Lost what you had

My habit of writing spontaneously is completely agonizing! Anyway, please enjoy this joyous little crossover parody I made up about Disney's 'The Brave Little Toaster, which I do not own.' Here are a few alterations I've made just because my point of view on the tale is not exactly conventional: 1. 'Toaster' is a girl, and a few OCs will be added just to level out the minimum character gender equality. If this offends anyone, do forgive me. 2. This is an AU, meaning that it's a somewhat alternate universe, and the sequels featured have never happened. All that has happened in this fanfic is that the appliances lived through the first film. 3. OC characters based off of other Disney movie characters will also be featured. Disney's 'The Princess and Frog,' 'Tangled,' and 'Aladdin' are the movies which I'll use and never own. And finally 4. The appliances won't always be appliances at some points. Thank you, and enjoy!

(First story: Toaster)

We made it. We had actually survived and reached our master without terminating ourselves permanently. Sure, scratches were earned and whatnot, but that was absolutely no biggie! As long as the Master was happy, we all were happy and ready to please him.

The messy adventure was rough, excruciating, and surprisingly frightening, but I couldn't help but think optimistically under my Master's sky blue eyes. We've had our trials and tribulations, but I knew that my friends and I agreed that it was all worth it. We made it, and we were meant to stay.

But consider this, hypothetically. Consider that five naive little appliances still continued to dream in their Master's welcoming cabin even when pampered. Consider that they had briefly wondered for more adventure, more tasks to complete more goals to reached, and craved it. They craved it almost greedily all because the biggest fool of the pack had led them to their unavoidable ends.

Well stranger, I think you've uncovered the real reasons of my confession. Let's just start on the day before the chaos, before that lethal idea even popped into my head….when the Master and Mistress were going out…

"C'mon Rob!" I caught the Mistress rummaging through her closet, eyeing the racks of human clothes carefully with big brown eyes. Her hair was slightly frizzy, but who was I to judge a human's preferences? "Gingy and Lauren Buffy are waiting for us! Did you call the double-dater like I insisted?"

The Master finally descended from the staircase and fiddled with his favorite forrest green and yellow stripped tie from the seventh grade carnival. "Yeah. Just give me a few minutes to find my wallet and keys-"

"You're not wearing that trashy tie, are you?" I couldn't help but grimace as she ripped the accessory off of him, finding my Mistress' mood far too sour for a simple date.

Then again, were all dates this terrible? What was a date?

"But Chris-"

"Don't beg," she scolded, while applying a light swift of deep magenta lipstick on her lips and smacking them audibly. Giving the Master a light shove and wink, she hurried to the front door while giggling. "Don't pretend like your best buddy Alan hasn't done this! He'll be fine, and I just know for sure that he and Lauren Buffy were meant to be with each other!"

The Master chuckled warmly while walking aimlessly in my direction. Adjusting my plug-in cord's position, he gave my reflection a fatherly smile and patted it. "We went far, old Toaster. Just you and me. Wow…" Scratching his head, he gave me a kind smile and reddened cheeks. "I don't know how long it's going to be until that big day with Chris, you know what I mean?" I did know, more than he knew. Proposing to a human female was apparently no laughing matter and it promised a lot more than just a plain friendship.

But as the Master drew his attention back to his own pensive thoughts, a rather bothersome question struck me hard. 'How am I able to comprehend how the Master feels about the Mistress? Is there relationship just like the bonds between Blanky and I? Radio, Kirby, Lampy and I? Or were they all diverse?' It was all too perplexing, and I don't know how humans dealt with it. I almost lost my numb stance when the Mistress hollered outside.

"Who do you think Gingy's met from Community College, Rob?"

"Let's hope not another jerk, " He mumbled to himself, while rubbing his forehead. "Heh…the girl of my dreams has control of me, friend." But after glancing at the silver reflection I had to offer, his smile widened and lifted my spirits. "Thanks Toaster! I don't need to let my guard done just for someone I may even love. I'll be my own person tonight!" And with that, my Master soon dashed outside to his Mistress, and the vehicle's headlights blinked before disappearing out before the evening's roads and highways.

"And there goes the heartbreaker," Radio announced beside me, allowing his antenna to cock back and forth rhythmically. I rolled my eyes and felt Blanky perch himself beside me. Because I was so tired from the Mistress' late night phone calls interrupting sleep hours, I found myself unintentionally leaning into Blanky's soft,golden blanket.

"You look really down in the sack, Toaster!" Lampy then hopped to us with glowing hazel eyes scanning me with obvious concern. "What happened?"

