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She always tried so hard. She was so determined to be the best. Perhaps that was why she respected me. I was the best meister after all. She became the best - she surpassed me. Soul definitely surpassed Spirit-senpai as a Death Scythe, but that was no surprise to me. It was the day Maka's and Soul's wavelengths changed that surprised me - in more ways than one. Maka had actually fallen in love with Soul? I never would have imagined she would be able to see past her ambition and her stubborn nature to let her guard down enough to let something like love in. I believed her to be more like me, the way she had been when she came to me that eventful night. I always did do my best work when my subject intrigued me.

3 Years Ago - Shibusen Academy


Maka sat in Professors Stein's class, diligently taking notes while tuning out Soul's conversation with Liz about some jazz musician she'd never heard of. She was suddenly aware that Dr. Stein was peering into her soul again. She blushed in fury and embarrassment of what he would divulge.

"He's going to see my jealousy of the camaraderie Liz and Soul have when they speak together about music. And my shame. He'll think I'm weak." Maka thought silently to herself.

"I'll show him," she thought and her large, olive green eyes bored into Dr. Stein's sage hued ones.

"I hope he feels how close he would be to a Maka-Chop if he weren't my sensei." Once the idea popped into her head, Maka watched Dr. Stein smile at her in the slow and devious manner he was often wont to do.

"Why does my heart race when he stares at me like he wants to eat me?" Maka felt flustered and pushed the thought out as quickly as it had formed.


"She's so diligent. Her thirst for knowledge and her desire to be the best knows no

bounds further than my own." Stein pondered as he peered into Maka's soul.

"Oh. How sweet. She's jealous of Liz."

Stein knew Maka could feel his intrusion into her soul wavelength, and when she glared at him with animosity, he leered at the dishwater blonde.

"Wait," Stein told himself, baffled by his newly discerned information. "Her heart is racing as she thinks of me." He craved a cigarette of his special imported brand.

"But it's not pulsing in anger." He mused. "Is that...lust?" Stein wanted his smoke even more after he realized that Maka, little, tender Maka...desired him.

Stein had been teaching Maka for three years now. She had grown into a beautiful, strong young woman. He still recalled the first time he met her and the way her soft flesh felt under his calloused fingers as he marked her for dissection. It was rare for Maka to look at his soul, and whenever he felt it he couldn't help when a smirk crawled across his scarred face.

"So little Maka Albarn wants to play doctor, eh?" He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Stein's lips curled into a wanton smile.


"Two can play this game." Maka seethed, and decided to take a gander at Dr. Stein's soul wavelength.

"Wh-What!?" Maka almost screamed aloud. "Dr. Stein...wants me? In that way?" Maka blushed crimson, shocked by her discovery.

"What should I do? Maka wondered. Then she looked over at her partner, at Soul, whom was laughing about something with Liz.


Stein still read the emotions Maka's soul put off. He analyzed and perceived a combination of jealousy, anger, and surprise. But also pride and determination. He gave the screw through his head three slow cranks.

"Oh Maka, Maka, Maka...I hope you're not planning on doing something you won't be able to get out of. I'm sure your flesh will melt like butter under my scalpel." He definitely needed that cigarette now.