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It was two days before Basil and the others got back to London. The majority of the trip, Basil sat in the van, staring out into the night sky. A couple of times, Fidget came and offered Basil company, but eventually, he grew bored and went to look for something else to do. About fifteen hours into the trip, Basil realized that he was still holding his mother's locket. He started to twirl the chain with his fingers, making the moonlight glint off of it. Basil sighed and looked out the window again.

"I'll find you, Ratigan." He muttered angrily.

The caravans stopped in the forest by the train station. Ilona, Basil, Fidget and the other leaders of the other caravans gathered in the largest caravan. A map was spread out on the wooden table in the center with the mice and bat in a circle around it. Basil looked at Fidget.

"Okay Fidget, where is Ratigan's castle from here?"

"It's right there." Fidget pointed a wing to a spot on the map that was by the ocean and a thick forest.

"It's a tricky spot to get to." Ilona remarked. "The forest is rather dense and crawling with dangerous animals." Basil noticed Fidget paled slightly.

"What kind of animals?" Basil asked.

"Hawks and Foxes." One the other leaders told him.

"To go in there would be suicide." Basil sighed though his nose. Then he looked at Fidget.

"Is there a chance you can get us there without risking being caught?" Fidget shrugged.

"I have a friend that may be able to help us." Basil nodded.

"So how do you suggest we get in?" One of the other leaders asked and a sly grin formed on Basil's face.

"Leave that to Fidget and I." He winked.

A knock sounded on Terra's door and her ears perked up.

"Who is it?" She wearily called.

"It's Kitty."

"Come in." Terra called and the locks clicked. Kitty slipped into the room with a soft smile on her face.

"I heard about the fight you and the Professor had." Terra grunted and lay her head back down and stared at the ceiling again.

"Are you okay?" Kitty asked and it took Terra a few moments to answer.

"He doesn't understand that I don't trust him like I did before." Kitty sat down a nearby chair and listened to Terra as she told her what had happened.

"So you almost escaped?" Kitty asked with wide eyes and Terra sat up.

"I was so close too." Kitty sighed.

"What?" Terra asked.

"You're not like other mice, Terra. You have bravery that others only dream of having." Terra frowned and Kitty touched her shoulder.

"I find it interesting that you can't stand sitting and waiting." She teased and Terra made a face at her.

"I'm compulsive, I can't stand sitting still." Terra defended and Kitty grinned.

"Whatever you say, Terra." Terra blew a raspberry at the other white mouse, making her laugh.

"And you can be childish too." Terra laughed.

"Hey, everyone has to be childish, sometimes." Kitty chuckled and stood to leave. Terra gave Kitty a hug before she watched her walk out.

'Kitty's right, I do have bravery. I guess that's what makes me different.' She thought with a smiled on her face.

Ilona pulled Basil and Fidget on to a rabbit.

"Ilona, is this really necessary?" Basil asked and Ilona nodded.

"We need to get to Professor Ratigan's castle as fast as possible,. The crows and rabbits are the fastest animal companions we have." She told him.

"Now, nudge his sides when you wish to go and hop off when you wish to stop, got it?" Basil and Fidget nodded and Ilona walked away to her own rabbit that was already to go. Basil kind of wished that he had Toby around to ride on.

"Ready!" A voice called.

"GO!" Basil kicked the rabbit's sides and the furry animal took off with others on its tail and black feathered crows soared in the skies overhead.