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Chapter 1: "I volunteer!"

We sit and watch the recaps of the reaping. Clove sits next to me and points out some of the tributes from other districts. She praises the strong ones and laughs at the young and week.

I sit there silently watching. I tune her out and take notes of my own in my head. I look up at the screen to see a dark skin toned girl walk up towards the stage. She's very small and weak looking. She looks young, about 12 years old.

Clove bursts out laughing and pointing at the screen. I turn to look at her and her cheeks are red from laughing.

"She looks like an easy kill." I look around me to see Brutus and Enobaria smirking at her. I can tell they are enjoying this and I find myself smirking too.

Next we see another small pale child slowly making her way to the stage. Her blond hair is in two braids and she's dressed rather poorly. She seems around the same age as that girl before. A lot of young tributes this year.

Suddenly, a name is being yelled and a girl with brown hair, and many braids in the back of her head stumble towards her. They both run to each other, but before the brunette could reach her peacekeepers are holding her back.

She struggles and yells, "I volunteer!" Clove snorts but I'm too focused on the brunette on the screen. "I volunteer as tribute." she says and the blond with the braids starts screaming and crying.

She won't let go of the girl. She's trying to comfort her but she still tells her no.

An older boy that looks the same age as the brunette runs forward and throws the girl with the two braids over his shoulder. The woman at the stage instructs the girl to come to the stage.

"Come on dear. It seems we have our first volunteer. Why don't you tell everyone your name dear." She has a huge grin on her face as she looks over to the girl.

"K-Katniss Everdeen." she speaks into the microphone. The camera goes closer to her face and you can see her face clearer now. I hear a grunt come from next to me, and I see Clove narrow her eyes at the girl.

I look towards the girl again and she's beautiful. Gray eyes flicker and hair from her braids fly around her face. She seems distant as the woman says, "Well I bet my buttons that was your sister."

"Yes" she says softly. The camera moves farther from her now and flicks to the woman picking out of the boy bowl. My thoughts are too busy thinking about this girl to even notice another tribute walk towards the stage.

A blond hair and blue eye boy stands next to the girl. He doesn't seem much and he has this sad look on his face. I laugh lightly and smirk as I watch them both shake hands.

Another easy kill it seems. "District twelve, I give you your tributes, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen!" she claps and peacekeepers escort them away.

I was never good with names. Not caring if I remember who is who, but Katniss Everdeen was not a name I will forget.

I wake up the next morning and take a shower. I walk into the bathroom and strip. I step into the shower and press the lemon sent soap and the water cascades down my back.

Last night I couldn't get Katniss and her sister out of my head. The desperation and bravery it took her was on replay in my mind. I then thought about how it would be like for me to do that for my family. I also volunteered, but it was because I had to.

I pushed those thoughts away and tried to focus. I can't be thinking about things like that. I'm Cato and I'm supposed to be strong, not show pity and empathy towards others. It doesn't matter how sad it is. I'm a killer.

I get out of the shower and change into a white t-shirt and black pants. When I went to the dining area, Clove, Brutus, and Enobaria were already there.

"Ah, he's finally come to join us," Brutus said. I narrowed my eyes at him and sit next to Clove who was having a conversation with Enobaria. I pile food on my plate and start eating.

"So, let's get down to business shall we." Brutus started. "We'll be pulling up to the capital and I need you two to do exactly what I say." I growled at that. There's nothing more than I hate than being told what to do. Well besides losing, but that won't happen.

"Yes, Cato I know. Since your just a ray of sunshine and dandelions," I roll my eyes at that comment and Clove gives a light laugh beside me. I send my death glare towards her when Brutus begins, " Now, now Cato, ease up a little. You'll want sponsors and your attitude can be... aggressive."

"Demanding..." Clove added.

"Fowl.." Enobaria.

"I thought that was exactly how I'm supposed to act. I am a career after all." I state with anger.

"It is but we want you to ease up a little on it tonight. You will be having your interviews tonight and we-" Brutus was cut off by Enobaria, "lots and lots of smiles!" she said cheerfully.

Clove starts bursting out laughing, holding her stomach in the process. "Cato..." laugh, "smile..." laugh again. My anger was starting to boil.

"That will never happen. I've never once seen him give an actual smile." she says still laughing.

That's it. I bang my fist on the table. "I do to!" I yelled defending myself.

" Do not!" she yells and bangs her fist on the table as well. "Do toooo!"

"Doooo not!" I was about to retaliate when Brutus interrupts us. "Enough!" he yells. We both stop and turn our attention to him while both scowling.

"Cato, you don't smile. You give this ugly cocky smirk. Which, by the way, doesn't look as great as you think it does."

Clove smiles, "Told you."

"Clove, you need to work on that innocent little devil look that you always have on your face" he continued. She slumped and scowled again.

"You both have nice teeth darlings. Show them." Enorbia spoke.

"Now listen. You'll be beautified by your stylist and then you'll be off in your chariots, showing the world who you are. You are to stand strong and smile. Wave to the crowd for all I care, but make a good impression. Understand?" he asks and we both nod.

"Good. Now finishing eating, we're almost there."

Hours later I was all dressed and ready to go. They bathed me and made me smell all nice and manly. They added a little gel in my hair to make it more fluffier. Which was ridiculous cause my hair is already fluffy.

They kept picking at every little thing; which drove me crazy and I was constantly barking at them when they did. I once again didn't even bother learning their names. They didn't matter to me. I didn't need any help looking good considering I already do.

I mean, come one. I'm Cato! Clove however does. She was without a doubt manly looking. Trying to act all tough and bad. I'm the only one here who is. She's a girl too.

I knew Clove a little at home. We weren't close or anything but we saw each other from time to time.

She was stuck and trapped in the same situation I was. Born and raised to be a killer. She had that part down pat.

We make our way down to the Remake Center. It's huge.

There's people all over the place directing orders to workers and tributes. I scan around and see some of the tributes from one.

There stood a cute blonde who was looking my way. She was batting her eyes at me which I was used to and I give her a wink. She giggles a little and I smirk. Girls are so easy.

I look at the setting around us. Chariots were every where and four horses were in the front of each one. District two was close towards the front. We had white horses and a chariot. Probably matching our stupid robes they put us in.

We always looked ridiculous.

I didn't bother to stop and talk to the other tributes. It was almost time for the first chariot to leave and we would be right after them. I get into the chariot and Clove steps in beside me.

"Have you seen how crazy and stupid we look." she says with a scowl. I laugh and nod my head.

"Fix your face Clove. Remember what Brutus said." I tell her. She glares at me and sticks her tongue out.

I give her my "cocky" smirk as Brutus and Enobaria called it.

"Remember sunshine, dandelions, and smiles Cato" she retorted. I roll my eyes and face forward as the first district took off towards the roaring crowd..

Show time.

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