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Percy swam underwater for a few minutes then surfaced and Hermione looked shocked that he wasn't coughing from being under water so long.

"You sure your okay?" Hermione asked.

"Of course I am! I just ran in to a friend and we were talking."

"Which friend would this be?" I asked.


"The hippocamppi?"

Percy nodded and we walked up to the castle where, unfortunately, we ran in to Ron.

"Why are you not wet? I saw you jump in to the lake"

"I dried off?" Percy tried.

"No, and I still don't understand what's going on."

"Fine. Percy we have to tell them," I said.

"Let's go talk to, Ch_ I mean our camp director then."

"To the lake then… again."

"Wait why?"

"We need a rainbow," I explained and they gave me a look.

"What? That's how we message each other."
We walked to the lake and Percy made a rainbow by controlling some of the water in the lake.

"O Iris goddess of the rainbow except this offering and show me, Chiron trainer of heroes," I said tossing a golden drachma into the rainbow.

Chiron appeared in centaur form.

"Can we tell the wizards what we are?" Percy asked.

"Yes, would you like me to send some more campers?"

"No, thank-you, Chiron," I said and waved my hand through the rainbow causing it to disappear.

We spent the next two hours planning a demonstration with the rest of the demigods.

At Dinner

We walked into the Great Hall dressed in our Camp Half- Blood t-shirts and jeans so we could explain what we were to the wizards.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and everyone looked at him.

"The exchange students have something important to tell you and they have put together a demonstration," he finished then looked at us, " You may begin."

Percy, Thalia, Nico, and I all walked up to the stage and the demigods stood around us. Thalia nodded and I cleared my throat.

"Who knows about the Greek gods?" I asked and immediately everyone raised there hands.

"Good, well who remembers learning about demigods?"

Again everyone raised there hands.

"Well, the gods are real and we" I gestured to all of my friends. " are demigods."

"Yeah right," Malfoy scoffed.

"You know it is not a good idea to anger a demigod!" I snapped.

"Escpecially Annabeth, she had been training since she was seven," Thalia added.

"I'm not scared of a bunch of mud-bloods!"

"Thalia don't even think about it," I said seeing lighting in her eyes.

"I wouldn't actually hurt him," she said and rolled my eyes.

"Anyway, we are demigods. Now any questions."
Malfoy raised his hand and I reluctantly called on him.

"Do you have any proof?"

"Yes, umm….. Percy call your dad."

"You really think that's a good idea?" Thalia asked.

"Good point I'll just call Athena. Percy you might want to move she's still mad at you."

"I wonder why?"

"Because, she hates you. Now make a rainbow so I can call her."


Percy controlled the water and made a rainbow.

"O Iris goddess of the rainbow, please accept this offering. Show me Athena, goddess of wisdom."

I threw a drachma in and Athena appeared. She was bickering with Poesidon.

"Mom," I said awkawardly. She turned and looked at me.

"Annabeth!" she yelled. " What's wrong?"

"Someone refuses to believe we're demigods and let's just say I'm glad Zeus is on vacation."


"Draco Malfoy.

"Well, we are verry much real and our children are telling the truth."

"Thanks, mom and umm what's the answer about next year?"

"I need you in New York for Olympus so fine."

I wiped the rainbow with my hand and it disappeared.

"Anymore questions?"

Ron raised his hand.

"Do you have powers?"

"Some of us do. Thalia now you can electrocute something."

Everyone looked at us hoping we were joking.

"That wasn't a joke. Go."

Thalia struck the door with lighting too hard and cause it to catch fire.

"Thalia!" I groaned. "Perce, extinguish that."

He nodded and sent the water from peoples cups into the fire and it stopped.

"Note to self, never let you two play with your elements inside."

"Sorry," Thalia said jokingly.

"Anyway, Thalia is a daughter of Zeus. Now Percy your turn."

Percy pulled some pumpkin juice out of a cup and turned it into the shape of a fish, then into a trident, and dropped it back into the cup. Everyone clapped at this.

"Nico, I'm afraid to let you do this, but, go."

"We're inside this is not a good idea," he pointed out.

"Okay. If you're not a fan of skeletons I'd move now," I told the students.

Nico brought up a few skeleton minions let them stand for a few minutes than dropped them back to the underworld.

"Nice, Nico. There. Any questions.

"Who are you a daughter of ?" someone yelled.


We introduced ourselves and told everyone our godly parent then we went to pack because summer started in a week.

"Hermione, Ron, Harry," I yelled. I had been planning to ask them to come to camp half-blood for a little while.


"Want to come to camp with us?"


"Anytime during the summer."

"Sure," Hermione said but, I have to ask my parents.

"You guys are staying with us for a week," Ron pointed out.


"Sure I want to but, I have to ask my Aunt and Uncle so,_"

"Ummm…. Thalia's dad is the king of the gods I'm pretty sure we can help you there," Percy told him.

"Okay, I'll see you then.

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