I'm not one to do troll-fics but they seem like fun. So here's my first and more than likely last one, depending on how it goes.

once apon a tiem! Dere were a gurl nameded Queen Angelina Lydia Pretty-Face and she were in lurv wiv a alien nameded ZIM! ZIM Lurved her back but she knew there lurv wouldn't work becuz Queen Angelina Lydia Pretty-Face was and angel demon Irken, that mean she had wings and a halo and she fights eveil. Even though she be part demon her goodness of her angel parts were too strong for da demon part to be too great. Anyway, Angelina were goin tah skool 1 day when da almighty tallest and da resisty camed!

"I r gunna marry u!" Lard Narr sayed.

"No! That cannot be! I am gunna Mary her!" Red and Purple sayed together. They

becamed angry at each other and dey started 2 fight for the beautiful, pretty, cute, and not to mention gorgeous angel demon Irken. Finally Purple Killeded Red using a plastic spoon. The resisty went away or something. Purple was gunna marry Angelina now but she started crying becuz she loveded ZIM.

"Git away frum her!" ZIM yelleded at the tall purple tallest who was tall. ZIM shooted acid out of his bellybutton and hit Purple in the elbow, the rite one. The tallest felled down dead. "Marry meh!"

"Ok!" Angelina sayed not caring if she wered a angel demon Irken or not. Dey married five seconds latah and now have 25 smeets all named Miz. Oh yeah, and ZIM grewed one hundred feet tall and is now tallest.

The freakin' end!

God, this was painful for me to write! . . . Does it please you?

Well if you guys hated it, don't worry because this story will probably be deleted and I'm never writing another one . . . ever! Not only that but my autocorrect almost sued me by the time I was done writing it.