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Franken Stein was sitting at his computer typing away. It was dark; the only light, emanating from the screen of his monitor. It cast a sickly, greenish glow across his face, giving him a sinister appearance had anyone been watching. He was searching for a way to get hold of a large parcel of Boehmantis microtympanum - the Angel's Madagascar frog. He learned the species has abnormally small eardrums and therefore, the likelihood of being a "non-calling" variety of frog. He loved dissecting frogs. Especially ones that were on the endangered species list.

"Oh the look on the students' faces will be priceless once they've discovered they dissected an endangered species!" Stein said aloud to no one and chuckled.

"Angel's frog. Heh." Stein scoffed. He didn't have class that day, so he'd worked continuously throughout it. He set aside his work and decided to just sit and enjoy a smoke for a moment. He wasn't one to usually take breaks while he was working, or ever, really. As he rolled around lazily in his chair, thinking of the frog, his thoughts began to drift to Maka. Maka possessed a Grigori soul, which gave her the ability of flight. Her soul had wings and he recalled how excited the aspect of being compared to an angel had made her.

"Maka's no angel. By supposed moral standards. I know that for certain." He muttered to himself as he reminisced on their encounter in the library.

He had had so much fun that day. Once he discovered Maka was attracted to him, he decided he had to know just how much. He was quite pleased with his little experiment. He induced much about Maka from it. He also learned something about himself that day: little Maka Albarn has a strong effect on him. He had to admit he was shocked that he had begun to daydream about her. He had fantasies about Maka that didn't even involve sinking his knife into her soft, warm flesh. Of course he still had those as well. But he couldn't get the image of Maka writhing beneath him, her face flushed, and her eyelids fluttering as he touched her, out of his mind. Or her taste. His mouth watered thinking about tasting her again. Not just her delectable wetness, but her divine blood. He exhaled smoke, sharply.

"Fuck." Stein sighed. He shut his eyes and clenched his fists. He had grown hard thinking about the different tastes of Maka - her blood, her sweat - the taste of her pussy on his fingers. He wondered what her tears would be like on his tongue. He pushed the thoughts away. He decided to go out to his secluded spot to train. He needed to focus.

Stein returned from his training and meditation feeling centered and in control again. The madness within him. He worked so hard to keep it dormant. He reasoned it was trying to force its way out. It didn't normally bother him, because he knew he was strong enough to control it. Until now. Until he had just had to mess with Maka. Was it because she was the progeny of his greatest experiment? He was curious to discover how similar Maka's insides were to her father's. He had only touched her sexually to see the response he would get. And it was such a willing response.

He was spread languidly on his couch enjoying a post-session smoke, his glasses still removed. He was still clad in his nobokawa only, the skin of his upper body shimmering with sweat. His mind went hazy as he began to hear the sounds of Maka moaning and panting. Images filled his head of Maka. Maka with her large, innocent green eyes, her ever pouting mouth, her toned legs that went on for miles, and her skin, oh her skin, so warm and pliable, just right for… he felt…not right.

"I can't do this. I need a new specimen. Someone like Spirit was." He thought as he ached to dissect something, to pull back flesh and gaze upon entrails. He needed something to keep him occupied so he'd stop thinking of Maka. Of fucking Maka. Of cutting Maka.

"Keep it together, Stein. Maka's not your only subject, you can find a new one. I don't want a new one," raced through his gave his screw five slow turns, hoping to get some semblance of clarity.

Stein heard a knock on the front door of his patchwork laboratory. He sensed Maka's wavelength through the concrete walls.

"Speak of the devil and she shall appear. Must work for so-called angels too…" Stein laughed loudly at the irony of Maka appearing on his doorstep at the exact moment he attempted to push her out of his thoughts.

Stein focused on Maka's soul. She exuded a strong sense of tenacity. He stopped looking at her soul before he opened the door.

"I might as well have some fun." He smiled and decided to throw caution to the wind. He opened the door to greet his unwitting tormentor.

"Why hello, meister Maka." he deadpanned. "What can I help you with at this hour?" Stein's poker face gave none of his intentions or awareness away.

"Oh, Dr. Stein." He saw Maka's eyes widen when she saw his bare chest. "Am I interrupting something? I'll come back. I'm sorry to have bothered you." Stein smiled watching Maka's eyes roam his muscled form. She hadn't moved from his doorstep yet. He just stood there, watching her study him. Had he mesmerized her with his body alone? The sheer ridiculousness of the notion made him want to bellow as if the madness had completely possessed him.

"You're fine, Maka. I just returned home from training. Please, come in." Stein welcomed, watching as Maka's head jerked up as he spoke.

