Charas and Spirits

Anime Crossover: Shugo Chara and Yumeiro Patissiere (I do NOT own these Anime)
Pairings: Hinamori Amu and Tsukiyomi Ikuto, Kashino Makoto and Amano Ichigo, Souma Kukai and Hoshina/Tsukiyomi Utau, Fujisaki Nagihiko and Mashiro Rima, Sanjo Kairi and Yuiki Yaya
Summary: Hinamori Amu is a girl with a special talent for cooking. The only ones who know about her talent are her family and her charas. What if when she goes to a Sweets Festival and meets Henri Lucas? What if he recommends her to go to St. Marie Academy? What will happen when she meets the Sweets Princes and Amano Ichigo?

Information – Main Characters

Amano Ichigo
Gender: Female
Age: 16
About Her: Amano Ichigo, a sixteen years old girl, who is a student in St. Marie. She was recommended to go to this school by Henri Lucas and she has been going to this school since she was fourteen years old. She is clumsy, bad at academics, and a bit of crybaby. Though, she is also very hard working. She also has an amazing sense of taste. Amano Ichigo wishes to make sweets that can make others smile just like her deceased grandmother. She used to live with her parents and little sister before coming to St. Marie. She likes Kashino Makoto, but afraid to tell him because she is afraid of being rejected.

Her Sweet Spirit:

Vanilla: Vanilla's specialty is vanilla or batter-based deserts. She is normally positive, upbeat, and kind, but she can be quiet rough with people who don't listen to her instructions properly the first time, she also who Ichigo likes.

Kashino Makoto
Gender: Male
Age: 17
About Him: Kashino Makoto, a seventeen years old boy, who's specialties is in chocolate sweets. He comes from a long line of doctors; his family owns the largest hospital in the town, which is near the Academy. Kashino is unsociable, straightforward, uncompromising, hard working, and short-tempered. His dream is to become a first class chocolate maker like his uncle. He is one of the school's 'Sweet Princes'. He promised his family to be at the top of his classes to be able to come to the school, because his family didn't approve of him being a Patissiere they wanted him to be a doctor like them. He also likes Amano Ichigo, but he won't admit it.

His Sweet Spirit:

Chocolat: Chocolat is skilled with chocolate. She is competitive, but easily frightened. She and Kashino Makoto are very much alike.

Hanabusa Satsuki
Gender: Male
Age: 17
About Him: Hanabusa Satsuki, a seventeen years old boy, one of the 'Sweets Princes' in his school. He is very flirtatious and is like a gentleman. He specializes in candy-sculptures and flower-based cakes. Ever since his father died, he felt that he should be kind to his mother and women. As a result, he loves all beautiful things and nice to every girl. Normally, when he meets girls, he gives them a candy-sculptured rose. Though sometimes, he seems to be a narcissist. He used to live with his mother before coming to St. Marie. He knows that Ichigo and Makoto likes each other.

His Sweet Spirit:

Café: Café's specialty is anything to do with coffee. He is polite and calm like Hanabusa Satsuki. He is also easy to get along because of his good nature and kindness. He is also a bit of a narcissist.

Andou Sennosuke
Gender: Male
Age: 17
About Him: Andou Sennosuke, seventeen years old boy, who specializes in Japanese sweets. He is the oldest brother of four younger siblings. He also acts the big brother in the Team Ichigo Group. He has a go with the flow attitude and has a very kind nature. He is the most mature one in the group and he often stops the fights. He is calm and also reliable. He has a bad habit of doing everything by himself. He is also like a big brother to Amano Ichigo. He also knows that Ichigo and Makoto likes each other.

His Sweet Spirit:

Caramel: Her specialty is in caramel. She is a klutz and has a bad sense in direction. She is the oldest sweet spirit in Team Ichigo, though she seems to be a cry baby. She is also physically strong.

Hinamori Amulet (Amu)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
About Her: Hinamori Amulet or Amu, a sixteen years old girl, who has a special talent for cooking. One of her dreams is to be a skilled Patissiere. She wants to be a Patissiere because she wants to be like her cousin, Shuu. She is recommended to go to St. Marie by Henri Lucas when she met him in a Sweets Festival. She lives with her parents and sister and she goes to Seiyo Academy before she went to the St. Marie Academy Boarding School. Even though she is going to St. Marie Academy Boarding School, she still visits her friends in Seiyo. She's an all A student, ever since she was a kid, but she can be a bit clumsy from time to time. She is physically and mentally strong. Around her neck is a necklace called the Humpty Lock, it is given to her when she joined the Guardians because she had five charas.

