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Maggie was breathing hard. She was in her mother's arms, her father was holding her hand...

Konrad. Her hand flew to her neck to feel gauze taped there. She looked at her parents and saw that they were sharing a look. This couldn't be good.

"What is it?" she asked. She pulled away from her parents and ripped off the gauze, jumping out of bed to look at the wound that guy had given her in the bathroom mirror.

"We need to talk," Jason began, but his daughter was distracted again.

By the TV.

She was staring at the Jester's muted picture. Her mouth was open, her eyes wide with fear, and her mother noticed that her fingers had gone to the wound around her neck. "But—but!" Maggie started sputtering, pointing at the screen as Jason went over to her.

"What is it?" he asked, his eyes narrowed. He was still going to ask about that nightmare.

"Who—who the hell is that?" Maggie managed, her eyes glued to the screen, stepping closer. She knew that face.


"The Joker's son," Audri said, running to her daughter. "Why?"

"That...that...his son?" Maggie began to wonder if he had known who she was. Officially, files stated that both her parents were still six feet under. She bit her lip.

"Yeah," Jason said, "why?"

"He...he... but his father killed you both!"

"Yes..." Jason didn't know where she was going with this.

"That's him!" she shouted, her face blotchy with anger. "He... he was talking to someone he called his mother... and I woke up in a room, and—and—"

"What?" Jason took his daughter by the arms, his eyes narrowing.

"I was kidnapped by him," Maggie said, "I was kidnapped by the Joker's son!"

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