"Thank you, Dr. Stein. It's sort of important, so I'm glad you aren't busy." He held the door open for her and she flashed him a brazen smile as she brushed past him; her arm grazed the skin of his stomach, sending a pulsating sensation to his cock. He ignored it.

"I admit I'm surprised to see you here. It is rather late for a student to be visiting her teacher at his home." He watched her face glow pink as she looked around the room. He walked over to his chair where his lab coat hung, pulled out a cigarette from the inside pocket and lit up with the old one. He motioned for her to take a seat on his zig-zag stitched couch.

"I didn't think you'd mind, Dr. Stein. I know you don't sleep much. I figured you'd be working, and I wasn't going to come in case I would be a nuisance," He waited as she paused, her face transparent with hesitance. "But I thought you might be happy to see me." Stein was a bit taken aback by the way she grinned straight at him as she spoke.

"Had you arrived earlier you would have interrupted my work. You have good timing, Maka." His face and tone gave no tells to Maka that he wasn't sure yet whether or not he was glad to see her. He wouldn't look at her. He silently sucked down his cigarette, relishing the buzz of the nicotine, distracting himself.

"Are you ok, Dr. Stein?" Maka looked worried.

"Never.' He thought. "Heh. I've made her uncomfortable." He thought to himself then let out a low chuckle. He was beginning to enjoy himself. He wanted to see how awkward he could make her act.

"Is something funny, Dr. Stein?" He smirked, lighting a new cigarette with his previous. He had gained the upper hand.

"Just thinking of something from earlier today. It's no matter." She was clearly disappointed by his reticence.

"Please, Professor (oh he loved when she called him that), sit with me and I'll explain everything to you." Stein's head cocked to one side. He stared blankly at Maka whom patted a spot on the couch close to her own figure, smiling sweetly. What was she up to?

"I'll make us some tea." He was not going to sit near her when he was likely to attack her. "Tea. Tea is calming," he told himself under his breath. He was going to ignore her a bit more.

"Oh, Professor, please don't go through so much trouble on my account. Please, come sit with me." He turned to see her give him a dazzling smile. He returned to fiddling around with various laboratory equipment to boil water for their tea. She was not acting the way he thought she would.

"I want tea, Maka." He took a drag. "I'm not going to force any down your throat." He kept his back to her as he spoke. He fumbled with a beaker as he failed to compel himself from imagining his cock in Maka's mouth. He had to choose those words. He gave his screw a quick twist. He needed to expel irrelevant thoughts from his mind.

"I'm in control of this situation." he silently reminded himself.

"So tell me Maka," He turned to face her. "what's this important thing you need to see me about?" He leaned against his desk as he smoked, one hand clutching the edge. He smirked as he noticed Maka eyeing his body up and down. She wasn't trying to hide her study of his body at all.

"Well, Professor…I have a sort of...of experiment I was hoping you would help me with." Stein watched the skin of Maka's cheeks burn. She was twirling the hair of one of her pigtails, as if nervous, but she was looking him straight in the eye. He wanted to pull that dirty blonde hair again. Hard. He wanted to see if she would wince or moan. She had moaned before.

"What type of experiment do you think I might help you with, Maka? You know I love a good experiment." Stein asked and blew small skulls in her direction. He thought (yet again) of his own recently conducted one involving Maka. He tried not to salivate, and quickly took a long drag, then flicked it into an ashtray.

"Well, Professor it has to do with what happened yesterday afternoon, you see - oh, Professor the water's boiling!" Maka pointed out animatedly. He turned around and used tongs to pour the water into a carafe to steep. He watched the swirling patterns of green escape from the bag like the tendrils of a vine.

"I'm sorry. Maka, were you talking?" Maka's moving mouth was enough to answer him.

"For a few minutes, Professor. You were watching the tea, I supposed you were listening." He expected her to be angry, or sarcastic even. Her voice was cloyingly sweet. He didn't like it.

"It will be ready then. Do you want any?" Maka responded with a nod. He poured them each a cup. When he reached to hand Maka hers, she put her hand on his arm and spoke.

"Please, Dr. Stein, sit with me and I'll tell you why I've come to you." Stein's head cocked to one side. He stared blankly at Maka whom patted a spot on the couch close to her own figure, smiling sweetly. What was she up to?

"Since you keep insisting." He sighed and sauntered towards his couch.

"Thank you. Well, where do I start?" With an indignant look, he watched Maka's eyes roam anxiously as she searched for words.

