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1 Month Later

Kim-Ly sighed as she watched the boys work, the other girls were gone. Bunny was off watching after Sensei Wu and Nya, Karishma was trying to find Lord Garmadon, and Grace was watching Lloyd...That ment that she had to help the boys reconstruct Ninjago...Kim-Ly lazingly raised her hand to help the boys lift the large sign pole, the boys were oblivious to her help...*sigh* Like always!

"Ugh, finally, all fixed up and Serpentine free." Cole happily said, before Kai tried to use his fire powers...Which were drained. "Ugh! *the boys lose grip of the pole, only for Kim-Ly to help them* And most of our elemental powers are gone, I mean we can still do Spinjitsu, but...*tries to use fire power*...;*only for Zane to take over with a welding torch* I just feel so...I don't know! Limited...! And thanks to the Devourer; our tanks out of commission, our dragons are hurt, and with the bounty destroyed, we don't even have a place to sleep!" Kai ranted on, Kim-Ly frowned at her still-living boyfriend before turning her head to see Bunny coming towards the group.

"Hey Bunny, I thought you were watching Sensei Wu and Nya." Kim-Ly commented to Bunny, who giggled. "I am! They're coming this way, so I decided to scout ahead if or any danger was present." Bunny replied, at this Kim-Ly shrugged as the 2 continued to float about their friends' heads. The 2 looked over when a screech was heard, to see Nya and Sensei Wu appear before the 2 boys with a business card saying that she found a place for them to live.

"Really...? But..There's a waiting list a mile long to live in Ninjago City! How'd you do that?" Jay asked Nya, who smiled. "I know a guy, who know a girl, and she knows this girl who knows a guy, and he- (Nya)" "Let's just say that Bunny left us some information if we needed to find a place in the city." Sensei Wu cut Nya off, this found information made the ninja frowned. Yes it had been a month since the Devourer had been defeated, but it had also been a month since the girls had died...Heck, everyone was so busy that they couldn't even hold a proper funeral for them...

"And where are you off to?" Jay asked as he took the business card from Nya, Sensei Wu looked up at them. "We have to find 2 brand new ninjas, who aren't really new to you, but are new to the ninja community." Sensei Wu began, only for Cole to step in. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! 2 more ninjas? Don't you think we should, I don't know, wait a while before setting them up before they.." Cole paused then, when Sensei Wu glared at him. "We also have to find a couple of components to fix the ninja tank, and my dragon ointment has finally arrived...It's a days trip, but once we get back, he'll be flying once again." Sensei Wu said, before smiling brightly at the group.

"Heh, besides, I love scenic drives! *chuckles* PUNCH IT NYA!" Sensei Wu yelled happily, Nya couldn't help but smile back at him. "I, I Sensei!" Nya exclaimed before she backed up a bit and drove off, Bunny groaned. "Guess this means I have to follow them?" Bunny asked Kim-Ly, who shook her head. "Nah! Karishma will pick up their auras and find them, remember, we have to stay in the city limits." Kim-Ly reminded Bunny, who grinned at this before the 2 spirits went to the boys' side.

"Patty Keys real estate queen. This is exactly what we need! Once we get a roof over our heads, we can start properly training Lloyd!" Jay exclaimed, Bunny giggled a bit. "I think I out did my self with this find." Bunny said smugly, while Kim-Ly just laughed at her. "Great, cause if we know Lord Garmadon, he's not going to be taking any breaks. But let's not forget, the Serpentine are still at large." Cole told the group, who nodded in understanding. "Looks like Bunny really pulled through for us." Kai commented, Zane couldn't help but frown at this. "She always has." Zane whispered, before the group left that subject and went to find Patty Keys.


Grace, Bunny, and Kim-Ly all watched as the 4 boys groaned as they crashed down in the living room of the Hero Suite."Ugggh." all 4 boys groaned, as Lloyd was suddenly hit by the punching bag he had been training with from inside the training area in the suit. "My feet! I can't feel my feet!" Cole cried out, Grace frown at this before making the water he was using a bit colder, before placing a small kiss onto his cheek (Of course, he didn't feel anything). "There were so many of them...And they didn't stop..!" Kai said as he fell onto the couch, Kim-Ly floated over to him and petted his head as she kissed his forehead (he also didn't feel anything of course)

"My gears locked up several times...I didn't even know my gears could lock up!" Zane cried out, Bunny nuzzled his neck as she massaged his shoulders (which OF COURSE he didn't feel). "Ugggh, I don't even have enough energy to play video games..!" Jay cried out, Kim-L smirked a bit. "Yep, it's serious then!" Kim-Ly cried out, Bunny and Grace laughed at this when Lloyd came into the room.

