Lana swayed slowly to the music, her arms wrapped lightly around his neck, her head resting on his shoulder. She'd never felt so safe, yet so scared at the same moment. Who would ever have thought that she, Lana Lang, could have fallen for Lex Luthor – the dangerous, untouchable Lex Luthor. Or, and she desperately hoped she was right about this one; the way his hands gently held her hips as they danced, and the soft, soft kisses he was placing on her hair made her think that she was right; that Lex Luthor had fallen for Lana Lang?


She remembered when he'd come crashing into the talon that night, the look on his face was unlike anything she'd seen before. To say it was angry didn't give it justice; it was far, far worse than that, it was indescribable. She remembered being terrified as he ordered a black coffee, and she remembered her hand shaking uncontrollably as she took it over to him. Yet, she remembered her desire to remain as far away from him as possible that night changing, as she caught a glimpse of sadness in his eyes as she turned to walk away.

She watched him out of the corner of her eye for the next hour or so as she worked. Not once in that hour did he move, his coffee remained untouched and his expression furious as he stared straight ahead. As the final few customers filtered out, she'd taken a deep breath, and walked over to him. A conflict of feelings rushing through her. She was nervous, after all Lex Luthor was a man most quivered in their boots at even when he was in a good mood, how he would act when he was angry was something Lana was unsure of. Yet, despite the sense of danger that surrounded him, she was also curious. Why was he so angry? What lay behind the image that was Lex Luthor? Would he open up to her?

He looked up at her as she sat down next to him, and in an instant, the expression on his face had disappeared, to be replaced with a blank canvas. Unreadable, unreachable, the only Lex Luthor she'd ever known had come back.

"Miss Lang" he'd said, "I don't recall asking for the pleasure of your company" he gazed at her, waiting for her response, those cool blue eyes of his boring through her. She bristled under his gaze, about to apologise for disturbing him, and to retreat away, leaving him alone to his thoughts, when she remembered the sadness she'd briefly caught in his eyes before. He might not have asked for her company, but deep down she sensed he was lonely, he had no true friends except for maybe Clark, and whether he wanted one or not, she decided she was going to help him gain another one tonight.

"You didn't request it Lex, but you just looked like you could do with a friend tonight"

He initially looked amused at this comment, then his gaze softened, "Maybe you're right Lana, maybe I do, but that doesn't mean you have to try and fill that role"

"I know I don't have to Lex, but I don't see anyone else queuing up, do you?" she instantly regretted this remark. Way to go Lana, rub his no friends status in his face why don't you. That's the way to help him forget what's bothering him.   

He didn't seem to take offence at her comment however, and instead just sighed "Well, its up to you Lana, but I don't think you'll find me the best company tonight" With this he sat back on the couch and stared straight ahead again, this time however, the look on his face seemed less brutal, just more disappointed than anything. Lana settled down next to him, watching him carefully, she had a feeling that just having someone sit with him would help in a small way.

They remained like this for a while, Lana lost track of time, and could just remember being thankful that Aunt Nell was out of town, it was getting late, and the phone at the Talon would have been ringing furiously, Aunt Nell wanting to know why she wasn't home yet. The silence between them was only interrupted by the sound of Lex breathing, his short regular breaths let her know that whatever was wrong with him, he had calmed down, he had collected himself.

After what seemed like an age later, he spoke, "My Mother died on this day, I was just a boy, but I remember it like it was yesterday" Lana looked at him, he was still gazing straight ahead, and she gently took his hand in his as he continued. It came out slowly at first, he told her how he felt as though a part of him had died that day, the human side, and how he feared that all that was left in him was his father.  Once he'd started talking, words poured at of his mouth almost quicker than he could speak them, it was as though he'd lost all control of what he was saying. He told her about the way his father had treated his Mother, how he'd never loved her, and how he'd punished Lex for grieving at her death. He talked and talked, not once looking at Lana, just staring straight ahead, and it was only when he got onto the events of today that he turned and looked at her.

"Today is the anniversary of her death, and you know what he did?" she looked back at him, slowly shaking her head, and squeezing his hand gently. Lex looked away again "he chose to tell me today, that he's bought the cemetery she's buried on, that he's going to run it to the ground and build a factory. He's going to tear down his own wife's grave!"

Lana looked at Lex in shock, she knew how ruthless his father was, but that anybody could be that cruel, that heartless, shocked her to the core. She wanted to tell Lex how sorry she was, how he was better than his father and how he was never going to end up like that, but somehow she couldn't find the words. Instead, she did the only thing she could think of doing, forgetting that until tonight she'd barely known the guy, forgetting that he was Lex Luthor, forgetting that he was untouchable. She took him into her arms and she held him.