Life's Energy

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The castle grounds were silent save for the natural sounds of the dark forest surrounding it. The full moon was the only source of light, and reflected off the lake. The only movement on the grounds was a small shadowy figure crossing to the forest.

The figure looked up at the sky, a frown marring his features. Large green eyes hidden behind thick frames peered out at the moon. The boy's wild raven hair swayed gently with the wind. The boy's name is Harry Potter, or Hadrian Evens. The boy, no young man, walked gracefully and confidently into the dark forest.

The forest was filled with magic and LIFE! It was a haven for Harry. Where most would balk and run, he would sit and wonder at its majesty. The animals, beings, and plants of the forest would not harm him, the sensed and kindred spirit within the boy; someone to be respected and loved as well. He was innocent in the ways of hate and sin. Even if he didn't know it, he was a pure spirit.

Harry deftly avoided a nest of Siffy (1) and made his way into a moonlit glade. The moon reflected off white trees that surrounded the glade, creating silver light. Delicate grass filled the glade. A small glass like pond surrounded a stone in the middle of the glade, directly under the moon above. It was a perfect and beautiful.

Harry was going to put to use years of research. Something he had discovered quite by accident. He would've left it alone if that hadn't happened.


A thirteen year old Harry Potter poured over his book in the library. It was called "Un-proven facts of Magic" and currently he was reading a fascinating chapter about were magic came from.

"Magic or Mana, also known as Life Energy, Chakra, Chi or Quintessence, is the name given to the life energy that is present in all living things and beings throughout the entire universe. Anodites, a race of "energy beings", are sentient beings who are entirely comprised of mana and likewise, are able to freely control and manipulate it to their every whim.

Mana is also a person's soul and life force energy.

Mana is an Anodite's source of power, energy and strength. While it is incredibly strong and powerful, it is not invincible. Most creatures, including Anodites, require an ability called "the spark", the catalyst that allows for the control and manipulation of mana. There are two types of Anodites. Warrior Anodites construct offensive or defensive weapons that seem to have similar properties to either glass, light. The second type of Anodite it a peace-giver or nurturer. They have an even closer tie to nature than warriors and can mostly communicate with nature and heal. Depending on their power they can change shape and unlike a warrior they have their own skin. They never fight except to save or protect a life and are often more powerful than warriors. An Anodites status can be figured out by their energy color. Warriors are pink, purple, black, and white, while nurturers are green, black, silver, and white.

Humans can be taught to manipulate mana at a lesser degree than Anodites. Namely Witches or Wizards."

According to the book all muggle-born's must be closely related to an Anodite to have gotten the ability to use magic. Also it says that children of muggle-born's can, theoretically, change into their Anodite forms.

"Hey Hermione, isn't this cool? Look it's about how mugg….." Harry enthusiastically started to tell his friend.

"It's wrong."

"What?" Harry asked, bewildered from being

"It's wrong. Really Harry, you know I am the smart one, you should leave the studying to me. You are just not smart enough for it." With that the girl walked away.

Bewildered Harry watched his friend walk away. Not smart enough? Harry grew angry. I'll show her not smart enough.

*end flashback*

After that Harry started to study in private. He was going to prove her wrong. It had taken two years, he needed to destroy Voldemort, but he was ready. He was going to change into and Anodite form. A nurturer actually; his aura was green, silver, black, and white.

After shedding his clothes, showing his emaciated body, he moved on to the rock in the middle of the glade. Stepping over the glowing pond he stood on the rock. Standing with his head tilted towards the moon, arms slightly raised, palms up, he focused inwards. He pulled his energy out and connected to a part of him that was instinctual and wild. Then, he waited.

The moonlight seeped into his skin, causing it to glow. The slow surrounded him until only light was left. Soon he had no flesh or bones, only energy, life, magic. His body was silver with black in the middle. His eyes were a dark green surrounding a bright white. His hair was wild and fell down his back, swaying to its own breeze, was a dark green that lightened to white. He was something inhuman. Yet he felt the same.

Harry stared in surprise at his glowing body. It had a certain beauty that seemed to seep from his core. The power he felt was amazing, yet he felt no need to use it for any other reason than to be free. Suddenly the shackles he lived with were abhorrent. He could see how he was being used by the people around him. Even Hermione who kept him ignorant. At that moment he wanted out. He wanted to be free.

A glow once again surrounded him and he curled into the fatal position. The ball of green light shown throughout the glad dimmed once more. In its place was an energy wolf. With black for its body, silver tail paws ears and muzzle, and green to white eyes. The glow still disappeared until all that was left was a wolf. It had sleek velvet black fur, white where the silver was, and green eyes.

The wolf pointed his muzzle to the sky and howled. A sense struck him. Come this way child, follow freedom and family awaits. Harry didn't know who or what awaited him, all he knew was that he NEEDED to fallow that sense.

So the wolf picked itself up and started to run. And it didn't stop.


Gwen Tennyson walked over to her cousin's house. She didn't know why but there was something off. A tingle in the mana, which yelled out IMPORTANT. She was worried that it was something dangerous, so that was why she was currently walking, in the rain, to the dork's house.

Walking down the street Gwen saw the red door of Ben's house. She quickly made hhe way up the walkway to the door. Knocking on it she came face to face with her cousin. He like her had the same emerald green eyes. But other than that the similarities ended. He was skinny with light brown hair and muscular legs and arms. She had bright orange hair a curved body and muscled legs.

"Ben something is off." He looked at her seriously before nodding and letting her in. usually he would have cracked a joke, but something in her face told him not to. They both silently walked through the house to his room. Gwen spared a moment to grimace in disgust before she turned back to Ben.

"What is it?" he whispered.

"I don't know. But Ben something is going to happen. And soon." They were both silent.

"Hey guys I found this kid passed out outside, you know him." Kevin walked in holding a pale naked boy.

"Oh my god! What happened?" Gwen ran over and touched his forehead. The minute her skin touched his, pink and green light flew all around them. The light was so bright and powerful that it knocked everyone away and unconscious.


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(1) SIFFY= a flightless bird that resembles a winged weasle