Her Charas:

Ran: This chara was born because of Amu's desire to be more energetic and honest. She wears a pink cheerleading outfit with a pink visor that matches her outfit. Her pink hair is tied into a side ponytail with a red heart shaped clip. She also wears a pink bandana around her neck. Under her cheerleading outfit, is a white puffy-like short. She also has pink eyes, and she is also wearing pink shoes with pink socks. She often carries her pink pom-poms.

Miki: She is the second oldest next to Ran, she was born because of Amu's desire to be more artistic and cool. She is wearing a light blue long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a black vest over it. She also has dark blue shorts and black shoes. She also wears a large artist beret that has a dark blue spade on it. She often carries a light blue bag, which has her art supplies and her sketch book.

Su: She is the third oldest, and was born because of Amu's desire to be more caring, motherly, to be able to speak different languages, and to improve in her domestic skills. Su often says 'desu' after most of her sentences. Su's outfit resembles to a maid or a waitress. She wears a white apron and a green frilly dress under it. She is also wearing green shoes with laces that cross to create an 'x'. On top of her head, is a hat with a green clover as its design, Su has light green hair, which can often be mistaken as yellow, and green eyes.

Dia: She was born because she represents the radiance that emits from Amulet's heart and her desire to be a singer. She has orange hair that is put in long pigtails and she has golden yellow eyes. On her head, is a white headband with two yellow diamonds on it. She is wearing a yellow blouse that has a white collar, and there is a white diamond in the middle. She also wears a yellow skirt and white boots.

Aiko: She is the youngest out of Amu's charas. She was born because of Amu's desire to be like an alley cat and to be disobedient. She has black hair with red highlights and red eyes. She has a black cat tail, black cat ears, and black paws. She is wearing black shorts with a red belt and a black shirt with a red 'X' on the middle as a design. She also often says 'mew' or 'meow' at the end of her phrases or sentences like Su does.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto
Gender: Male
Age: 17
About Him: Tsukiyomi Ikuto is a seventeen years old boy, who goes to the Seiyo High School. He has a necklace around his neck that matches Amu's Humpty Lock called the Dumpty Key, he usually hides it by putting it inside his shirt. He is a 'stalker' and a 'pervert', as Amu calls him. He is very cat-like in many ways. He has been in love with Amu since he has met her, and everybody knows it except for Amu. He lives in a mansion with his mother, father, and little sister. Ikuto's little sister, Utau, is one of Amu's best friend. Also his father owns the biggest corporation in Japan called Easter.

His Chara:

Yoru: He was born because of Ikuto's desire to be like an alley cat. He is also very mischievous. He has dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. He also has dark blue cat ears, tail, and paws. He wears a black leather sleeveless shirt and black shorts. He also has a silver cross around his neck.

Chapter One

Normal P.O.V

"Onee-chan! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" A nine years old girl with brown hair and golden eyes exclaimed to the sleeping pink haired girl on a bed.

"Five more minutes…" The pink haired girl, Amulet or Amu for short, mumbled.

"No! Onee-chan, we are late for the Sweets Festival!" Amu's sister, Ami, once again exclaimed. As soon as Amu heard that, she quickly sat up and looked at the time. She saw it was only 8:17 a.m. and the convention starts at 8:45 a.m.

"We are not la-" Before she could finish her sentence she heard stifles of laughter. She looked around her room and saw that it was her five charas and her little sister. She glared at them and went to her bathroom but not before yelling.

"That's not funny!"

As soon as she said that, they couldn't hold their laughter anymore and started laughing very hard at Amulet.

"Ami?! Did you wake up your sister yet?!" They heard Midori, Amu and Ami's mom, ask.

"Hai!" Ami answered her mother, after she had calmed down form laughing.

"Onee-chan! You better get ready! I'll be downstairs if you need me!" Ami told her sister.

"Okay!" Amu exclaimed from the bathroom.