"Ok, Maka, I'm all ears." Stein relaxed with his tea in the place Maka intended for him. He noticed her tense up as he sat near her. He thought she was trying to be bold, but her nervousness was clear. And from the small hitch in her breathing, he deduced she had enjoyed herself in the library even more than he had.

"The thing is Professor, is lately I've been, well...feeling...things." Stein wanted to laugh at Maka's behavior. Was she trying to flirt? The way she looked away with a small smirk when she said 'things' appeared…coy. Oh Maka…playing the coquette are we? Stein thought as he slowly grinned.

"What sort of things, Maka?" Stein asked, feigning ignorance, and sparking up from a pack on the table. He tasted her as he inhaled. His mind was playing tricks on him.

"Things of a-a…sexual nature. Especially since what happened between us." Stein thought how cute Maka was with her stuttered speech and the way she blushed so hard it crept down her usually creamy white neck. That long, lovely neck…

"I'm aware of that, Maka. It's perfectly normal for a girl your age. I also know how much you enjoyed our encounter. I'm sure you know I would never had done such had I not already known you are attracted to me. Now, what is this experiment that's so important?" Maka was starting to fidget and Stein smirked as he realized how much pleasure he was taking in watching her squirm.

"Pr-professor," Maka said, looking straight in his light green eyes. "that afternoon in the library…" Stein watched as she trying to keep her gaze steady and determined. "no one besides me has ever done that. You were so much better at it." Stein felt almost triumphant seeing Maka's resolve to keep her composure crumbling before him. It was time to break it completely. Her face and long, slender neck were crimson. It wouldn't be long before she couldn't look him in the eye. She had also yet to reveal her desired experiment.

"Enjoyed yourself, my dear?" He heard a barely audible answer of affirmation. "I presumed as much. Tell me, Maka, what was your favorite part?" He leaned in so his face was almost close enough to touch hers. He kept his eyes on hers. He could feel the heat coming off her. She was breathing hard.

"When you bit me." Stein gave her a wicked grin. Maka had started playing with her hands and she looked down in them in what he deduced was shame.

"No need for embarrassment, my dear. Many people enjoy being bitten. I only bit your lip." And your blood was scrumptious. He didn't wish to scare her…yet, so he kept that bit to himself.

"So if I wanted to be bitten other places…that wouldn't make me, well…weird?" Stein kept himself in check, wanted to devour her upon hearing her admission. Maka looked like a rabbit who'd just seen a fox, he thought.

"No, no, of course not. Maka, my dear, that's what's called a 'kink' - different people have different types of things that cause them sexual arousal more than others. You like being bitten. You will probably find there are other kinks you may have. Some kinks are considered paraphilias. This term is used to describe sexually arousing behaviors that certain people in the scientific community consider 'unusual' or 'abnormal' - for instance, I am a sadomasochist, and one who indulges in hematolagnia." The words rolled off his tongue like he was giving a lecture. He saw her eyes widen at the word 'sadomasochist' then thought she looked as if she were trying to remember something.

"Hema is the prefix meaning blood." Stein smiled at 'Maka the scholar' rearing her head. He relished how intelligent she was. He actually liked talking to her.

"Yes, my smart little meister, you are correct." He said while as he crushed his cigarette in the ashtray. He wasn't going to tell her what he was yet. He'd let her stew and wonder for a while first.

"It's no surprise to me that you're into sadomasochism, Professor. Everyone knows your scars are self-inflicted." Stein chuckled at Maka's tone of voice and manner. She appeared to think she had regained control.

"Oh no, my dear. You've got it wrong. I'm the sadist," he leered at her. "I'm disappointed in you, Maka. I thought you were smarter than that." Stein mocked as he lit up. He savored the look of degradation on Maka's face.

"I don't understand. You experimented on yourself, didn't you?" Maka told him with furrowed brows. Stein laughed at Maka's frowning, confused face. He found her cute like that.

"Yes, my dear but you inferred that I did it because I enjoyed the pain. I did it for the sake of science. For the sake of knowledge." Stein retorted. "I can endure pain. I'm not stimulated by feeling it. I'm stimulated by subjecting it." he said flatly.

Haven't you realized I'm a monster?" He inhaled. "Besides," he exhaled, "I wasn't asking about my scars." He grinned from ear to ear, baring his teeth predatorily. He watched Maka freeze. Her eyes searched for something other than him to stare at. He still sat close to her, enjoying her warmth.

"Oh, you mean about your…tendencies?" She asked him. He could hear her breathing harder.

"Yes, my dear. Doesn't it frighten you?" He asked without a shred of emotion across his face.

