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Chapter Eleven: Aftermath

When we got to Bella's, she excused herself—leaving me in the living room with my thoughts. I started feeling a little uneasy because I'd lied before about Carlisle.

All Bella wants to do is get to know me.

So, why was it difficult to let her? Let her know me? I didn't understand.

Carlisle actually looked good and put together, not like the drunken mess I'm used to seeing.

Saying—admitting that he was my father . . .

Well, then maybe Bella would have started with the twenty questions. In her true characteristic, I give Bella an inch and she takes a mile. There was also no way we'd all sit and laugh and chat about the good times . . .

There weren't any good times.

None that I could remember.

Bella met Esme and that's enough…for now. She's spent time with my nieces, and if she goes to my mother's birthday party, she'll meet my sister. She can get to know them.

Speaking of, I barely know Carlisle, so . . .

"Hey…" She came back in with bare feet. That's what I noticed. When my eyes trailed upward, I saw that she was wearing a silky dark blue robe, which wasn't like that huge, fluffy shit she wears after a shower.

"Hi," I whispered.

"Come on." She turned back for her bedroom with a small jerk of her head.

A smile immediately appeared on my face as I heaved myself off the couch.

This was it . . .

The moment I'd been waiting for.

Truth be told, I could hardly remember the last time I'd had sex.

When I entered, she was putting down a lighter, having just lit a few candles on her dresser. It was the only light shining, aside from the dim glow coming from the living room.

"You okay?" She toyed with the sash tied around her waist, her eyes curious.

I nodded and blew out a breath.

I was fine.

I think.

Standing in front of her—right next to her bed—it was difficult to get a good grasp on what I was feeling and go with it.

A part of me was anxious as fuck to devour her, make her scream, and then the other half was the nervous kid in me. He needed Bella to take the lead.

"You sure…?" There was some teasing in her tone, but all I could focus on was how she slowly began to untie that robe.

I needed it off.

I wasn't a fucking virgin, yet I stood here lookin' like one. My stomach was doing somersaults, my fingers were twitching at my sides, and I kept having to swallow my nerves—afraid I'd swallow, choke on my tongue.

"Yeah," I finally said, taking a step closer. Fuck me. She was sexy. Her robe hadn't disappeared yet, but I was doing something about that now.

Trailing my fingers up her arms, I watched how her skin broke out in goose bumps. "Let me…" I slowly slipped my hands underneath the silky fabric that clung to her shoulders and let it slide down, exposing more and more skin. "Fuck." I swallowed.

That robe was pooling at her feet, and I had Bella completely naked in front of me. It was almost surreal. "So fucking beautiful," I heard myself murmur. My eyes drank her in, her curves, slender waist, soft-looking stomach, and perfect tits, and I had unconsciously closed the last distance between us.

I'd look farther down, but I didn't wanna embarrass myself.

"You're wearing too much." She chuckled, all breathy. I stood still as she tugged at the hem of my shirt, and when she couldn't reach, I took over and pulled it over my head. The action sorta snapped me outta my haze, and I dipped down and claimed her mouth in a deep kiss.

I was already breathing heavily, but something else . . . something that shouldn't be on my mind at a time like this was. When I pulled away, I held her chin, gazing into those gorgeous brown eyes. "That guy at the bar—"

She was still trying to get at my lips, hopping up and managing to get me in a lip-lock that, once again, made me forget myself.

Bella whined when I pulled away again.

"That was my father," I whispered, my hands grabbing at that ass, pulling her against my hard-on. "I-I didn't tell you because—well, I didn't introduce you because—"

"Your mother told me you don't have a relationship with your father."

Surprised, my brows rose. "She—"

"She told me." Her nails scraped against my scalp, and I nestled into her hand. It felt crazy good.

"Okay." I just needed her to know, and I waited to see if she'd say more.

When she didn't, I went for that mouth again.

"I want you on the bed," I muttered, kissing my way down her throat. My hands slid up her sides; I cupped her full tits firmly, giving test squeezes. She moaned softly, and her lips were ghosting over my collarbone. That set me on fire, and I suddenly didn't have time to let her respond or take any kind of lead. Instead I picked her up, at which she let out a cute little squeal, and I chuckled as I dropped her on the bed. "Shite." She looked too damn sexy like that, all naked, and her hair splayed all over her pillows. And her smile. . .

Even her eyes were smiling.

"Shite?" she giggled. "I've never heard you say that."

I shrugged, not wanting to talk, and covered her body with mine, hovering over her quickly. I kissed her hard and hungrily, groaning at the feel of her softness against my roughness—or whatever I could call it. But I couldn't get over how…I don't know, soft and delicate she felt? Yet, I had a feeling she could also be a rock—to lean on or something.

