This story takes place after Oogie's revenge

The story begins in Halloween town as another Halloween has ended with a town meeting at town hall ,with the Mayor "Hello Jack how did they enjoy your speechto the and only Jack the pumpkin king ,come up here Jack and claim your award!"

Next out approached a tall stick like skeleton in a suit to the stage to claim his award ,after he did he gave out a speech starting with "thank you everyone, this has been another fine halloween ,and thanks too your support we managed to pull off the scariest halloween ever!"

After the speech everyone cheers at him ,while Jack bows in honer enjoying the praise he's getting ,right before he went backstage away from his fans for a moment, and see the guest he brought backstage with him, which happened to be the woman he loves Sally.

"Hello Jack that was an impressive speech you gave out there" she says ,as she pours him a cup of tea from her tea tray she brought from Finklestien's lab ,to which Jack excepts in a gloomy mood ,saying"yeah I guess so"sitting down to take the first sip afterwards.

Sally who was noticing this asks him "whats the matter Jack you look sad, do you wish to talk with me about it?" sitting next to him trying to comfort her hero, Jack however who didn't feel like talking to her, just replies "you wouldn't understand i-its complicated."

Sally then puts an arm around him ,and asks him"and you call dressing up as Sandy Claws, and taking over his position not complcated?"making Jack reconsider ,saying"alright I'll tell you its about this years halloween."

"What about it?"Sally asks him in concern ,as Jack replies to her "It's like I've gone down with a case of deja vu ,because this years halloween was like last year ,and the year before that."

"Even with the soul robber, this years halloween really did not impress me much at all" Jack complained, as he hung his head in shame, then he turns to Sally ,and says" the only thing good thing about it this year was seeing you" with a grin.

Hearing this made Sally look away blushing for a few seconds, then turn back, asking"do you really mean it Jack?" ,making Jack reply with pride" that I do ,your the best thing I've ever enjoyed this year."

"Oh come now Jack we did allot this year, the singing ,the citizens terrifying debut ,and you even did an amazing trick with the soul robber" Sally explains, trying to make Jack see what a good job he's done this Halloween.

But Jack however denies this ,and says"sure it was a good halloween for them ,but what about me dont people do anything to please me?"Sally tries to calm him down ,and says"of course you do Jack but-"

Before Sally could say anymore though ,Jack interrupts her by saying"then why am I not pleased with this years Halloween, explain?" thats when Sally suggests to him "perhaps a good night sleep is what you need to help calm your mind."

"Maybe your right Sally" Jack replies, like he wasn't paying attention to her, adding in"perhaps a good night sleep will help me think up how I can spice up next years halloween."

Jack then got up and left for home after the meeting was over ,leaving Sally staring sadly at Jack, trying to say to him while he left"but Jack thats not what I,...meant" after Jack was completely out of the building.

At Jack Skellington's home we see Jack already in his pajamas, reading a Chrstmas story while getting ready for bed ,and doing so got Jack to thinking.

"Even reading Christmas books won't help give me new ideas" Jack said ,still depressed thinking" I know I said that the best ideas are close to home, but frankly now theres nothing new here anymore, like we've been hit by a boring fog unlike Christmas town."

Jack continues to talk about it ,while Zero was nibbling on Jack's index finger ,saying" every year Sandy always think of something new to spice up Christmas ,and it all ends up perfect and new ,while every year on Halloween for me is the same thing old an boring."

"How I wish can relive the moment I reached the sky again, when I was trying my best to be Sandy Claws, that would be a dream come true" Jack finishes ,before reclaiming his finger from Zero and going to bed, with only this to say"good night Zero" before turning out the lights.

However while Jack was sleeping,something in the shadows overheard Jacks wish from below his house ,behind the brickwall outside it ,and says to himself "yes that would be a dream come true, and I know just how to grant that wish."

The shadow then continues saying"so while you get your wish, I'll be getting mine ,and that would also be a dream come true, for me he he he he."

Who is this shadowy creature and how will he grant Jacks wish and will he enjoy it find out in the chapter of our continuing tale of Jack skellington in the next chapter in the meantime why dont you let me know how you liked this one in your review if you please