A/N: Here we go again. Mindless smut, featuring Craig and Kenny this time around!

Bitter Boy

His teeth finally broke skin and he screamed into his arm, grinding down into the coppery taste of his own blood. The hand in his hair only tightened its grip, yanking his head up and Kenny moaned as it changed the angle of thrusts inside him. His spine was liquid, cock throbbing with very real pain as it was pointedly ignored. But he knew better than to try and touch himself. Craig had slapped his hand away last time and bit him.

Every time Craig buried himself deep inside, Kenny's entire body jerked, a strangled cry coming from between blood-stained lips. The skinny boy's back was glistening with sweat, muscles working beautifully beneath his tan skin. Craig dragged his hand from Kenny's blond hair down his back, feeling every spasm, every twitch as he fucked the other boy blind. Arching his body, he buried his nose into the back of Kenny's head, inhaling his scent. Both hands now fastened around slim hips, yanking them back into his hard thrusts so that the slap of skin on skin was nearly deafening. Kenny's ass griped him in a velvet vice, the strong columns of his thighs smooth against his own flexing legs.

"Want… you," Kenny gasped, "C-Craig-"

"You've got me," Craig growled into his ear, tongue curling around Kenny's ear. "You've got me."

"No, I want you—FUCK," Kenny fell forward, sobbing helplessly into the floor as Craig pounded him harder, strong fingers bruising his flesh. Whimpering, he nearly cried, "I want you to cum."

Curling his lips, Craig scratched his nails down Keny's back, eyes following the stark red lines. "You want this to end, McCormick?"

"It's not fair," Kenny bit out, "You've made me cum like twice already."

Leaning down again, Craig bit the red lobe of Kenny's ear and sucked. "I'm just that good."

"Fuck you," Kenny groaned, thrashing underneath the other boy. "You're doing this on purpose!"

"What, fucking you senseless? Yeah, guess I am," he drawled almost lazily, slamming his hips in slow, deliberate movements that drew frustrated snarls from the blond currently impaled on his leaking dick.

Surging up onto his hands and knees, Kenny began to shove back, fucking himself mindlessly on Craig's cock. He yowled and twisted, breath deafening in his ears. Behind him Craig gasped, clinging to Kenny as the blond moved sensually, beautifully body arched like it was made for sex. And every time Craig got so far in that his balls were smashed against the skin of Kenny's ass that little prick would clench his muscles and Craig would die a tiny death.

"Fuck, McCormick," he gritted through clenched teeth. "I-I can't—"

"Do it," Kenny snarled, blue eyes flashing over his shoulders where an outline of Craig's bite stood out starkly. "Cum for me."

He threw his head back with a pained expression, a strangled whimper sneaking out between his lips as he came, immediately curling down over Kenny's body, moaning when the boy rhythmically tightened his ass, milking the orgasm still storming Craig's body.

When Craig slipped out they both cringed at the wet and the hypersensitivity. Kenny rolled over onto his back, blue eyes hooded while Craig regarded him with distaste.

"For someone who just got the fuck of his life, you might want to look a little happier," Kenny pointed out bemusedly.

Craig snorted. "Who the fuck do you think you are, McCormick?"

"I'm a damn good lay," he replied cheekily, crawling over to the other boy and nuzzling his neck. "You look me in the eye and tell me that wasn't the best ass you've had."

And Craig couldn't.