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"hey"- talking

"hey"- thoughts

The darkness surrounded me, as I walked deeper and deeper in to the forest like abyss. My long blond hair with crimson strands gently blew behind me in the summer breeze, my sky blue eye scanned the tree line looking for my secret spot. My name is Suki Namikaze, I'm what everyone calls a popular kid but i don't act snotty and suck up like the rest do but I do wear lots of Gothic stuff. but that doesn't mean I'm into the whole cutting yourself thing, being emo or just plain crazy, i just think that black and red are amazing colors! Anyways you can put me in the group of nice kids who always has lots of close and caring friends with a soft side to them. I've lived in the village of Blood Shadows all my life but it was never easy, my thoughts began to drift back to when I was five years old.

13 years ago demons, werewolves, vampires and many other creatures of the night would attack the village every night like an endless plague, till the Black Brotherhood came to town. Most of the creatures ran for the hills when the brotherhood killed most of the population in a matter of days. They slayed every creature that disrupted human civilization, some demons vowed that one day they would return to take back what was rightfully theirs. Ever since then my father has been working with the brotherhood changing him into a power crazed maniac. That's when all the abuse started; first it was just taking punches and kicks, then the hurtful words came out, he always would call me the trash of the world and mother killer, after that was when all the sexual abuse started.

I let my tears fall from my eyes, this was the only time I could let my tears fall freely without worry of being beaten or being called a weak child. Then I found my favorite spot an open field miles from town with open sky perfect for stargazing, it was also a good place to hide from my father and for me to run away from him when my friends were too busy to come hang out or let me stay the night. I walked to the middle of the field and fell into the long grasses, staring into the night sky looking for all the consolations while holding my mother's dragon pendent. On the dragon's neck and back were different gems call chakra stone representing the different elements, holding a crystal that seemed to pulsate with different colors almost like it was a connected to my soul.

Then I stared at the moon simmering in the midnight sky, it was full which meant werewolves would be out to hunt and with me being so far out of the village I could be easily be killed by them. Suddenly howls begin to fill the air, first just one, then two, now hundreds which sent shivers of fear through my body, my father said there was only one or two left in existence. "But I guess that was a lie to keep me home." I laid there silently listening to the constant howls, trying to figure out what had them in such a frenzy.

I decide to start heading back before I become their next meal even though it meant being with my father. As I slowly walked back, I would constantly stop every once and awhile to listen for snapping of branches or the crunching of leaves signaling that I was being followed. When I finally arrived at the cracked concrete pathway lead to the broken front door of my faded blue house, many people thought it was an abandoned house till they saw us going in and out of the house.

I slowly walk to the door and pull it open to see my father lazing on the couch watching some classified information on demons, and every other creature that have terrorized humans since the dawn of time.

"I'm home." I said while taking of my shoes, when I looked up I could see his angry eyes glaring at me.

"Where the hell have you been you stupid bitch!" He yelled.

"Sorry I was out with friends we had a group project we needed to do for class" I lied.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." He said. "Just go to your room and leave me in peace." I nodded and walked upstairs, but when I opened the door I was shoved in and down onto my bed

"You have been such a naughty girl I'm going to have to punish you." Then, the first hit came hitting right in the stomach all I could do is gasp in pain if I cried or screamed it would just make him stronger and bolder.

"Oh come on, no need to hold back that pretty voice of yours I want to hear your screams!" but I kept my mouth shut. The beating lasted for an hour and he was not done with me yet, then he started to kiss me on the lips "so gross!" but the worse part of it was him trying to force his tongue into my mouth to French kiss me.

But I would never let him in my mouth, soon he began to kiss my neck and strip me of my crimson shirt that said Bad Ass Bitch Coming Through! Make Way For The Queen Of Mean! In sapphire lettering. It sickened me that he would go so far even with his own child. As soon as he was getting into it, he was finished; he got up and started to dressed.

In a gruff voice he said. "I have to go, I have work to do don't do anything stupid while I'm gone. Got it bitch?" All I could do was nod as he walked out of my room and slammed the front door shut.

I lay there in my bed staring at the ceiling wishing I was never born into this hellhole. I turned my head and looked at the clock, it was 9 o'clock I decided to go to take a long hot shower to wash off all the filth my father did to me. I slowly walked into the dark blue bathroom, which has a 360-degree shower with a steam shower built in. It also had a huge Jacuzzi in the corner with ten different settings, but I didn't want to sit in it today. So I walked over to my I-pod dock and put on one of my favorite songs called Prisoner by Jeffree Star. Then I walked over to shower, turn the water on to hot, stripped myself and walked in.

As soon as I walked into the shower I felt instant relief as the showerheads hit every achy muscle with searing hot water making them relax. After thirty minutes in the refreshing shower I walked back into my room grabbing my sheets and tossed them in the wash and put clean sheets on before jumping into bed and falling in to a deep sleep.

Far away from the village Blood Shadows, in the middle of the Demon's Shadow Forest was a three story mansion, it looked like something that came out of a fairy tale, in the front of the mansion was a statue with three creatures on the top first is Crimson Dragon then Winged Dragon of Ra and Yubel all back to back in fighting stance. Bloody roses surrounded the statue in an arrangement of soothing colors. On path made of pure gold that lead to the front door stood a young man named Yusei, who is in his late teens, his cobalt blue eyes looking at the statue trying his best to relax before his next meeting.

If you looked at him you would think he's just your average ordinary human, but he was not, he was a demon prince. He of course was the oldest of all his brothers, which meant he had more duties to perform then his two younger annoying brothers. Yami was the second oldest and only had to attend two or three meetings, while Jaden the childish one of all them didn't go to any meeting instead pulled pranks on everyone.

Yusei let out a long sigh; he was so tired from going through eight meeting. "Only one more and I can be done for the day." He thought.

"Hey Yusei." Came a voice from behind Yusei, he turned to see Yami's lover Yugi smiling at him.

"Hey Yugi did you need something?" He smiled at his friend.

"No I just was about to head out to Blood Shadows village to find some ingredients for my potions." Yugi said while walking up to his friend.

"Why do you always go to that town you know of the slayers that live there and will kill anything that looks or resembles a creature of the night?" Yusei always worried for his friends and family.

"I know your worried Yusei but I've been there before and I always make sure not to get noticed." Yugi said encouraging his friend.

"Just be careful all right I don't want Yami coming after me saying I was responsible for your death." He chuckled at how protective Yami was over Yugi.

"You know I will, bye Yusei." He said while walking towards the gates.

"Bye Yugi have a good trip."

He watched as Yugi walk out of the gates, he sighed as he walked back into his home; it was time for the last meeting of the day. When he walked into the meeting room he saw both Yami and Jaden there, which was unusual.

"What's going Yami, Jaden?" He asked confused by all the commotion.

"Don't you feel it Yusei the immense power that's coming from one of the villages close by." Yusei stopped and felt it; it was so strong it was close to his and Yami's level. "Why have we never felt it before and what has awakened such power." Well this certainly changes the topic for their meeting.