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It's been two months since I was discharged from the hospital. It is October now, and Halloween is right around the corner. I was asked by the representative of Capulet City to perform at this year's Halloween parade, and I eagerly accepted. I've always loved to sing, and people have told me how much they admire my voice. Before I was kidnapped, I was in my school's drama club and I played roles such as Lucy in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown and the narrator in Pippin.

And finally, the night to perform has come!

I stood in the building that the parade started from, running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Everyone in the parade was there in their costumes, but I was missing my candle, which was going to be lit as I led the parade. After spending about twenty minutes looking for it on my own, I finally tracked down one of the managers, who told me that it was waiting for me at the front of the line. I got back to my starting position just as we were ready to head out. I was handed my candle as Lady walked over and patted me on the back.

"You'll do great!"

I grinned shakily at her.

"I hope!"

"Are you kidding? You've practiced every day since you were asked to perform!"

I laughed a little and nodded.

The parade itself was fun; everyone was dressed up in gorgeous costumes and great makeup, and the people loved it. I had to smile, too, because I was so lucky to be a part of all this.

And then, when we got back to the outdoor stage, I ran back behind it to get ready for my performance. Once everything was situated, the lights dimmed and all the talking form out in the audience ceased. And when the music started, the curtains before me parted enough to let me through with my lit candle. I walked slowly, a hand cupped around the side of the flame to shield it from the wind as it blew mercilessly. Slowly, I opened my mouth and began to sing.

In sleep he sang to me

In dreams he came

That voice which calls to me

And speaks my name

And do I dream again

For now I find

The phantom of the opera is there

Inside my mind

I placed kneeled at the center edge of the stage and stood straight, casting my gaze over the audience. The wind blew again, ruffling my hair and my costume, which consisted of a long red dress that had ribbons which laced up my back.

I opened my mouth to sing, but suddenly, someone else's voice sang instead.

Sing once again with me

Our strange duet

My power over you

Grows stronger yet

And though you turn from me

To glance behind

The phantom of the opera is there

Inside your mind

I whirled around after the first line, my hair whipping around in the wind as it now blew back my hair from my face. This couldn't be! There was a man dressed like the phantom himself! He sang down to me from his place on the highest platform on the stage, and he wasn't that bad at it either. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Yet, somehow, my voice responded to his calling.

Those who have seen your face

Draw back in fear

I am the mask you wear

And, as I had suspected, he intervened.

It's me they hear

The man dressed as the phantom spread his cape out and glided onto the stage next to me, one of our shoulders each facing the crowd as we sang together as a duet.

Your/my spirit and your/my voice in one combined

The phantom of the opera is there

Inside my/your mind

His hands slowly came up and lightly touched my shoulders as I sang again.

He's there

The phantom of the opera

I felt as if this were real, not just me performing for an audience, but reality. Of course, I knew it wasn't, but it felt like it was.

Opening my mouth, I began to wail like Christine had from the movie as the mysterious phantom sung.

Sing for me...

Sing, my angel of music!

Sing for me!

And as the song ended, the candle –which I had been holding between us– went out with the wind. And the next thing I knew, everyone stood up and cheered at the top of their lungs.

It was incredible; everything from the parade to me singing here alongside this man dressed as the phantom, and that wasn't even supposed to happen!

I quickly went to the back of the stage and through the curtains before the lights dimmed up again. Lady ran over to me and threw her arms around me.

"Congrats, Sai!"

I smiled at her shakily.

"Heh. Thanks."

"So, who was the Phantom? I thought you said you didn't find someone to play him."

I leaned in close to her and lowered my voice to a whisper.

"I didn't."

"Wait, you have no cl-"

"I have no freaking idea. I thought you were behind this, but evidently, I was wrong."

Lady narrowed her eyes thoughtfully.

"Well, try not to worry about it. If anything happens, I'm right here, okay?"

I nodded and she walked off to go talk to the stage manager as I headed to my dressing room.

Sitting down on the little stool, I glanced into the mirror and caught a glimpse of my face.

My skin was pale as always, but my cheeks; they were….blushing.

But, I didn't even know this person!

At least, I think I didn't…

I closed my eyes to try and see if I could picture the phantom again, but I couldn't.

A knock at my door sent me crashing back to reality as the stage manager entered, holding a rose between her forefinger and thumb.

"Hi, Sai! Great job tonight! Here; this is for you."

I took the rose gingerly, avoiding the thorns.

"Thank you. It's beautiful!"

The stage manager raised her hands.

"It wasn't from me."

A puzzled frown colored my face.

"Then who-"

She just shrugged, then after patting my shoulder; she left, shutting the door behind her.

I studied the rose carefully; it looked gorgeous. Beautiful red petals and bright red thorns.

It was then that I saw the small tag attached to the stem.

Picking it up and unfolding it, I read over the messy script written inside:



My face could not have gotten anymore scarlet.

And it was just my luck that Lady came in.

"Sai, I have something to te- Huh?"

She looked over my shoulder, reading the card I was holding and broke out into a smile.


My blush got darker, to my surprise.

"S-shut up!"

"That's sooooo cute!"

"Yeah, yeah. Now then, you had something to tell me?"

"Oh, right. I'm going away on another job, and since I don't want anything to happen to you, you're going to be staying with Dante."


"That's right! You're staying with Dante, who has been instructed to watch you like a vulture."

I grumbled, folding my arms over my chest.

"I don't need a babysitter!"