"I guess it does, a little. It…intrigues me more, I think." He liked that she was looking him in the eye again. He had a small smile on his face. Her fear was unmistakable.

"Is that why you came, Maka? Do you want to know about sadomasochism? You don't strike me as the type," he breathed into her ear. He knew that's not why she came but he wanted to hear her protest.

"I want to know why you do it, Professor. Why do you dissect things, and people?" Maka seemed eerily calm to him.

"I dissect to learn, Maka. Not for sexual purposes. Sometimes for sexual purposes. Rarely." It was truth. He didn't cut to get off, he got off sometimes from cutting.

"What does hematolagnia mean, Professor?" Maka seemed intrigued yet frightened. He put a cigarette between his lips, not lighting it.

"I am sexually aroused by the sight and taste of blood, my dear." He said matter-of-factly. Maka's eyes widened to their largest. Stein leered at her.

"Is that why you like to dissect, Professor? Is that why you bit me so hard you drew blood?" He watched Maka shiver.

"No, Maka. I dissect because I relish experimentation and observation and every body is different in some manner or form. I'm not a very sexual person. I love to watch the blood flow when I make an incision. I like to feel the warm, rich texture on my fingers. I love the metallic, iron infused taste," his eyes were alight as he spoke. "I was curious about the taste of your blood Maka," he confessed, flatly. "that's why I bit you to the point of bleeding. And to see if you liked being bitten. You did. It was purely an experiment. It would seem you enjoy a bit of pain, my dear. And you have particularly delicious blood, Maka."

"So…you aren't attracted to me, Professor?" She looked dejected. Stein wanted to bite that pouting mouth again.

"Oh don't get the wrong idea, Maka, I am indeed attracted to you. I just had to know more when I saw you lusted after me." Stein quirked an eyebrow at her. "I'm getting a bit tired of all of this. What is it you want from me?" He said tiredly, while he lit the cigarette hanging from his lips. Stein knew what she wanted. He read people like he read books.

"I want you to take my virginity, Professor." She spoke so fast, Stein almost didn't make out what she had said. But he heard her. He laughed inside.

"What was that, Maka? I couldn't quite make out what you said there." Oh he enjoyed toying with her immensely! He inhaled another lungful of smoke.

"I-I...want to...sleep with you, Professor. I…want more." Stein watched the pigtails she still wore after so many years swish with the force in which she lowered her head in what he knew was embarrassment.

"Well, Maka, I believe I'm curious enough to help you with your...experiment." Stein gave Maka a large grin - the kind that unsettled people a bit. His sage green eyes widened with excitement, just a touch of madness glinted in them.

Stein watched as Maka's head shot up, her pigtails almost hitting him in the face with the force of her movements.

"You, you will!?" Stein heard the panicked crack in Maka's voice and relished the effect he was having on her.

"Really Maka, I would be happy to." He exhaled a small skull. "It is a form of dissection in a certain manner of thinking." Stein's normal monotone sounded almost excited. He made notice of it and proceeded to resume his aloof façade.

"However, I am curious as to why you wouldn't want to conduct your experiment with Soul." Stein watched Maka's face but she gave no tells.

"You see Professor, that's part of why I came to you. I've learned as much as I can from books and I know I can only learn the rest from actually...doing it. I want to be with Soul...I mean, we've kissed...but," Stein waited with anticipation. He used his last cigarette to light yet another since Maka had arrived, listening for whatever she was about to reveal.

"He's never touched me the way you did." Stein thought Maka sounded…grateful. However, watching her face as she answered, he believed there was more to Maka's reason than she disclosed.

"You have to understand Maka that Soul is just as inexperienced as you are. Well, as you were." Stein said with a smirk. Then he noticed guilt and possibly anger wash over Maka's face.

"Now Maka, are you certain you want to go through with this? Sex changes things for most people, not myself of course, but I can't have you developing romantic feelings for me if we go forward with this." Stein grinned at Maka.

"I promise Professor, I…won't let that happen. I only have feelings for Soul, and it's not like I'm in love with him or anything. I trust him with my life and he's my best friend, but I don't know if I understand love. My papa ruined the idea of love for me. But I do like him as more than a friend and partner, and I want to-to be with him," Maka said sheepishly, "but I want to be really good at it first! And I trust you Professor…to…teach me." Stein raised an eyebrow at Maka, who was now standing, her hands curled into fists, her knuckles white with resolve.

"I don't understand peoples' capacity for love, so I can't give you any advice on that. As far as developing sexual prowess Maka, I'm quite sure I can't teach you that in one night." Stein's told her, his lips curled into a perverse smile. She gave him a quick, small smile. His eyes darkened at the prospect of possessing Maka. Oh the things he was going to do to her...

