It started out as a simple friendship

You were you.

And I was me.

You were so attractive,

yet you were in love with another guy.

I was a coward.

A loner.

You called me weird.

I could never admit my feelings

for fear of being rejected

The years went by.


you came to understand me.

We shared some interests.

Still, it was never the same.

You kept your love for him.

Another year went by.

You changed along with me.

I started talking to you more.

We even shared some laughs.

I started to feel my heart pulse.

I loved you and realized it.

Now it is the end.

Our final year together.

You are still in love with that guy.

I understand your feelings.

This is the way it was meant to be.

Now I can finally accept it.

And be alone.