After fifteen minutes later, Amulet came out of the bathroom wearing a sailor styled top, the collar has a maroon-checkered pattern like the ribbon in her shirt appears. She is also wearing a skirt that reaches up to the middle of her thigh, the design is maroon checkered like her shirt and ribbon. She is wearing black socks that reach just below her knees and the shoe she is wearing is all white. She is also wearing a chocker with a string knotted into a ribbon in it. While her hair, which reached the back of her knee is let down, while a small portion of her hair off the left side is clipped with a red 'X' clip. (Actual outfit worn in Episode 33)

"Tu es superbe, Amu-chan desu~!" Su told her bearer with a smile on her face. (Meaning You look beautiful, Amu-chan desu~!)

"Su is right, Amulet, you do look very beautiful…" Dia agreed with her older sister.

"Arigatou, Su and Dia!" Amu thanked her green and yellow chara.

"Is that the outfit I made for you a few days ago, Amulet?" Miki asked her, as she examined the clothing.

"Yep! I thought it was a nice day to wear it today!" Amu told her artistic chara, with a happy smile on her face which made Miki smile.

"Amu-chan looks so pretty! I bet your going to attract a lot of attention!" Ran teased her, while Amu slightly blushed.

Amu opened her mouth to protest but she was interrupted by the voice of her sister.

"Onee-chan! Hurry up, we have to go!"


She ran downstairs with her charas flying behind her. She saw her sister wearing a cute, yellow Lolita dress, while her parents were just wearing their casual wear.

"Oh, there you are Amu-chan!" Midori said, as she saw her oldest daughter.

"Onee-chan, you took too long…" Ami whined.

"And you were the one that suggested we should go there too…" Ami muttered, but all of them heard it anyway. Amu playfully glared at her, while Ami stuck out her tongue at Amu. Midori and Tsumugu, Amu and Ami's parents, laughed, as the charas, which Ami can see, giggled and snickered at them.

"Come on, we better go now! I want to get there soon!" Amu told them as she looked at the clock which read; 8:31 a.m.

"My little sparrow is right we must hurry!" Tsumugu said, as he went outside and into their car. Amu, Midori, and Ami followed him, with the charas, of course.

~Time Skip~

Sweets Festival

Normal P.O.V

As they arrived at the mall, which held the Sweets Festival inside, all of them were very excited to go in, especially Amulet. As they parked their car, Amu immediately went out of the car and ran towards the mall with her five charas, but not before yelling;

"I'm going in first! I'll call you guys, if I need you!" and with a wave she disappeared inside.

As her mother, father, and sister were just getting out of the car, Tsumugu chuckled at his daughter.

"It seems like she really wants to be a Patissiere…" He said.

"She must have taken after her cousin, Shuu." Midori suggested, while Tsumugu just nodded.

"Can we go in now?!" Ami whined at them, while walking towards the entrance.

"Sure, my littlest sparrow!" Tsumugu said, as he followed her with Midori right behind them.

~With Amu and he Charas~

Normal P.O.V

Amu was walking around the festival, looking at every sweet she can see. While her charas were floating beside her, besides nobody can see them, right?

"Amu-chan, sembrano tutti deliziosi!" Su told her. (Meaning Amu-chan, they all look delicious!)

"Hmm… Everyone here, especially the children, has a very bright radiance; it must be from the sweets…" Dia told them, while looking around.

"Dia, it's called sugar high…" Miki told her, as she took out her sketchbook. As Amu heard what she said, she giggled a little.

"Amu-chan! Can't we get something to eat!? It is the Sweets Festival!" Ran told her, while drooling over the different kinds of sweets.

"Mew~! You guys are too noisy! I still want to sleep, you know!" Aiko yelled at them. She was on top of Amu's head glaring at her sisters. Ran laughed at her, while everyone else giggled.

While Amu was examining all the sweets around her, she found a very beautiful and delicious looking cake. She walked towards it and stared at it.

"Amu-chan, what are you looking at?" Ran asked her.

"This cake… It looks marvelous, but the way they put the chocolate on it seems messy and it also seems they baked it a second too long." Amu told them, what she didn't know was there was a man with yellow hair and blue eyes staring at her, shocked by the fact that she knows that. Considering how young she was.

"Amu-chan is right desu~." Su told them, but blue eyed man didn't hear or see her, possibly because the only ones who can see charas are those who have one, though sometimes people with a strong Heart's egg can hear them. Also those who have some kind of magical being with them can also see and hear charas.

