Reba was born three months 2 early her family gave her 30 days but i guess she had the doctors and God's amazing power but I guess reba kept on living because she was born too. Her family was determined to save her life. The doctor's did all they could to save Reba's life because she was tough and wanted to live. Well Reba did survive she grew up and had a rough marriage she had 3 kids. Her kids names were Kyra Jake and Cheynee. One day her husband cheated on her for woman half his age. She was the baby girl without a chance and gift of circumstance she was a single mom who worked 2 jobs she loved her kids but she never stopped. Reba knew one day she would find true love. She said to her cheating husband you did me wrong. Well her cheating husband told Reba that was getting married because he got the woman pregnant. Reba said Brock you cheating dog how could you she said that's it I'm done you are out of here get out pack your bags your out i want a divorce.

Chapter 2 coming soon