"Still wearing too much," she mumbled into the kiss, and then she started pushing down my pants with her fucking toes. That made me smile; meanwhile, her fingers were in my hair, pulling, twisting, making me moan. I was hard as a goddamn diamond between her thighs, and once she'd successfully shoved down my pants and boxers, there was nothing in the way.

"Christ." I sat up, kneeling between her legs. My chest heaved with heavy breaths as I stared down at her body.

It was shadowed here and there by the candlelight, and her skin almost looked like gold. Her nipples were tight little buds, beckoning me to suck on them. She had a belly button I wanted to dip my tongue into, and her pussy… Fucking hell, I couldn't tear my eyes away once I'd looked.

"Wet," I whispered, transfixed, too quiet for her to hear.

Her slit—I could see how wet she was.

Before I even knew what I was doing, my elbows hit the mattress and my nose was skimming over her soft flesh. I inhaled deeply as she squirmed and whimpered, but if I had any doubts whether or not she wanted this, they flew out the window when she whispered, "Please."

I grunted a curse, turned on beyond words, and gently, slowly, parted her lips with my tongue. Her taste hit my tastebuds; slow and gentle flew out, as well. I fucking devoured that pussy—like I was starving. I licked and sucked, circled my tongue around her clit, and teased her tight entrance with two fingers. By the time I actually pushed one in, she was begging and moaning loudly.

A smile stretched across my lips, and I looked up at her face, all contorted in pleasure. If that didn't made me feel like a king, what would?

"I—I need…" She gasped and fisted the sheets. "Fuck, I need more, Edward."

"Anything, baby." I smirked and licked her clit.

Eyes squeezed shut, she licked her lips and nodded. "Okay." Then she surprised me by sitting up and turning around. Which meant. . .

"Fuck me," I breathed out, eyes wide. She was face-to…well, face-to-cock, really. "Bella…"

With a small nudge, she had me on my side, so we were both facing each other's nether regions. Bella just grinned up at me, and then she gripped my cock and sucked it into her hot little mouth.

"Fuck!" I groaned and dropped my forehead to her thigh. My hips bucked in reflex, sinking my cock deeper into her mouth, but she just hummed and went to fucking town on me.

It was hot, so wet, and to top it off, I had her pussy right in front of my damn face—and her scent… "Jesus," I muttered, out of breath, and lowered my mouth to her pussy again.

"Mmm…" She made humming noises and those wet, slurpy sounds—they were driving me crazy with lust.

I felt crazed, eating her out like I'd never done before. When my tongue entered her, licking her slick inner walls, she moaned and sent vibrations through my dick that almost made me lose it.

Placing a hand on the back of her head, I started fucking her mouth, getting desperate, and encouraged her to do the same. I wanted her to ride my goddamn face as if her life depended on it.

It was beginning to be too much, yet I needed more. A lot more. Of her, of her body…

"Edward," she cried out, letting me go. "Now—fuck me."

"Yeah," I panted, too eager.

"There's…" She was panting, too. "There're condoms." She pointed to the nightstand.

Kneeling up on the bed again, I scrubbed a hand over my face—trying to gather my fucking wits—and I told her, "Lie down with your head up there." I jerked my chin at the pillows.

And I watched as she scrambled into position, her tits bouncing slightly. Condom box open, I grabbed one and quickly tore the foil. Then I felt her eyes on me as I rolled it onto my cock.

"You drive me insane," she whimpered and spread her legs wide. "I need you."

I grinned, thinking I was glad to have the same effect on her as she did on me. But when I was between her thighs once more, cock ready to just slam in, I wondered if maybe I wasn't a bit more obsessed than she was.

I mean…I'm the one who's actually tried to resist the idea of us. And now it's all boiling underneath the surface. I tried to play the friend, not to mention the understanding guy who knew Bella'd been through something traumatic.

Look how that worked out.

Now I don't even know why I tried . . .

'Cause I've never wanted anyone more—not like this, ever.

"So handsome and hot and sexy." She kissed my face, that butterfly kind that went all over. My cheeks, my forehead, my nose, my chin… "Please, Edward."

As hot as it was to have her begging and pleading for me, it wasn't necessary.

It was becoming abundantly clear to me that this woman would have me pussy-whipped one of these days. Most likely, some day very soon.

"Bella…" I kissed her lips, hovering over her, and guided my cock to where she was the wettest and the hottest.

I eased my way into her slowly, remembering her off-handed comment about only being with that one guy to lose her virginity, and I wasn't sure if there'd been others.

