My brother could be called Idiotic, Crazy, Delusional. Actually, everyone in the village already called him that. First it was just the occasional whisper, then a rumor and then a fact. no one knows why he left for the woods. I gambled it had to do with the jagged scar that now ran across his pale face and the werewolf of Wolf Springs. It was an age old curse laid upon the town by our ancestors. When August laid it's oranges and golds on our rolling irish hills, our wolf woke, destroyed the land and livestock till January's first ray of light touched the cobblestones.

It was October when I set out to visit Hunter. Our decks were covered not in pumpkins and garlic but Silver. The frost had covered over the faint path to my brothers forest hideaway, it and the leaves made a crunching sound under my thick soled boots. The only reason he told me was because I had promised only to visit in the spring and summer. Well I, Raven Harrow, was about to break that rule. Spring had come and gone and the Summer dragged out without a word spoken with him. It wasn't uncommon for me to break rules. That was one of the differences between my brother and I. As he was blonde, sensitive and took a great responsibility in rules and order, I was honey-haired, courageous, and caused more trouble than a tornado. The layers of my skirt brushed against my ankles as I pulled the hood of my red cloak over my head. The forest eerie silence was the reason it was called the forbidden forest. No one dared go in it due to it's creaky branches and songless birds.

Deep in the forest where tree branches creek

Deep in the forest our werewolf sleeps

Deep in the forest till autumn moon skies

Deep in the forest our werewolf will rise

My grandmother's lullaby casting an eerie shadow on my soul made me shiver. The snap of a twig and I whirled around, my hand going to the hilt of my dagger. I would not show fear. I moved forward my senses on alert. Again, a sound to my right made me freeze. The snow fell off the tree and I only had a second to register the golden eyes before they hurtled towards me. In a blink claws were sinking into my cold skin, crimson streaks now on the leaves. Pushing off with my boot the wolf yelped in surprise stumbling backwards. He shook his black body and bared his sharp canines with a grin. The same sharp canines that tore savagely at my leg. As he came around again I struck with my dagger. The metal made a sickening slice as the wolfs front paw came off. Then I ran. My vision was fuzzy and wavering as I stumbled to the front door of Hunters house.

"HUNTER!" I yelled, blood pounding in my ears. The door swung open behind me hitting the wall with a crack. And there before me, stood my brother

"Why did you come?" He growled, falling in one swift movement, my screams of horror muted by his severed hand rolling across the floor.