"The phone calls," I moaned, while allowing Blanky to help me back up. Giving my friends a lopsided smile, I braced myself and jumped to the next drawer a good six inches away. "Give me a holler, but I'm hitting the sack."

"Good night then Toaster," Lampy called happily. "Maybe when the Master gets home, he won't hesitate to leave us here in the living room instead of in the closet again with all of those awful spiderwebs!"

Giggling to myself, I imagined Lampy's horrified face from Kirby's last cobweb prank when we all were confined into the closet for two full weeks not too long ago. "I guess it's a possibility, Lampy."

"Be careful," Blanky's gentle voice warned me. "My blanket's trembling again."

"You always tremble," Kirby pointed out from below us with an unamused frown. "Don't get yourself spooked already just because it's almost Halloween-"

"-What ignorant souls wish to achieve is to ignore the cries of what to believe," Radio cried hauntingly, earning a squeal from Blanky and a signature eye roll from Lampy.

"Whatever, Radio. Let's just follow Toaster's example and shut some ideas up. Halloween is basically an excuse for spooks anyway."

"Those with plans still have chills; those who do not will have the greatest climaxes and shrills!"

"Cut it out Radio," I snapped a little too irritably. It wasn't my friend's words that sent shivers down my back; it was the tone. It was completely icy, nefarious, like it was able to damage my duties with one pail of freezing water.

"Ah it's just a joke," Radio commented defensively. Nevertheless, I was too exhausted to argue and decided to ignore him until morning. For right now, a pleasant sleep was my own cure.

(Third Story: At the diner)

Adjusting his glasses, Rob felt like a new man that night surrounded by new, ecstatic faces. The diner may have been located on rural outskirts, but his girlfriend Chris was unambiguously right. The place was full of fun and groovy people. Chris's friend Lauren Buffy was a sunny aristocrat visiting her older cousin, Gingy, and Gingy was also well-involved with Chris. Both women were attractive, sunny, and able to tackle on three platters of chicken and dumplings that night. Rob liked Chris' friends already; he just hoped that Al did, too.

"Oh my goodness gracious," Lauren hiccuped happily, grasping Chris's hands with her long, perfectly manicured ones. "Dinner was phenomenal! Are you two lovebirds gonna save your bellies for more tales back in college and for some Boston cream pie?"

With a disappointed frown, Chris eyed the clock behind them and shrugged indifferently. "Rob's friend was supposed to meet you both three hours ago. I just wonder where he is…"

"I don't know Chris! Al's a little insecure at times, but he's also very brave when it comes to meeting new faces…." Suddenly, everyone in the diner froze tensely as two figures approached the door. The ding was heard, and then a smirk, and then one word; "Evening."

All children held their breath at the sly looking man before them. Wild dark red hairs sprouted from under his massive plum top hat, and his complexion was dark enough for daylight but seemed to pale as the sky grew darker. But what made Lauren gulp and Gingy smirk charmingly were the eyes; they were practically ovals of a neutral grey-violet vortex, ready to suck in almost anyone, almost anything in his path…

"You and Jeff are scaring people, Frank!" Scowling at Gingy, Frank directed his approach to Gingy and twirled a lock of her blue-black hair around his long fingers.

"Fancy seeing you…again." Giving Rob an intense stare, he reached for Rob's hands and managed to cup them calmly. "Are you a troubled soul, friend?"

"What's your friend doing Gingy," Lauren whispered hesitantly to Gingy. The dark-haired woman only stared haughtily in the spoon reflecting her lovely but grim features.

"He's just interested in a new approach, darling. You see, voodoo is what makes beauty less painful."

Rob gulped audibly and sent a glance to Chris and then Ginger and then Frank. "Voodoo? Isn't that a little too far-fetching here? Where are you from?"

"Easy, partner." Jeff pecked Ginger's cheeks, and the blue-black haired woman swooned under her plump boyfriend. "My name's Jeff, and Frank heres just using a stalking tone to lure in customers and whatnot-"

"But it's a sheer offer," Ginger interrupted, while elbowing her boyfriend in the ribs. "In fact, he can call you."

And as if on cue, the voodoo employer whooshed his silvery card into Rob's hands and gave him a charismatic wink. "Stay on ice, Robby. And call if you need my assistance. I got buddies like you do…" He excused himself to use the restroom, and with a wave of his forefingers, an invisible hiss slithered into Ginger's ear.

"We have a date at redhead's place."