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A light brown hair teenage boy with bangs on his face was lying lazily in his tiny room alone. It consisted of only one small bed, a study table and mangas scattered around the floor. Yes, this room was Yuuki Asaba's. With the presence of Yuuta gone, Yuuki's room was untidy as ever.

After the group graduated from high school, all five of them moved to different universities despite their long years of friendship and always being together in the same school. The Asaba twins were no exception.

"Asaba, are you in?" a deep voice came from outside along with the sound of knocking.

"Yeah, just open the door," Yuuki shouted back sleepily.

The door slammed open and a tall tanned boy the same age as Yuuki walked in. He fixed his glasses but his face doesn't look amused, "You should tidy up a bit or else the principal will kick you out of here."

"Yes, yes, Megane-san" Yuuki took no notice and carelessly waved his friend away. First was Kanamegane and now this.

"Oi, my name is Kanba Sakuraba, not Megane. Keep that in your brain," one of Sakuraba's vein poped up but he calmly made a seat for himself in the cramped room. "I suggest you go have a haircut, your bangs are getting too long," he pointed out after a long stare at Yuuki's face.


"Hey, I'm the one who feels annoyed when seeing those long bangs here, not to mention I'm stuck with you for another two years," he complained.


"Then I'll buy you one manga if you cut your hair," Sakuraba quickly made up a deal.

The word 'manga' took Yuuki's interest. He quickly sat up straight holding 3 fingers up in front of his friend's face. "Three mangas," he argued.

"Deal," upon hearing the response given, Yuuki grabbed his yellow hood and walked straight out from his room with hands in his pants' pockets.

"Kyaaaa! Isn't that Yuuki Asaba the basketball club's ace!?" girls around the campus squealed when Yuuki was insight.

"He's so cool!" one chanted.

"I hope he doesn't have a girlfriend yet," the other wished.

Yuuki took no notice about the commotion at all and just walked past everyone as if none of them were there, causing even more girls to squeal. Haircut… Haircut… was the only thing he chanted in his head and kept walking until he saw the sign 'University Hair-Styling'.

The small block was surrounded by tiny green bushes and colorful flowers. It was a quiet and peaceful place that made him wonder if the business was doing well or not. He reached out his arm to open the wooden door. 'Ring' the bell attached to the door vibrated.

"Welcome," a middle aged woman came out to greet him.

"I need a haircut," Yuuki said simply looking around but he was the only customer.

"Kayo, a new customer!" the woman shouted to call her assistant.

Yuuki couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the short acorn-brown colored hair woman walking out from behind the store. Everything about her was the same except for the curls that was gone since she's not keeping her hair up anymore. She was the beautiful person whom Chizuru called 'Cinderella'.

Kayo was not less surprised than Yuuki, "Why are you here?"

"The captain will buy me three mangas," was his reply which made no sense to Kayo but her mouth made a small smile.

"Anyway, what kind of haircut would you like?" she asked before forgetting about work.

"The same as when I was in high school," Yuuki said in a monotone. Kayo could only scratch her head a little in how childish this boy could be despite the years that passed by. Then her hand invited him to sit in one of the store's black leather chair.

She carefully tied the white cloth on the boy, and then combed his hair into sections. The conversation started, "I never knew you would choose an athletic university."

"It's the only thing I'm good at," he answered staring at Kayo's reflected face in the mirror. "And… You are working here?"

"I moved here since I quit the cafeteria," her hands moved swiftly between combing and cutting. The boy would only watch with gentle eyes at the woman he had a crush on. Good for her that she found a job she likes…

"Did," Yuuki paused, finding words to say. "Did you use the plate…?" he finally asked

It was very clear to Kayo that Yuuki was being shy. "Once in a while," was her answer. He smiled a bit, but then silence took over them.

"Done," Kayo untied the white cloth from Yuuki's neck and saw the face that was in awe. "Don't underestimate my skills." He lifted up his right hand to touch his perfectly cut hair. It looked exactly like when he was in high school, the haircut that brought back memories.

Yuuki stood up to pay his bill then turned his attention to Kayo, "I'll be back when my bangs are long."

"Come back again."

He walked out of the place hiding his reddened face under the yellow hood.

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