"Oh, but I thought you were going to train me when you get home!" Lloyd complained, Grace flew over to him and patted him on the head (which he didn't feel (hey, you can't feel them unless they use their element forms (when they turn visible in that one main color))). "Eh sorry champ, but we can't till we make rent..H-How close are we Jay?" Cole asked Jay, who looked sad when he saw the jar.

"Huh, is this jar getting bigger? We're not even close!" Jay exclaimed, Bunny snapped her hands before flying out of the room through the windows, then out into the city. "You know where she's going?" Grace asked Kim-Ly, who shrugged her shoulders. "Don't know, but I'll make sure she's safe." Kim-Ly replied before following after Bunny, Grace smiled at this before frowning when she heard that the boys were going to try to double their work. "And I can make a little extra if I do the Human Piniata." Kai added in, before all the ninja stared at him in shock. "*sigh* Oh, don't ask." Kai complained, before Cole looked excited. "Great! Our priorities are set! Tomorrow, we make rent." Cole exclaimed, before Grace frowned as Lloyd came closer to the Earth Ninja.

"And...Uh...What about me..?" Lloyd asked, Cole smiled at him. "Uh..How about you help out and..UH...Fetch me some more ice, huh?" Cole asked Lloyd, who just like Grace, stared at him with an odd expression.


Grace was watching Lloyd, while the other 4 ninjas took a nap. Lloyd had been training with himself all day and, being his older sister, Grace knew that he was getting bored by this. "Ugggh, I wish someone would just train with me!" Lloyd yelled as he punched the punching bag again, Grace smiled at this. "Your wish is my command, baby bro." Grace chimed before concentrating, and appearing before Lloyd (only slightly blue now, due to her practicing). "G-Grace? GRACE!" Lloyd yelled happily as he hugged his sister, Grace giggled at this.

This had been the first in the month that any of the girls had appeared before them like this, due to them not wanting to interfere to much in their lives...But Grace was willing to make an exception. "Wh-What are you doing here? Should I get the guys?" Lloyd asked Grace, who shook her head before going into a defensive stance.



"Y-You wanna train with me..?" Lloyd asked Grace hopefully, Grace happily nodded her head at her little brother, who grinned. "SWEET! But, heh, you're going down sis!" Lloyd bragged before charging at his sister, who only had to put her hand on his chest and grab his wrist to make it so he ran right past her. "Huh..?" Lloyd asked as he looked back at his sister...Only to run straight into a wall, the bang was so loud that the 2 heard the ninjas scrambling. Grace waved bye to her brother, who frowned at her with tearful eyes, as her legs and lower torso started to disappear.

"Lloyd! What was that noi-Grace?" Cole asked as he and the other boys rushed into the room, their weapons drawn. Grace turned a bit and waved to them, before she disappeared entirely again. "Lloyd...What just happened..?" Kai asked Lloyd, who sighed before he pushed the boys into the living room and telling them what happened.

Grace sighed as she watched her brother explain to the boys through the window, just as Bunny and Kim-Ly appeared beside her. "Hey." Kim-Ly said to Grace, who nodded her head to the Metal ninja before looking at Bunny. "So, why the hurry to leave?" Grace asked Bunny, who smiled at her. "I was writing a note to my mom using a tree near her office in our house, telling her to send some money to the boys by the end of the day tomorrow." Bunny told Grace, who grinned at her. "That's great!" Grace exclaimed, before she and the girls went into the same room as the boys.

-After The Fight-

The boys watched as the police took Skales away, they turned to Sensei Wu, Nya, Lloyd, and 2 hooded ninjas. Both ninja were about as tall as Lloyd, one was wearing a golden ninja suit while the other was wearing a silver ninja suit.

