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Chapter Eight: Big Shot

"Yeah, guys?" I said to them as they all filed in. "So Bobby totally filled us in, but we have something serious now. We just wanted Derek to get away from us." Sue's face suddenly turned serious. "Ivy heard and well, let's just say she is not happy with you. Girl, we're happy for you but Ivy is also our friend, too." Jessica said with a slight shrug. "Of course, yeah." I said, feeling uncomfortable. This was like an intervention. "Well, I should go. I have a dinner." I said, getting up and grabbing my bag. "Okay, well, when Ivy comes back to New York she will be fighting for that part as Marilyn harder than ever. Even if Derek doesn't like her, everyone else does." They left the room.

I sucked in a breath and walked out of the theater, checking my phone. Many missed calls from Dev and a couple texts. One was from Rebecca:

hey karen. i miss u girl. want 2 meet up tonite? i have a reservation 4 9pm. c u then.

I didn't want to deny Rebecca, she was still my friend, somewhat. I smiled and got a cab, going to the hotel. As I got into my room I threw on a maroon dress and left to go, Derek the last thought on my mind. I got to the resturant and saw Rebecca. "Karen!" She yelled over the loud people and came rushing to me, greeting me with two kisses on the cheek. "How is Marilyn?" She said as I sat down.

Dinner went by fast, as time always did when you were with Rebecca. You were always in a trance. She hailed a taxi for me and smiled. "It was great meeting with you, Karen. I hope we can do this again soon and I'll be there when you get on Broadway." She kissed my cheek before we parted our seperate ways. I got back to the hotel and saw Derek pacing in the lobby.

"Derek?" I looked at him. "Darling! I was worried sick. You didn't answer your phone and when you didn't meet me at the restaurant I thought something happened to you." He took big in a huge hug, kissing me hard. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to stand you up, Rebecca texted me and-" I couldn't finish before he cut me off. "Rebecca?" He almost growled, walking into the elevator.

"Don't worry." I said, rolling my eyes a bit, following him. "Don't worry? Don't worry?! You could ruin the show for us. You are the understudy for Rebecca and she left the show. You being out and about with the star who could've destroyed the show is horrible. How could you do this? You also stood me up. At least tell me next time!" He almost yelled. "I'm sorry." I looked down, walking to my room. Then, I thought, why would I be sorry? I'm an adult, I can do what I want without Derek's permission.

"Derek, I can do what I want. I don't need your permission or guidance to do what I want. You aren't my parents!" I turned on my heel to face him, his face changing from anger to surprise to shock all in about five seconds. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled him to his room. "Maybe not, but maybe so." He kissed me and I pushed him away. "I can't deal with this now, Derek. Don't try to change my mind about this. I do what I want." I got up and left his room. Then I thought,

Derek and I had our first fight.