Chapter 1.

It was an early Tuesday evening when Karen called Sarah up. "Sarah, I know this is such short notice."

Sarah knew exactly where this was going. Karen did this to her at least once a week and this was usually why she never made plans. The reason why she never had dates actually. Daren asked her out just the other night and she sighed inwardly when decided to tell him no. She had a feeling Karen was going to ask her to babysit, and Karen did. She was actually surprised that Karen wanted her to babysit again so soon. "You want me to babysit tonight?" She asked with a little bit more aggravation in her voice than she meant to. She was just a little tired of not ever going out.

"Well, I was hoping that maybe you would? But if you-" She faltered in her answer.

"Karen, its fine." She said softly into the phone. Trying to make Karen feel like she wasn't upset about it. "What time do I need to be there?" Sarah really loved Toby. She did. At one point in her life, she thought she could live without him. Which is why she called upon The Goblin King. Jareth. The second he took Toby away, Sarah realized it was a mistake and took on Jareth's labyrinth. Sarah beat the labyrinth although it was the hardest thing she had ever done in her life. Then she defeated the Goblin King.

Karen started saying how the movie started at seven and then they wanted to go out to dinner after that. "So I was thinking maybe sixish?" She paused. "This will give you some time to spend with Toby before his bedtime at seven-thirty." Seven-thirty? Yea, right, more like eight or nine. It's not like you'll ever know. Sarah thought to herself. Whenever she babysat Toby, she always let him stay up late with her. "And we also had Lasagna for dinner tonight, so there's leftovers for you."

Sarah nodded even though Karen couldn't see it. "Of course. I'll be there." Sarah was excited to see Toby and to eat the Lasagna. She hadn't had any for a while. Karen's was the best Lasagna she had ever had. Karen and Sarah talked a little bit more about a little bit of this and that. Not much in particular.

Toby was now five years old. Sarah was always trying to attempt to make up for what she did to him. Which is why she let him stay up so late with her. He sometimes told her about nightmares he had about little rubbery creatures holding his hands as a baby, a king who was talking to him and dancing with him, and chickens running around wildly.

Every time she was told about the dreams, she would wince. She hoped that Toby wouldn't have those dreams forever, but it seemed like he would. She also thought that he would have forgotten about it by now. He would always ask what they meant, but she would just pat the top of his head and say "It's just a dream Toby. It doesn't mean anything." He would smile and run off to go play. She silently wished that she could see Jareth at least one more time, if not to see his gorgeous face, then to at least ask him why Toby was having dreams about him. But she had the feeling that she was never going to see him again.

Once she got off the phone, she glanced at the clock. It was five. She decided she had enough time to study a little before she had to leave. While studying, she felt like someone was watching her. Sarah had felt that way ever since she came back from The Underground. She always thought that Jareth would come back for her, but then she realized that she was being silly and her imagination was running wild. She always thought it was paranoia. That was what she told herself this time also.