"Tell me, my dear, what else did you like that I did in the library?" He watched Maka's eyes widen.

"Coming. It was so intense. I never felt that way before." Oh how he loved watching her blush. She was so delicate, yet so strong, and here she was, vulnerable before him. He already knew what part of her he wanted to explore. He wondered how long it would be until he could run his knife though her flesh and marvel at her insides. He imagined they would be beautiful, far more beautiful than Spirit-senpai's had been. He cranked his screw a few times, pulling himself from his plotting.

"Professor, how do you feel about me? Why did you come find me?" Maka asked him, sounding more brazen, not that flirty thing she attempted earlier.

"You've grown to be a beautiful young woman. You've always been lovely, but now that you're older," He put his cigarette out. "with all the years of fighting and training, I've watched your body change - you have beautifully muscled legs, graceful arms, and you're a bit more curvaceous. Your skin is still as soft as the first time I met you." He lowered his gaze to eye her with lasciviousness as he stroked her cheek. "I have to admit Maka, during my experiment in the library." He shook a match box near his ear. "I ascertained that your hymen broke naturally, which was no surprise after all your years of strenuous fighting. I also learned that your body responds quickly to my touch." He confessed to Maka whose cheeks glowed two shades redder.

"You really think I'm beautiful, Professor? No one's ever told me that before except my stupid father and you know how he is." Maka was still smiling. Stein chuckled since he did indeed know how Spirit is. More than anyone.

"Yes Maka. You are a fine specimen of aesthetic pleasure to me. But please don't concern yourself thinking I have romantic feelings for you. That will never happen." I could easily become obsessed with experimenting on you, he mused.

"Right, Professor. You don't have to worry about me either. You already know I have those sort of feelings for Soul. Nothing will change that." said Maka. Stein saw a dreamy look across her face. He waved a hand in front of her. She shook her head and looked up at him, roused from her daydream.

"Good. You're back. Shall we proceed with the experiment then?" Stein bared his teeth at her in a wicked grin, his cool green eyes glazed with lust - lust for experimentation and observation. He could hardly contain himself at the prospect of Maka's angelic face contorted in exquisite pain.

"Oh-ok…Professor…you're not going to dissect me, are you?" Stein decided to look at Maka's soul once more, and found lust, excitement, and fear.

"What a lovely combination." Stein told Maka. His eyes lingered on her chest, where he could view her soul.

"Please, Professor…I'd rather you not look at my soul." He loved this side of Maka. She was soft and acquiescent. He wondered how many people knew this Maka existed. He sparked a match and lit another cigarette.

"Would you like a drink, Maka? Calm your nerves a bit?" Stein itched to add a strong sedative should she say yes, but he knew that would have to come later. The drink was for him as much as her. Just how was he going to keep himself from slicing her open?

"I guess so. I am nervous." Maka replied.

"What's your poison? Just a quip, my dear." Stein assured Maka when her face fell with a look he discerned as terror.

"I don't care. Anything will do right now." Stein nodded at Maka's response.

"Vodka? I like vodka. It holds many beneficial properties; it disinfects wounds, it can reduce fever, and even soothe burns." He explained to Maka as he heavy-handedly poured them each a beaker-full on ice.

"I hope you don't mind it on the rocks." He handed Maka her beaker of the strong, colorless spirit. He watched her gulp it down hastily.

"Easy, Maka. You wouldn't want to pass out now, would you?" He smirked as he sipped his drink, taking a drag of his cigarette and blowing a skull her way.

"How do you do that, Professor? My papa's smoked for years and he can't do that." Was she trying to change the subject since I mentioned her falling unconscious?

"Practice, my dear. It's not easy to do, you know." He noticed Maka gave him a genuine smile that reached her eyes. How is she so calm suddenly? I liked her better nervous, thought Stein.

"Feeling more relaxed, Maka? He asked, crushing his cigarette in an ashtray.

"Yes, Professor. I think I'm ready." Stein finished off his drink and held his hand out to Maka. She took it and he helped her off the couch.

"Alright then, my dear. Our experiment begins." He cocked an eyebrow at her and started to lead her to his lab.

"Oops. Wrong way." Stein laughed heartily. He motioned for Maka to enter his bedroom instead. First, he'd have her in his bed. But she would make it to the cold, steel table of his lab eventually. He'd make certain of it.

A/N: Don't worry, lots of Stein/Maka smutty goodness to come. I really wanted to show the effect Maka has on Stein. And how much it irks him. I hope I got that across!