Panda: A Story Through Time And Space : Version 1

Once Upon A Time,

There Was A Panda, His Name Was Panda, He Ate Everything, One Day Panda Ate A Hole In Time And Space Ripped Open And Then Panda Was Dragged Through.

He Met The Doctor. Then He Ate The Doctor. Then The Daleks Tried To Exterminate Everyone, But Panda Ate Them Before That Could Happen. Then Panda Ate The Tardis And Could Now Move Through Time, Space And All Other Things.

So Now Panda Has Gone to Equestria, The First Thing He Did Was Eat All The Apples On Applejacks Farm, Then He At All The Books In Twilight Sparkles Library, The He Saw Derpy Who Gave Him A Lot Of Muffins, Then He Freed Discord, Celestia Was Mad So Panda Made It Up To Her By Eating Discord, Then He Left Using His Tardis Powers.

Now He Is In Rapture, He Is Being Hit By Everyone But The Little Sisters, So Because People And Bigs Were Mean To Him He Ate Then. Then Gave A Little Sister A Muffin In Exchange For Her Syringe And Left Using His Tardis Powers.

Panda Has Arrived At 2-Fort. He Is Making Friends With Pyro. Pyro Is Telling Panda Who He Needs To 'Hug' (Panda Has Pyrovision). Panda Has Now 'Hugged' Everyone But Blu Pyro, Who Red Pyro Want's To Be Friends With. They Give Panda The Others Weapons , And Panda Gave Then Muffins, Witch He Had To Inject With The Little Sister Syringe. Then He Left Using His Tardis Powers