The End of Two Great Men: Severus and Phil

By The Alternative Source

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Author's Note: Just something that I did in like 5 minutes for my sister. Don't worry. I'm not moving away from my usual. Oh and this isn't SLASH!

Listen to the soundtrack: The Letter from the movie "The Town" to really get how I was feeling writing this.

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A seedy bar on the edge of town in the middle of no and where. There sat a man. A man of pale skin, long fingers, and dark hair that reached his shoulders. This was peace for him. No fighting for the greater good. No students bothering him. No masters pulling him in two directions. Hereā€¦this glass of scotch amounted to the peace he had always desired. A peace that screamed ordinary to many.

A cold wind suddenly tore through the bar. He pulled his collar up and closed the flaps as someone walked through the bar's entrance. A body filled the spot next to him and ordered a drink. Now this new man was like the first. He served the greater good. He was a man of conviction and loyalty. But in many aspects he was different. His hair was short and brown with a face that seemed to scream ordinary as well. But both these men were neither.

The former peered at the first and gave him a small nod as the bartender brought over a beer. A greeting between two men that had apparently come upon each other for the first time to the eye of a passerby. This assumption was false.

The first nursed his scotch while keeping his eyes forward, "So how did everything go?"

"Perfect," the man next to him replied while sipping his beer.

"And they believe you to be dead?"

The first threw back his scotch and placed the glass back on the counter. Reaching into his pocket he paid his tab and whispered, "It's all going according to plan."

The man with the beer nodded, "Now we can move to the next stage."

Severus paused to look up at him before placing a hand on the man's shoulder. He gave him a contemplative look, "This is what needs to be done Phil."

Phil placed his beer down and ducked his head, "So many think we're dead. How can it be right?"

"Because if we don't do it then they don't become who they need to be," Severus remarked before pulling out an envelope and placing it in front of Phil. With one final look Severus made his way out of the bar.

The slamming of the door was the only sign that Phil got that Severus was gone. Staring down at the envelope he played with the crease for a moment before placing his beer down. Opening he came upon a picture. Not just any picture. 'The' picture. Clutching it in his hand he leaned forward and covered his eyes with his other hand. Ashamed of the moisture that suddenly sprung to them.

It was a picture of what was gone. What could never be returned. It was a picture of Steve. Steve Rodgers.

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