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After K.K. was finished setting up, villagers filed into the roost and made their way to the mahogany seats in front of the stage. K.K. became visibly pumped as he fed off their energy. Despite all the physical attraction that Brewster felt towards K.K., this was what he loved most about him. His passion. His undying love for his music and his fans. He didn't let money or fame cloud his vision of happiness. Brewster loved that aspect of him because he felt the exact same way about brewing coffee.

Brewster found himself in a trance as he listened to the intoxicating music of K.K. Slider. He owned all of K.K.'s records, but nothing compared to it live. As each audience member's request was fulfilled, Brewster fell deeper and deeper in love. Hours must have gone by-

"HEY! Brewster! Are you gonna just stand there or am I going to have to find another place to serve me coffee?" Phyllis squawked. Apparently she had been standing there for quite some time, as the entire audience's eyes were on the commotion.

"...So sorry. Here you are." Brewster said softly. Phyllis glared at him, but accepted the brew.

"Hmph! Finally! I'm going to be late for work because of you..." Phyllis huffed, walking up the stairs to the museum. With her departure, the show continued into the night until the very last patron left for home.

"That was a pretty rad pack of cats tonight, eh Brewst?" The hound dog grinned as he packed up his amp and the cords that accompanied it.

" was the biggest crowd I've seen yet." The barrista said, trying to muster up enthusiasm to match the performer's. The seasoned musician began to go on about how important small show like these are for fans and the art of music, when Brewster interrupted for once.

" you think you could take one more request..?" Brewster blurted out. He had been trying to ask all night, but hadn't the courage until now. Only afterwards did he realize how rude he'd been to interrupt.

"Uh, sure Brewster. I didn't know you were into the whole music slice. What can I play for you tonight?" K.K. questioned, unpacking his gear again. As he awaited his request, K.K.'s comforting gaze never left Brewster's face. Brewster felt a small rush of heat come over him as he tried to remember his request.

"Ah...Coo...The song I would like to hear is...I love You." Brewster stuttered. Despite that being the name of the song, Brewster still felt his heart pound after saying those words aloud to his dear friend. He looked up, hoping that the canine's keen eyes had not picked up on his odd behavior.

"Ah, I'm pretty hip to that jive too." K.K. sighed happily as if remembering a far off memory. He turned to the empty audience and announced, "Okay, groovy peeps! This next one's for my best brewing buddy, Brewster! It's called I love you!" He began to strum his guitar and sing with the greatest of ease. Brewster thought he could see more emotion go into this performance, but he decided it was only his imagination. Once the performance was done and K.K. was done packing up he approached the bar.

"Hey, thanks for requesting such a powerful tune to end the gig. It's been golden hanging with you tonight, Brewst." The musician said sincerely. "Catch you next Saturday."

Brewster watched his love exit the roost and walk up the short flight of stairs. He sighed as soon as K.K. was out of sight. Someday he would tell that dreamer of his true feelings.

To be continued.