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I have a feeling this story is going to annoy me, while it's almost done, I wanted to start posting it when it was done, but I'm tried of waiting so I hope you enjoy. This is a prompt from the Common Law Kink Meme on LJ.

Prompt: Travis has gone through various foster homes and girlfriends. Wes has been the only constant in his life for the past seven years. His longest relationship ever. That makes Travis realize that he's in love with Wes (and has been for quite a while). But before Travis gets the chance to confess, a case goes wrong and Wes is severely injured and is put in a comia. So Travis sits by Wes's side the entire time and waits for the chance to finally tell his partner how he really feels.

Sorry for long opening! Hope you all enjoy.

Travis didn't remember falling in love with Wesley Mitchell. He just sort of woke up one morning and made himself a cup of coffee and had a realization. Boom. He was in love with his partner, Wes and there was no clue as to where his thought came from. However, Travis isn't sure someone can exactly fall in love with Wes.

Wes doesn't exactly flirt, and he's not a hopeless romantic. He was a borderline workaholic and a level of controlling that is above normal, but just below freakish. Nothing about his personality has people swooned. Wes is physically attractive, though. Travis has yet to see a suit that Wes looks bad in, or any article of clothing that doesn't do something for his body. Hats complemented him. Travis put a cowboy hat on his head once, and despite being glared at he, he was somewhat turned on. Wes is relatively nice eye-candy, but there isn't much to love personality wise.

Travis won't lie that Wes is attractive and there had been fantasies of shoving the man against a wall or down on a bed. The stuff of a one night stand or a test. Not a relationship with feelings or things woman talked about.

So Travis' coffee realization had him freaked out. Why the hell was he in love with his partner? His partner! His controlling, ex-lawyer, divorced partner. Maybe it was because Wes was technically a no fly zone, but half the people in the station were that, and that hadn't stopped Travis before. Wes, however, had been Travis' life continuously for seven years.

Metaphorically speaking, Travis life was sort of like a tunnel people went through on their own life paths. Not many people in Travis' life were with him continuously. Yeah, he had friends, but they're not exactly frequently in his life, and he connects with his family as much as he can. It's just a lot of passing through, but Wes is there. Like his car, god forbid, broke down in the Life Tunnel of Travis Marks and he can't fix it, so he's stuck there. So maybe that's why Travis was in love with Wes.

Or maybe it was all of the stupid little things that captured Travis' heart. Like how Wes could cook and how recoils barely broke his stance. Even how he could just know something was wrong, or when he lawyered someone so hard. Or maybe it was just a bunch of crap and Travis can't stick a pin in one. But knowing why wasn't going to change the fact that Travis had a crush, for a lack of a better word, on his partner.

He carried this fact for years after it. Wes was married to Alex at the time and they were happy for the most part. However they were standing on rocking ground as it was then, and then Wes was slammed by the divorce. Travis was smart and didn't say anything during that, Paecman was constantly peacekeeping because little things were ticking Wes off. Then there was no Paecman, and then gun pulling and therapy.

However, they were in a better place now, and Travis couldn't help but find himself working up the courage in the morning. Today was always the day in the morning, but at the end it would be tomorrow. There were countless reasons to the delay. Travis freezes and runs to a woman who won't have any attachment to him come morning. Or Wes had a bad day. Or Travis basically become an awkward thirteen year old who was attempting not to hyperventilate as his courage left him for another day and time and the object of his affection just asks if he was alright.

But the day he was going to tell Wes or God help him he was going to go crazy, his opportunity was shot. Literally.

The victim wasn't a victim and decided Wes didn't need a liver, or a lung, or a functioning body. Travis just heard the clattering caused by Wes' body being thrown into some table, but at the time he didn't know what it was. But then there was a call over the radio. "Officer down, we need an ambulance stat for Detective Mitchell," and from there it all blurred. It cleared up as he helplessly watched the hospital staff rush through the swinging doors that lead to the operation room.

Just Travis' luck, Wes' managed to fix his life car, and he was about to leave Travis without knowing Travis' affections. That was just going to break Travis.

Warning: Chapter are short for this story, averaging at about maybe a page on a word doc.

I hope you enjoyed and look out for this story! I have no clue when I'm updating.