October soon arrived, sending a cold chill over the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I wasn't allowed much freedom by Severus and Toshiro, who insisted I rest up. Since my second pair of robes were torn from the Hollow's attack, I had to go back to wearing the ones with the cut off sleeves. Which wasn't very pleasant in fall, so I almost always had my gloves and scarf on.

I paced back and forth on the floor, the drumming rain keeping time with my footsteps. Toshiro sat on the bed, checking his Soul Messenger. He put it down on watched me.

Back, forth, back, forth, back, forth, back, forth, back-

Toshiro groaned, and hit his head on the bed, 'Would you stop that? You're giving me a headache."

"Lemme out!"




"I severely dislike you." I grumbled, and I plopped down beside him.

Toshiro sighed. I picked up my soul messenger, and contacted Rukia. She had escaped when Aizen disappeared, but Toshiro forgot to tell me. I sent her a message, but she didn't respond. I wasn't surprised, she said she was rather busy with something.

I went to the widow, watching the rain.

"Lemme out…"

"No, Jade, both me and Snape have told you that."

"It's not fair! I've been stuck inside, barely getting to go outside! Have you forgotten this was my mission the first place?!"

"I was sent here because you couldn't do your job right!" Toshiro exploded. I blinked in hurt.

"I am going to sit on the balcony." I said emotionlessly, and walked out on the cover portion outside of the window, and closed the door. I watched the Quidditch pitch. Severus's actual personal quarters were above the dungeons, and gave a clear view of the grounds. I heard Hitsugaya open the window.

"Jade… I-"

"Leave me! You've made your point perfectly clear!" I growled dangerously, not showing my sadness. I felt Hitsugaya's saddened Spiritual Pressure move away.

He had no right to say such words, it was not my fault!

A single tear slipped down me cheek, and I furiously wiped it away, forming my face into a mask. I sat there, fiddling with my dragon necklace. I mentally slapped myself again… I could have used it in the Hollow attack…

How could I be so utterly stupid?


Soon, Halloween came. I had kept my distance from Hitsugaya, and had kept my cold demeanor. Rukia had finally contacted me, and said she had a surprise for me on Christmas. I felt frightened Spiritual Pressures within the school, and put on a black cloak, one that would hide my presence. I flash-stepped into the school, ignoring the protest from my healing wounds. I gasped at what I saw…

Granger, Weasley, and Harry, standing in front of a cat… a DEAD cat.

"Harry!" I hissed, and he spun his head around, "What the Kami are you doing here?" I pulled down my hood, and raised my head. "You have to get out of here!"

It was too late, I could hear the rumble of students coming this way. Harry turned away from me, and a gloved hand covered my mouth and flash-stepped with me.

"Mmmmmppphhh!" I grumbled, then opened my mouth, and bit down on the person's hand.


The person tried shaking me off, and succeeded on their second try. I fell, and landed on my feet.

"What the hell!?" Hitsugaya flipped down his hood, and looked and his hand, which was bleeding.

"I could say the same! What's your problem?"

"The fact that you were in the school! It will just rise more suspicion!"


Hitsugaya shifted uncomfortably, "Would you just hear me out?"

I crossed my arms, but nodded.


After Toshiro had explained that he was just worried about me when he said that, I decided not to be so distant, but pay close attention to him.

However, unfortunately, I was still a captive inside that room. And Severus made sure that I didn't end up opening my wounds again. I hadn't yet told Toshiro about the Hollow still being alive, telling him would mean I would be sealed in by ice, no doubt.

Once we got inside, I sat down at the small table that was in our room. Well…more like ON it, but no matter. I grabbed a piece of the pumpkin pie that Severus had brought. I thought about what Rukia might have gotten for me… Could it have something to do with why she wasn't answering me until recently?

But what would be so special that it would take up all of her time…

I sighed, since I had nothing to do, I might as well start working on repairing my other uniform…

I took the shredded uniform out of my bag, and clipped a long string from it. I got a needle from one of the store drawers (pricking my finger in the process…ow…) and hooked the string to it.

I began working on repairing it.

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