"Who are the new ninja Sensei?" Zane asked Sensei Wu, who smiled at them before nodding to the 2 hooded ninja, who took off their hoods. Everyone (besides the 2 masked ninjas, Sensei Wu, and Nya) all gasped when they saw the familiar faces of- "Charlotte (was the golden one)(Bunny's little sister) and Kyle (was the silver one)(Kim-Ly's little brother)?" all the ninja asked, while the 2 younger kids smiled at the group.

"Both have shown extraordinary talent, and as such, shall train along side Lloyd in their own quest." Sensei Wu stated, Charlotte stepped forward. "I have taken it upon myself to carry on my sister's destiny, in hopes of trying to protect the ninja, but in my own way. I hope we can work well together." Charlotte said as she bowed before the group, Kyle jumped and did the same.

"Uh...What she said!" Kyle said as he continued to bow, before Sensei Wu motioned them to stand up. "Charlotte, user of light, is the ninja of the sun. While Kyle, who is as swift as the night wind, is the ninja of the moon." Sensei Wu stated, all the ninja stared at him. "And that means..." Kai said, trying to make sense of all this.

"You shall learn...In tim-ow!" Sensei Wu yelled when a potted plant suddenly hit him with one of it's branches, both Kim-Ly and Grace turned to see that Bunny had fainting now. "You know, I'm gonna follow her example." Kim-Ly said to Grace, who smiled. "NIGHT!" Grace yelled, before Kim-Ly also fainted.

Golden Peaks

Karishma stood by Lord Garmadon's side as he walked towards the golden aura. "The Golden Peaks, birthplace of the Golden Weapons!" Lord Garmadon exclaimed as he held up the 4 main weapons of Spinjitsu (the other 3 had been placed under the protection of Lila in the Wind Temple), Karishma frowned at this. "Please, Garmadon, don't do anything stupid." Karishma whispered to Lord Garmadon, who fed the Golden Weapons to a mass of lava that was levitating in the air. "Yes, it's working!" Lord Garmadon cheered, while Karishma stared at the mass that had consumed the weapons, before it exploded in a burst of bright light.

"MY EYESSSS!" a Hypnobrai yelled in pain, as Lord Garmadon held his hands out for the Mega Weapon. Lord Garmadon grinned as he took the Mega Weapon in his hand, before yelling in pain. "NO!" Karishma yelled before diving towards the weapon to, only for her to grab it and scream in pain. The wind howled at this, causing most of the snakes to buckle down to the ground. "Your eminence! Are you okay?" Lasha (that's his actual name, check the Wiki Page!) yelled, Lord Garmadon and Karishma gasped as they held the Mega Weapon.

"Yes, in fact, I've never felt more powerful! Now, to destroy the ninja, once and for all!" Lord Garmadon yelled as he held the Mega Weapon up in the air, Karishma panicked. Suddenly the faces of Grace, Bunny, and Kim-Ly flashed through her minds. "I wish...That me and the girls, were still alive to stop you, Garmadon." Karishma whispered as a tear slipped out of her eye, only for her to gasp as she felt all of her energy start to drain from her.


Before she blacked out...





Next Day

Kim-Ly groaned as the sun shined into her eyes, the hard wood was hard again her back...WAIT A MINUTE! SHE SHOULDN'T FEEL ANYTHING! Kim-Ly sat up suddenly, and saw that she was in front of the Wind Temple...Alive..."Uggghhh...K-Kimmy?" a weak voice asked from beside her, Kim-Ly turned to gasp happily. Beside her was a waking-up Grace and Bunny (who was the one that had talked). "Wh-What happened..? H-How are we alive?" Grace asked the 2 girls, before they heard 2 sets of footsteps behind them.

"We are alive by the greatest force known to man; magic." a voice said from behind them, all 3 turned to see Lila and- "MOM!" Grace yelled as she got up and tackle-hugged her mom, who hugged her back (Karishma had been talking). "We can't rest though, we have a long journey ahead of us." Karishma stated, as Lila gave each girl back her golden weapons...Before giving Karishma her Japanese War Fans and the Kusarigama from her past.

"I wish you all luck." Lila stated before bowing to the 4 girls, who bowed back before walking off. "Ninjago City, here we come!" Karishma cheered happily, the 3 teens behind her happily followed behind.