Mayhemb; Hey guys!

Rock; Sup?

Dr. Science; Good to see everyone reading.

Mrs. Loon; Like, totally!

Mayhemb; Anyway, we'd like to notify all you readers about something.

Rock; 1, we have a forum on the Ninjago Forums list titled Ninja of Water story Questions and has our profile pic on it. Here you can ask either us authors or the 3 MAIN Oc characters (Kim-Ly, Grace, and Bunny) questions

Dr. Science; 2, yes we have seen the newest Ninjago episode with Lloyd's mom in it...But we are going to figure something out for that (the plan we have now is that the woman is Karishma's sister and once Karishma died and Grace was gone she had stepped into help Lord Garmadon (attempt) to raise Lloyd.

Mrs. Loon; Then 3, we are having a contest! The 1st person who answers 13 (more really is you look at it) questions correctly will be mentioned and star as their own OC in "A New Beginning". Then to help we will state in what book you can find the answer.

Mayhemb; Also, this will only be accepted if it is in a reply, to keep the contest fair to all.

Question 1; What month is Kim-Ly's birthday (The Ninjas Short Stories)

Question 2; What did Jay yell before he was kicked by Grace when they first met? (The Ninja of Water)

Question 3; What flowers are weaved into Bunny's hair and make a halo? (The Ninja of Water)

Question 4; In Grace's Flashback, what was the first weapon Karishma used against the Devourer? (The Ninja of Water)

Question 5; Who was keeping the Girls' Golden Weapons while they were dead? (A New Beginning)

Question 6; What flowers did Kai bring Kim-Ly the day after they told each other they loved one another (same day as when Kai got into a fight with Dave) ? (Ninja of Water)

Question 7; What is the name of Bunny's phobia called? (by this we mean scientific name so it'll be (blank)phobia) (The Ninja of Water)

Question 8; What was Grace's old fear? (The Ninja of Water and our Forum in the Ninjago Forum section can answer this)

Question 9; What did Karishma serve (give to eat) Grace and Kim-Ly when they were dead? (The Ninja of Water)

Question 10; What Yo Mama Joke did Lila use against Lord Garmadon that mentioned his dad? (The Ninja of Water)

Question 11; What are all the songs that were sung on Karaoke night? (The Ninja of Water)

Question 12; List all of Kim-Ly, Bunny, and Grace's siblings. (brother(s) and sister(s)) (The Ninja of Water) (there are 10 in total, including Lloyd (duh))

Question 13; What were (all 3) the lessons that the girl's gave the boys before they left to fight the Great Devourer? (The Ninja of Water)

Mayhemb; The score will be tallied...We will post another Author's Note to reveal the winner, and you MUST have a user name so we can tell who you are. And instead we will give the prize to the first person who gets most of the questions correct! (This change was made due to Mrs. Loon persuading us (since her B-Day is coming up) to put a little slack into this)

Rock; So until then-

All; BYE!