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Chapter 2: Kessho Island

The helicopter arrived at the island. The island was large, possibly the size of saffron city. Raziel got off of the helicopter and noticed that there was a bunch of trainers at the island already.

"It seems like we were the last to arrive." The representative said as he came off of the island.

An old man walked into the center of where everyone was standing and spoke. Everyone became quiet. "So these are the trainers that are participating in the tournament? They all seem weak. So lets get rid of half of them shall we?"

"What?" Raziel said, and so did sixty three other trainers.

"Right here, right now. Everyone, choose someone to battle. Those that wins, gets to head on to the tournament. Those that lose, will be forced off of the island. It will be a standard battle. Three on three."

"Is this a test or something?" Raziel looked around at the confused crowd. He pointed at a boy around his age and shouted, "You, I challenge you!" The boy turned to Raziel with a scared face.

"Me?" The boy said hesitantly.

"Yes you slime!" Raziel replied, "summon your first Pokemon!"

The old man smirked as he walked up to Raziel. "What is your name boy?"

"My name is Raziel Mishra."

The old man turned to the other trainer. "And your?"

"I am Supaku Raiden." The trainer said.

"Very well, Raziel vs Supaku. Begin!"

Raziel threw his Pokeball and summoned Zangoose, who quickly began sharpening its claws for the upcoming battle. "Claw your way to victory Zangoose!"

Supaku summoned a Weavile, who did the same thing as Zangoose. "Weavile, use ice shard!"

"Dodge Zangoose, and use brick break!" Zangoose spun to the side, dodging three shards of ice, and jumped towards Weavile.

"Move out the way, and use night slash!" Weavile quickly side-stepped, and sliced Zangoose on the side with a claw full of dark energy.

"That was nothing, brick break again." Zangoose once again jumped towards Weavile, ignoring the fact that it was just attack, and jabbed its claws at Weavile, who blocked it with its own claws. "Zangoose, now that there is no distance between the two of you, shadow ball it directly." Raziel smirked at his soon to be victory. Zangoose quickly charged energy in between its two claws, and shot out the ball of dark energy on to Weavile's face, causing it to scream at the pain.

"Weavile!" Supaku shouted. "Hurry, counter attack with another night slash!"

"Do not let him get up Zangoose." Raziel commanded, "Finish it off with Crush Claw!" Zangoose raised its right claw high up, and smashed down hard onto Weavile's back, causing it to faint.

Weavile was returned. "Good job Weavile, you did great." Supaku said.

"Good?" Raziel interrupted, "That was a pathetic excuse for a battle. Your Weavile did not even last a minute against my Zangoose. You don't even deserve to be here." He taunted. Meanwhile, Zangoose was stretching its arms, waiting for its next opponent.

"You shouldn't get over-confident. Just because you were able to defeat one of my Pokemon, does not mean that you can beat them all. Go, Swampert!" A Swampert was released.

To Raziel, it seemed like this Swampert seemed properly trained and was battle hardened, which excited him. "I don't even know why I quit training, but this is fun, very fun indeed. Zangoose, power up with sword dance!" Zangoose began to focus on its claws while sharpening them.

"Swampert, use Hydro Cannon" Swampert cocked its head back, and then shout out huge amounts of water at a dangerous pressure.

"Zangoose, run away from until you get close enough to land brick break." Zangoose ran to the side, barely dodging the water. He ran in circles, but slowly got closer to the Swampert and leaped towards Swampert and jabbing it in the face, causing it to fall back. "Finish it with another shadow ball!" Zangoose charged another shadow ball and plunged it into Swampert's stomach, causing it to faint.

"What the? How are your Pokemon so powerful?"

"It is because I, unlike you, is an actual trainer. Learn how to battle before you compete in another tournament." Raziel began to laugh. "i just hope that the rest of the trainers here aren't as weak as you."

"Swampert return, go my most powerful Pokemon, Hydreigon!" A dark, three headed, purple, dragon Pokemon was summoned.

A large sound that shook everybody appeared. Raziel felt something in his chest. When he looked down, he saw that he had a hole on the right side of his chest and it was bleeding a lot. The pain brought him to his knees. "What is the meaning of this?"

All of the helicopters were now in the sky, and only the trainers and their Pokemon were left on the island. The old man and all of the representatives were aboard the helicopters.

"Thank you all for being so stupid to come." All of the helicopters revealed a giant magnet on each of them. As they were turned on, everyone's Poke balls were flying to the magnets.

"What the hell is going on?" A trainer shouted, "Give us back our Pokemon."

The old man laughed maniacally. "Now all your Pokemon will be mine. Except for the Zangoose and Hydreigon. Who needs them?" He took out a controller from his pocket. "Now I am going to blow up the island with all of you on it." As it pressed it, a large explosion happened on the island, destroying everything on it and wiping it from the face of the planet.

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