintly-

As the memories flood over me in waves

Try to pretend it's all okay-

But really, dear,

It's quite unfair,

The Encouragements lied;

It's not okay,

It's never always,

And capitol S- Something seems so far away.







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