"Are you going to get it, Amulet?" Aiko asked her bearer, whom slightly nodded at the question because she doesn't want people staring at her weirdly for nodding at nothing.

"Good mew~, since I can't go back to sleep now because of my sisters," She lightly glared at them before continuing. "I want to eat now!" Aiko exclaimed.

"Me too desu~." Su said.

"Same here." Miki told them.

"I am also a bit hungry…" Dia quietly told her bearer.

"Me too! I have been waiting to eat ever since we came here!" Ran told them, as she playfully pouted. Amu laughed, a bit, at her chara and took the cake and a plastic fork and paid for it, before going to a seat on one of the tables around the room.

Amu took out the fork and took a small piece of the cake and tasted it.

"Hmm… This cake is delicious, but it seems like they put over did it by putting one more teaspoon of sugar…" Amu told her charas softly.

"We want a taste, Amu-chan/Amulet!" All her charas exclaimed. Amu took another piece of the cake and placed it on a napkin, her charas each took a small piece from that cake and ate it.

"It's yummy, desu~!" Su said, with a huge smile on her face.

"Tasty, the art work on this cake is also magnificent! I need to draw it!" Miki exclaimed, as she took out her sketch book and started drawing the cake.

"Yum! Yum! Yum! I want more!" Ran cheered, as she took another piece.

"It is simply divine…" Dia told them.

"I don't see how you figured out that they put more sugar than they supposed to, I don't taste anything different mew~." Aiko told Amulet.

"You wouldn't understand it, Aiko-chan. Amu-chan wanted to be a Patissiere since she was a kid and she have been training for it too. So it's different with her than you desu~." Su told her younger sister.

"Okay." Aiko told her, as she nodded her small head. She looked at another way and saw a man walking towards them.

"Amulet, a man is walking over here" Aiko whispered to her bearer.

Amu glanced at where Aiko was staring and saw that the man somewhat looked like Hotori Tadase, the King of the Guardians. As the man reached her table, she just looked at him, confused.

"May I help you?" Amulet asked the man, whom just smiled at her.

"My name is Lucas Henri, but you may call men Henri, Henri-san, or Henri-sensei. I'm here to discuss something with you, may I sit down?" The man, Henri, asked the girl.

"Don't so it Amulet, it is a trap!" Miki said playfully. Amu ignored her chara and thought about it for a minute.

"It is fine, Amulet, his radiance is brimming with kindness." Dia told her bearer, when she saw that she was confused about what to do. Amu nodded to him, as he sat on the seat across from Amu.

"My name is Hinamori Amulet, but you may call me Amu for short." Amu introduced herself.

"May I ask what you want to discuss with me?" Amu asked Henri, curiously, as her charas were intently listening on what he has to say.

"Well, I saw that you have some special talent for cooking." Henri said.

"Actually, I have been training to be a Patissiere like my cousin, since I was a little kid. So, it is not unusual for me to trace a single wrong thing in a sweet or a small thing in a sweet." Amu told him, which made him impress.

"Also, sometimes I can remake I cake or any sweet just by tasting them, but that's just sometimes." Amu continued. Henri smiled at the girl in front of him.

"Is that all you're going to ask?" Amu asked. Henri shook his head before answering the pink haired girl.

"I want to recommend you, Hinamori Amulet, to go to St. Marie Academy. It is a boarding school here in Japan, which is a bit far from her. St. Marie is a school made by my grandmother and it is a Patissiere school. Since you have talent to become one and you have such strong passion for it, I want you to become a student in that school." Henri explained. Amu was too shocked to speak, even her charas.

"Here's a packet for more information about it. I hope to see you there soon." Henri said, as he gave her a pack of paper and left her alone.

After a few minutes, Amu finally gained her voice back.

"W-what just happened?" Amu stuttered out.

"Amu-chan! You were just recommended to go to a Patissiere school! Isn't that exciting!?" Ran exclaimed.

"It sure is…" Amu whispered softly to them, though she is very excited; 'I should ask my parents first' Amu thought. She took out her phone and started dialing someone's number.

"What are you doing, Amulet?" Aiko asked, Amu put up her index finger to her lips, signaling her chara to be quiet.

"Hello, mom?" Amu said, as her charas finally got what was she was doing.

End of Chapter One

To Be Continued