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The phone rang.

That loud, annoying sound that is never leaving him alone… although it had gotten better in the last few months. People were giving up on him; and for a damn good reason.

He let out a sigh as the phone finally stopped ringing, and went straight to voicemail. This is Yuki Eiri. Don't leave a message unless absolutely important. Beeeeeeeep.

"Eiri, I'm getting worried about you, the deadline for your last novel has passed almost a year ago, and you've only written half of it. You don't accept anything else. I want to meet you as soon – "

The blonde hit the button that made his publisher shut up. Nothing there that he wasn't already aware of. It had been over two months since he wrote a single word, but he wasn't able to write anything useful for over two years. His last book was his worse – something that didn't even hit the charts. Started off with great sales, as all of his books, but when reviews came the sales rates were rapidly dropping – and for a damn good reason. It sucked. He knew it, the publisher knew it, but after trying to rewrite it for the tenth time they gave up and hoped for the best.

At first, he was answering his calls, apologizing somewhat, promising to keep on writing. He tried to, but nothing came to him. Then, little by little, he gave up. He stopped answering all the calls about his deadlines – he knew he would never meet them, and got tired of lying.

Slowly they stopped calling him, realizing they won't get much from it. There were still some persistent ones, calling once in a while to check in. Sometimes he even answers the phone.

Yuki reached for his cigarette pack somewhere on the desk near him, took one out, stuck it between his lips and lit it. He took it in deeply, and exhaled the smoke, letting it float in the air around him. He tried to quit, once. Three years ago. But was unsuccessful. It lasted for a week, and then he finished three packs in one day before he was finally relaxed again. He never attempted that again. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, trying to empty his mind as the tobacco stick slowly burned away.


When he heard his name, he didn't even bother opening up his eyes. So, she's awake now. Good. Time to kick her out. He thought, and took in another breath.

"Yuki!" She repeated, closer this time. She probably realized he wasn't anywhere near the bedroom and decided looking for him. How annoying. He thought about it for a moment; no, he had no idea what her name was, but he was pretty sure it was something with "mi" in it. He didn't care, either.

"Oh there you are! I was looking for you… mmmmmmmm you look so good…" he felt small, warm hands landing on his shoulders, and then a pair of lips attached itself to his earlobe. He allowed himself to let out a sigh before he opened his eyes.

"I know," he said, rather coldly. Maybe he hurt her, he didn't care.

"Aww, arrogant, much? But you have every reason to be… you're Yuki Eiri after all," she giggled, and then he could see the girl standing right in front of him. She was pretty, yeah; although most of her makeup was smeared from the night, her fake eyelashes were still attached, making her eyes look big and innocent. He chuckled; innocent my ass, after all the things she was willing to do for him last night.

That was why he loved his fangirls. They were so willing, so easy. They were always just there, easy prey for him to simply come and pick up like a penny thrown on the street, waiting for him to get whatever he wants with it. Some of them were very good at what they did, some knew less, but it didn't matter. It was always good.

But it never satisfied him.

"How about we go back to bed for a bit?"

"How about not?" he put out his cigarette at the ashtray on that same little desk, and attempted to get away from her. He usually hoped they'd get the message and get out on their own, but they rarely did. This one was persistent. She placed her hands on his shoulders again, this time pinning him down to his chair while she climbed on top of him.

"Well… here is good for me too," she giggled, and licked his neck slowly, reaching his lips. "I'm good wherever, as long as I have you… Oh I'm so happy about last night you have no idea… it had been my dream – "

"Yours and millions others – "

"I've loved you for years!"

"Do you even know what love is?" He couldn't stop himself; he looked at the young girls' face, and saw her surprised expression there, her big, brown eyes staring at him with puzzlement.

"Of course I do," she answered.

"So you should know you don't love me, girl. Last night was fun. But it's time for you to go," he gently pushed her away from him, but she remained still on him. "Go back to your parents."

Well, now she looked offended. "Why do you think I care about them? I'm twenty six. I'm old enough to take care of myself."

"Great… so go ahead with that. I've got work to do."

There was a moment of blessed silent as she was processing what he had just said. That was what Yuki hated about his fangirls. They were idiots.

"Hmm…" she said after a while, as if she has reached a conclusion. "Maybe… there is something that could change your mind?..." she said suggestively, and then started kissing his neck again, but this time she was going downwards. Her aim was bright and clear. Well then, if she wanted, and he wasn't going to have to do anything for it… what the heck.

He didn't stop her when she moved down on his body, and let out a moan when her mouth wrapped itself around him. He pulled on her hair when she sucked on him, pushed her to get him deeper when he was getting closer to his climax. She was very, very good, her tongue moving over all the right places, sucking just on the right time, with just the right amount of force for just the right amount of time.

He lost himself for a moment, just before he came; but then the world came back to him, forcing him to face reality. "Ahh…" he sighed, "that was good," he pet her head, allowing her to stay down there for a moment longer to arrange herself. It wasn't easy, he knew, to satisfy him that way. He was already used to a certain way, and his body stuck to that.

But enough. Now she really had to leave. Otherwise she'd stick around all day long, and bug him and annoy him. Oh, no, he definitely didn't want to be dragged into that again. Not after last time. And who knew? Maybe he'll finally get some writing down.

"I can do that again, if you want," she said, breathing heavily. But she lifted her face to look at him, licking her lips. "As many times as you want."

"That's very generous of you, but it's time for you to get dressed and go. For real this time."

"But – "

"Just get out already!" he hissed at her. Fuck her emotions, she didn't understand when he was nice. He saw the hurt look on her face when she got up on her feet and walked away. She didn't say a word to him when she walked past him again, this time fully clothed.

"Maybe I could stay just a little bit longer? I can make you breakfast – "

"Can't you take a damn hint?" he got up from his chair, annoyed, and walked her towards the door. "I don't want to see you again. Understood?"

"I'm sorry," she answered. "I didn't mean to annoy you – "

"Understood?" he repeated. How dense can she be?

"Y…yes… Goodbye, Yuki. Thank you for a wonderful night," she said before she opened the door and walked away.

Yuki let out a sigh of relief as he was closing the door behind her, and went back to his seat. He lit up another cigarette and tried to relax. It worked pretty good with the silence around him; so good he thought he might even be able to write something. So he got up, put on a pair of boxers, and sat down in his office with a cup of coffee and his cigarette pack. He stared at it for a while, drank his coffee, and smoked three more cigarettes before he was ready to give up, yet again.

He let out a sigh, and was about to make himself another cup of coffee when he heard a knock on the door. It surprised him; he wasn't expecting anyone, as his editors and publishers all already realized they weren't going to get anything done from him if they pushed, his sister was out of town, his parents would never visit him in his 'lair of sins' and he had no friends who might come, except maybe Tohma. And he was away, with his sister.

Maybe it was that damned girl, coming back to get something she forgot – or give back something she guiltily took. They did that sometimes, grabbing a pair of his used underwear from the day before or something like that. He never cared.

Well, what the hell, he thought to himself as he walked towards the door. Curiosity drove him to get that, and he was bored as hell as it was.

He lazily opened the door. "What?" he asked coldly, before raising his eyes to see his visitor.

"Hello, Yuki. You haven't changed much, haven't you?"

The familiarity of the voice made him look up sharply. Could this be?...

But yes. Same voice, same smiling face, same violet eyes. But he was the wrong height, wore the wrong hair colour, and had a completely different aura. However, it was clearly him. Three years have passed, but he would recognize him even if it were a hundred.

"Surprised to see me, aren't you? Mind if I come in?" Shuichi didn't really wait for an invite, and walked inside the house that was once theirs.


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