Author's Note: Hello! I'm the second half that makes up DietoSnappurru. The first story, a witch among ninjas, was written by my girlfriend and you should totally go read it. This story is going to include K.K. Slider/ Brewster in case you didn't read the summary. I don't plan to put any kind of smut in this one. Just a cheesy romance sort of story. I don't know how long this will end up we go!

Brewster stood behind the counter of the Roost. It was nearly 8 'o clock, Saturday night. He would be arriving shortly. Brewster straightened his bow tie calmly and began to polish his favorite coffee cup. It needed to be perfect on the off chance that the guest needed a cup. The clock struck eight, making the town tune resonate throughout the village. Like clockwork, Totakeke (K.K. Slider) walked into the coffee shop.

"Hey, Brewster. How's it hanging?" K.K. Slider said slyly. K.K. was the coolest of the cool. Everything he did oozed charisma. And those eyebrows...perfectly pruned. Perfectly suave. Perfectly HOT. Brewster blushed as he heard the canine's voice.

"Hello Totakeke. I'm doing well. And you?" the pigeon answered, collecting himself. He had become accustomed to conversing with his flame. Accustomed to hiding his deep passion for the wandering musician.

"Pretty swingin', my man! Pretty swinging. Gotta say, out of all of my stops, this little coffee shop is my favorite. So free from the grasp of the corporations, Brewst." K.K. began rambling about his dislike of all the people trying to control his music and how his passion could not be subdued. Brewster listened to everything the dog said with ravenous ears. He could not learn enough about the young guitarist. He could be talking about dryer lint and Brewster would still find him fascinating.

After a lull in the conversation, Brewster asked, "Would you care for a drink?" K.K. looked back from setting up his amp with those deep, dark eyes of his. Time seemed to pause on that gorgeous expression. It was a jolt when he finally answered:

"Now, Brewst, you know I'm not a coffee guy." He chuckled at having to remind his old friend of his tastes. Brewster nodded shyly as if the answer came as a surprise. Of course Brewster knew. But someday, maybe, he hoped that K.K. would try his special pigeon blend. Just to try and convey his feelings with the most perfect cup of coffee he could muster. Alas, he was doomed to love a man who disliked coffee.

To Be Continued.