Skylanders: tales of the dark ruins

Chapter 2: a Heros downfall

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The explosion ripped through the mountainside as embers burst out of the cave entrance. he began running down towards a small bridge that looked like it might collapse at any second. Behind him came several cyclops stumbling around dizzily as if they were drunk, and a large drow warship floated high in the sky shooting machine guns at the skylander. Embers continued running and began crossing the bridge. Embers was creature from a species of fire demons known as flamezor, they looked like humans with flames bursting from the tops of their heads and the tips of their tails, claws that had been known to rip through steel, teeth that could crush stones, and fiery fur covering their entire bodies. Now embers was a different sort of flamezor, for he was a skylander and unlike his brethren he wore black armor with no helm and had only red fur around his eyes. When he had become eon's skylander he had received silver devices that he wore on his foreclaws. They covered his claws and wrapped around his hands like gloves but had no material on the palm. He was a fire skylander and these "fiery claws" allowed him to slash streaks of fire at enemy's and throw fireballs. And today embers wore a plain brown backpack so he could run on all fours he had done a lot of that lately and today was no different.

Embers dashed halfway across the bridge before stopping because his way was blocked by two people. The first had claws for hands,six legs, and an extremely bug like complexion. The other was a hulking creature with thick snow white skin and large muscles, he carried a large axe that was tipped with a poisonous blade.

"well, well, well, the last skylander." the first spoke with a voice that would have made any sane person shiver.

"what are you doing here you freak of darkness!" yelled Embers with a snarl in his voice.

"can we just kill him now boss?" asks the hulking monster.

"not yet, let's see if he comes quietly first." whispers the first monster. "come quietly or die!"

"never!" embers yells back.

"so be it" growls monster number one as the bridge suddenly lurches.

Embers whirls around to see the cyclopes cutting the bridge ropes. "I can't kill them an escape because they'll just cut the ropes and if I throw a fireball I'll cut the ropes too" he thinks to himself.

But if you know about Cyclopes you would know that when they see ropes they feel the need to cut them because they aren't made of stone. And that a exactly what happened.

Embers saw them trying to cut the last of the rope and dashed in their direction which made them cut faster and the bridge began to fall. Embers jumped touched his hands behind his back, brought them forward and encased himself in a fiery comet.

And he flew into the distance toward an island where he would meet his doom...

Spyro the dragon grumbling along in a forest on a strange floating island that he would normally avoid because here portal masters could find him and they were really annoying. But one portal master in particular was nice to spyro and had told him that a great evil would be upon that island and that if he could help it would be great. That portal masters name was eon. And he never sent spyro a single letter asking him to join him as a skylander. But on fifteen occasions had told spyro to be at a certain place at a certain time to stop some threat. So spyro had grown to listen to eon and liked the guy. Unlike all the other portal masters.

And it was At that moment that embers in his fiery comet had come crashing into the woods not far off and started a forest fire. Now normally his friend tidal wave would deal with it but he was alone right now an began dashing through the woods trying not to be noticed by several drow airships.

Spyro didn't know who this man on fire was but he was burning the forest on quite a large island and if an island gets superheated it tends to float upward and when large islands float out of place they cause disaster. So spyro thought this is obviously the threat. Though a small one spyro knew never to underestimate the consequences. So he flew in embers direction and began charging at him. Embers was knocked to the ground and began being pummeled by a purple dragon. He threw his backpack over to the side so the cargo wouldn't be broken. And slashed twice at the little dragon with his claws and drove it back with a slash from his tail. Spyro charged and knocked him backwards into a tree smashing it in half and embers retaliated by throwing a fireball in spyros direction but missed. As the fighting continues the drow warships are drawn in the fights direction and slowly pull over the battlefield just as embers knocks spyro down and a net laced with steel flies down and knocks embers to the ground dazing him for a minute.

Several drow slide down on long ropes and surround the skylander and restrain him. He is lifted and turned to face a very large elf with large red eyes and a long sword on his hip.

"haxus I should have known!" embers yells into haxus's face.

"why hello embers burning forests again I see. Now where's the soul gem!" haxus replies with a bored expression.

"I'll never tell!" snarls embers baring his teeth.

"very well, take him up to the ship for interrogation." haxus says before looking in spyros direction. "thank you for your help, you've saved my plan from destruction."

"anytime" spyro replies as haxus grabs a rope and is lifted into the airship as it flies away into the distance with two others in tow.

It was at that moment that spyro remembered the backpack. He whipped around and grasped the strap in his teeth and a small purple gem fell out of a slash mark he had made. Spyro paused and glanced at the gem, it glowed slightly in the sun and was embedded with a portal masters symbol. Since spyro knew nothing about the airships he decided to return it to eon who wouldn't bug him and may transport him home like he had done before (but that's another story). So at that moment spyro lifted off and flew into the distance not knowing what adventures lay ahead...

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