Chapter Two

Natalia had seen Tim with Lexie and she just wanted him to herself but she still had to figure out how she would do that and she admitted that she was jealous of Lexie.

Tim held Lexie close to him as he kissed her softly, when Lexie kissed him back knowing how much she loved him and their four children who were all doing well.

Lexie had gotten to know Ryan and Natalia who had taken quite a shine to Tim and she knew he was married but that wasn't gonna stop her from getting what she wanted.

Tim had taken a few days off from the lab to spend with Lexie and their children as Lucas had mastered talking quite well and Ava wasn't far behind Lucas while Cayden and Keedie were babbling.

Lexie knew that the few days that Tim had taken off, was perfect timing as it was close to the twin's first birthday as Tim and Lexie invited the team apart from Natalia.

Keedie was in her godmother Maxine's arms while Cayden was with Frank Tripp who was his godfather as the party got underway and there was laughter as Lucas was being funny.

Tim had laughed at the antics Lucas was doing as Lexie had also laughed at what their oldest was doing which had made the others laugh so much until their sides were splitting.

Lexie had no idea what Natalia was planning with regards to Tim who had told Lexie that he would never walk away from her or their kids and Lexie knew he was telling the truth.

Neither Lexie or Tim heard from their families again , not after the stunts they pulled and Lexie was glad that the team was behind them apart from Natalia.

Lexie knew that Tim was loyal to her ever since they got together and have remained faithful to each other ever since and Lexie loved that Tim was her hubby.

Tim knew that being with Lexie was the best choice he ever made and he had no regrets about being with her, as Tim believed that Lexie was his one and only love.

Tim had gotten an idea about what he wanted to do for Lexie's birthday in a few months time and he talked it over with Alexx who thought it was a lovely idea.

Will Natalia's plan unravel a broken heart?