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If there was one thing Travis knew about Wes, it was that he does not like slow recoveries or things that take longer than necessary to get done. Wes hated physical therapy because it just seemed to go on forever. He was the type of person who would prefer to just be fine when he healed. While he was divorcing Alex one would think he was the one suggesting the divorce, but he just wanted the thing to be done because it was taking to long for him. For patient man, Wes wasn't actually very patient for something things. If something was going to take x to y amount of weeks, Wes would be sure it happened in x amount of time, if not sooner.

So it was safe to say that when the doctor in charge of Wes told him that there would need to be physical therapy before he could even think about starting to work again that they were suddenly dead in Wes' eyes. Of course, Travis knew that Sutton wasn't going to just let him back on the force after being in a coma for a month, not even if Wes was in perfect shape, Wes knows that. He has to do a psych-evaluation any way, as well as show he can handle his gun. Still it was just more bad news and delay to his life. Wes had not been overly happy to find out that Robert kicked him out of his room. The doctor smartly left, leaving with a comment about how it would start in three days, which for Wes was not clearly enough.

"You realize that physical therapy is probably just to get your body working again after a month of not moving." Travis commented when the doctor was out the door. "It's not even to help you recover yet."

Wes turned to him slowly, giving him a long hard look. "Thank you for reminding me Travis."

Travis chuckled, Wes is always a little grouchy when his pain pills start to wear off or are taking forever to take effect. "Welcome." Travis said with a smile.

Wes snorted at him, turning back to the food in front of him, stabbing at his jello that was wiggling too much with a controlled rage.

It's been four days since Wes woke up and for the most part he was still the regular Wes. After three days of simply being in a bed, awake and not doing anything, he had some pent up energy. The first day he was loopy as hell, which was comical. Travis never pictured him having a conversation with Wes that made absolutely that made no sense to anyone but Wes. The second day Wes was in and out of sleep, which was kind of adorable because mid-sentence Wes would just drop off.

The third day Wes was more aware of the fact that he visitors. He had other visitors before, Alex and his mother to name a few, but he only seemed to half aware of anyone but Travis. Sutton sent Amy and Kate to get Wes' statement that day, and it went over rather well. Wes didn't remember much after he felt the ripping pain in his side, and he didn't know where the hell the gun came from. In reality, no one was expecting Wes to really remember in much detail or even notice the gun. Alex came later in the afternoon to allow Travis to sneak away and get some stuff done at his house.

"It's not going to be that bad, Wes." Travis said dug through his cup of fruit salad for the last piece of pineapple.

"Right, because it's not like I haven't missed enough work as it is." Wes said sharply.

"Technically, that was different."

Wes looked at him. "Still missed more than a month of work."

"Nothing interesting happened." Actually a lot of interesting things had happened, cases Travis would have loved to have worked on, nothing strange or over the top. Just some interesting robberies and one or two murder cases that were just too easy to be real.

"That puts me at such an ease, Travis." Wes said with a roll of his eyes before he started stabbing at his salad. "I don't care that I missed anything interesting, I care that I missed work."

"Well you had to go and be Sleeping Beauty." Travis teased lightly. A laugh escaped Wes' mouth before he could bit it back. He covered it quickly, shaking with silent chuckles.

"Are you implying that you're the prince that woke me up with a kiss?" Wes shot back with a teasing tone.

Travis choked on the piece of fruit in his mouth, instantly covering his mouth and sitting up straight in his sit. I wish…Travis thought briefly. He didn't look at Wes till he managed to swallow his food and breathe of a bit. As well as suppress the burning of his cheeks. It was just mindless teasing, but the fact that Wes had no idea of Travis' feelings for some reason it just got to Travis.

He coughed before he looked up at Wes who was staring at him with a raised eyebrow and a concerned look. "You okay?" Travis just nodded. "You didn't actually kiss me, did you?"

"No, where did you get that idea?" Travis said suddenly defensively. Wes opened his mouth to say something, but Travis cut him off. "Eat your salad before your pills start fucking with your empty stomach."

Wes does what he's told, but Travis can't shake the confused look the man gave him.

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