Lima Secrets

"I swear it's like he lives here" Kurt smirked

If only they knew the truth about the apartment upstairs, if only they knew about my life.

I'm Shaun J. Smith and this is my hidden life. People say I'm a jerk, I say I'm a liar. I have a book it's a book of a boy named Sebastian James Smyth, he is the guy I want to be. This boys life is the life I want to have, the one that I pretend to have. He has the glamour life; he has been to France and had fancy coffee. I'm just his shadow. He is gay guy that hangs out at bars every other weekend. I wish I could. He goes to Dalton just because he can. I go because there is an anti bullying policy. He doesn't like to lose. I lose a lot. I wrote this book and I live this book, it's the life I want and if any one where to find it my world would crumble. Well my fake world would crumble to reveal the hidden boy I am. Kurt I really do live at the Lima Bean, well above it really. My parents run the coffee joint that's how I can go to Dalton, my life is this place. No I really didn't go to France but I really want to, it's my dream to be in the birthplace of my grandmother. I got good at singing by practicing on my grandmothers piano since I was ten and left to entertain myself. I go Scandals because there I'm Sebastian even my fake ID is him. I want to be him but I all I do is pretend to be him? My parents know about Sebastian they helped me create him you could say, when the bulling got so bad when we moved my mom sat me down

"Shaun, I want you to be happy again so make someone new someone you like and whoever he turns to be. I will always love you." My mom said

I really do like being Sebastian but there are sometimes when I stumble on simple questions, when I'm him I am different. My stories of him are wild with no limits, no stopping him. He is free and I am trapped. He has broken out of his cage I'm still in. I hid behind him, before I thought of him I was bullied then we moved and I became a new person, I mean who ever has a choice like that. Well there is one person, my best friend Quinn well her real name is Lucy we did this together, we made someone new and became them. She wanted to be popular, blond and skinny, thus Quinn was born. We did our self projects together the summer after eighth grade. We got a fresh start that's what we wanted.