So here is mah story hope ya like it! :) Yes... i know this is a short chapter!


Mikey's P.O.V-" Adrenalin rushing, fast as light, whooping bad guys from left to right, watch your back because hear he comes, TURTLE TITAN IS ON THE RUN!" I sang as I swung my nunchaku around sending about 5 foot ninja down.

"Whoo hoo! 5 points for the Mikster!" I shouted cheerfully, I felt like I could do this all day, nothing could crush my spirit now not even the faint 'shut up' I heard from Raph as I sang my official Turtle Titan theme song.

"Who else wants some? Come on!" I shouted with a smirk.

It seemed as soon as I said that 5 foot ninja decided that they wanted some MAJOR butt kicking so being the polite turtle I am I gave it to em' ! Ha-ha! And within 5 seconds BAM! They were no match for me!

"Add another 5 points to that!" I shouted then added "Who's keeping score anyway?" I smiled when all I got was a small quiet mutter of a comment from Raph and he said (and I quote) 'show off' If I wasn't smiling before (which would be hard to believe) I sure as shell was now!

As the foot started to retreat (Because they obviously were too scared to face me!) I could see something shiny in one of their hands and it looked like a… A GUN! "Oh shell" I muttered.

Where was it pointed to? Seemed to pop into my head swimming with questions already on what to do, then I saw that the gun was pointed towards RAPH!

All I could think of at that moment was protecting him and I sure as shell would! So I did the only thing that could have been done at the moment, I jumped in front of him.

I could of swore that time had stopped for those 10 seconds…but I was sadly mistaken because the next thing I knew I was doubled over swaying and noticed that it wasn't a gun with bullets it was a gun with…darts, sleeping ones I assumed because I could feel the darkness coming over me.

But before I could close my eyes I felt like I was being layed down in fact … I WAS! And I could see my bro.s gathered around me each one with a unique show of concern on their faces.

I smiled and said (probably in a slurred voice) "I's ok guys…. I'm jus' goanna go visit Dorothy for a few hours. I'll bring back some muffins." I could hear a few nervous chuckles followed by a fairly nervous grunt and I slipped away into the darkness smiling…..'I love being a turtle!' was my last thought.