Regardless, I didn't wanna hurt her.

"More," she whined when I was half in.


I screwed my eyes shut and buried my face in the crook of her shoulder. I was fucking struggling here. She was tight—it felt so good—and it had been a while since I'd gotten laid.

Gritting my teeth, I pushed in all the way and released a shallow breath. "Oh, fuck."

Bella whimpered and dug her nails into my shoulder blades, her pussy constricting around me. It was like a fucking vise. "Yeah—God, baby. . . So, so good."

I nodded, cupped her cheek, and kissed her deeply, pushing my tongue into her mouth.

She groaned and spurred me on with all these little actions—how she tangled our legs together, pulled me closer, kissed me harder, and breathed my name. Goose bumps spread over my skin, and I moved in her with firm strokes, our hands roaming with touches that revealed desperation, not only on my part but hers, too. For which I was kinda thankful, truth be told. Because Bella, she had the ability to make me feel vulnerable.

She mattered. She made me wanna give it a shot—put myself out there for her.

That shit about vulnerability is proof of that.

"I want you," she gasped, throwing her head back.

Slamming into her, I kissed and sucked on her neck, thinking that she already had me. More than I was ready to admit. Or maybe I was ready, but I needed to know just how much I had her—before I confessed to any of this shit. I don't know. Fucking feelings, man. . . Mindfuck and a half.

For now, I pushed all that aside.

And focused on fucking my Bella.

Supporting my weight with my left elbow on the mattress, right next to her head, I slid my free hand down her smooth skin, not stopping until I reached her clit. While moving in her a bit faster and kissing her rougher, greedier, I rubbed her clit in tight little circles. Shit, my finger was soaked in an instant, and her moans told me I was hitting all the right spots.

As the minutes ticked by, it became increasingly harder to keep going. The way she felt, hot and slick around my throbbing cock, and those little gasps she let out when I hit deep…fuck, it was too much. Once again, I found myself gritting my teeth. I rubbed her harder, swiveled my hips, and sucked a nipple into my mouth—all to get her off soon. It wasn't like she was hard to please; it was just that I was acting like a goddamn teenager all of a sudden. This fucking broad—what was it with her? I wanted to crawl under her skin. Or maybe just fuck her for the rest of my life.

"Look at me, Bella," I mumbled, resting my forehead to hers. And when her eyes flashed open…those dark, expressive browns…the words "done for" crossed my mind. "You're so…" I shook my head. No fucking words.

She swallowed; a breath hitched in her throat, and then another gasp. "I, oh Jesus…" Her back arched, her lips parted, and her pussy clamped down on me, causing me to spit out a curse. "Close, Edward—fuck, close!"

"Thank God," I chuckled through a groan. "It's all I want right now—feeling you coming around my cock."

I don't know why I voiced all that out loud, but it sure as shit worked on Bella. With a silent scream, she fell apart under me, and I watched like some predator as I fucked her through her orgasm. It was the hottest fucking sight, and it brought me to my knees. Metaphorically speaking. But what really happened was the explosive climax that surged through me for half a lifetime. My jaw was tight, teeth clenched—hell, my whole damn body was rigid as I came. And the way Bella's pussy squeezed me… She made me pulse inside of her, draw more releases from me.

"Jesus fucking Christ," I panted. I wanted to just drop my weight on her—I felt like mush—but I figured I'd crush her, so instead I reluctantly pulled out and collapsed beside her. Scrubbing both hands over my face, I wiped off perspiration; I was so hot, but at the same time I was shivering as if I was cold.

"I have no words," Bella giggled breathlessly. "That was so…so…"

I grinned up at the ceiling and placed my hands behind my head. Yeah, it'd been "so, so…" Fucking amazing. "That good, huh?" I chuckled, still outta breath. She nodded and used my bicep as a pillow, to which I tilted my head and kissed her on the forehead. "Couldn't agree more, baby."

"Mmm," she hummed. "You know what you should do now?"

"Fall asleep wit'chu in my arms?" I hoped. 'Cause there was nothing else I wanted to do right now. I mean…I was dead on my feet—working all day, and it was late… And I thought, if I phrased it all sweet, she'd just say yes.

"Yep." She popped a kiss on my chin. "Once you've gotten rid of the condom," she said that with a singsong voice, which made me smile 'cause it was cute, but then I groaned, hating this part.

Fucking rubbers. . .

"Oh, and can you…maybe fold your clothes?" She waved a hand, her naked body scooting from the bed. It made her tits jiggle. "I'll do it."

And I thought it was cute…that even after such a good fuck, her OCD, her need to have the place tidy was shining through.

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