So Much More
By: Selim
Summary: As future king, Toothless was entitled to the wealth, power, and women that came with the job. A chance meeting with a creature from another world teaches him that there is so much more outside his world and only he can protect it. Antro-Toothless x Hiccup
Warnings: AU-AR, Antro-Character, sug. human sacrifice, sug. dragon slavery
Pairing: Toothless x Hiccup
Disclaimer: I do not own How to Train Your Dragon. This is a piece of fiction and the author is not making any money off its creation.

This is his Kingdom. It stretched from the Eastern Waters to the Western Deserts, There were dragons of all kinds, living together in harmony under law placed by the Night Fury Family for ten generations. Toothless would be cold and in the ground before anyone took it from him.

Leaning back against the columns on his balcony, Toothless watched the maidens swoop up towards the clouds, their abilities monitored by the guards on the ground. Instinctively he bristled when a person would fly too close, his claws sharpened as he waited for them to make the wrong move and land upon the marble terrace and expect entry to his private rooms.

"Toothless!" Mother stepped into the rooms with a flare of her dress, a beautiful burgundy today that brought out the pink under her scales. "It is nearly noon and you are just now waking up! I thought by now you would grow up. Your father - the people - expects great things from you." She moved through his wardrobe, pulling out his house uniform. Her golden eyes landed on his bed and the scowl he was so familiar with returned as she stormed towards the satin sheets and pulled the bedding away.

Hiccup curled into himself with the smallest of noises, watching her through long lashes.

"And you! I pay good gold for your lessons, off to classes!" She smacked his bare lump. Hiccup skirted towards the wardrobe, pulling his thin robes over his small form. Toothless watched with interest as the pale bottom disappeared behind the long gown. "Off!" The queen shooed him towards the door. Alone with her son, her fiery gaze turned to the young prince, "Toothless..."

"I can explain, Mother."

"The guards swore he was in his boudoir last night, how in the world did you drag him in here?"

"The less you know, the better?"

Mother relaxed her shoulders with the shake of her head, jewels dancing along her neck. "Very true. Where there's a will, you're there. Now," She slapped her hand over Toothless' uniforms, "Get dressed. We have dignitaries to address."

It quiet quieter around the castle since the scandal that had turned the royal family on its head. Twenty-seven men and women were removed from the court upon discovery of slave holdings, insider trading, and treason. For his own safety, Hookfang had bowed down and named people he'd come in contact with and Flaremoth had fallen just as fast. The charges were grievous, punishment more so. Her wings stretched behind her, she said what they'd wanted to hear.

She intended to breed Hiccup with dragons. She wasn't sure if the human could hold children or would have to use his seed for a dragon egg, but the fetus would be unaddressed by the law. Her father wished to sell the creatures across the world using the human as his prime example. Humans were attentive to a dragons need, always three steps ahead of his master. Originally she intended to take Hiccup the night of the party, marrying the prince had never crossed her mind. When Hiccup had returned to the castle, she had altered her plans slightly. She would request Hiccup as her legal servant and use his semen as necessary.

Toothless' fangs chipped his gum line at the thought. As if he would have ever prized Hiccup to his bride, then or now. Hiccup's was his and the boy was equally possessive. If Massclaws had not stepped in when he had, Toothless would have been tried for murder that night.

"He's safe here," Mother whispered absently as they walked the grand halls of the Palace. "Even Ripper is impressed how much the little human as flourished in our care."

The Colonel had moved back to his little hut into the middle of nowhere when he had taught Hiccup the basics of Dragon Speech. His only request from the Royal Family was the remains of his lover, Erik, who had not deserved to die. His titles were returned to him, but Toothless knew that it wouldn't make up for the loss.

"Just the other day between him and Massclaws' babies, they were terrorizing the kitchens. And he's so good with hatchlings. I wish we could enter the human lands, I wish to see humans in their natural environment so much."

The explosions of the mountain had fully sealed off the gate to the other world. Toothless and Massclaws had placed a system of checks and balances among the troops in the area. Toothless made certain to randomly check the area as well with little to no warning before arrival, checking the rubble for the lengthy tunnels he had walked at one point.

His father was in the antechamber, looking tired as he watched the designers move his prized room. Maybar was several paces ahead of him, micromanaging the whole program with her littlest child on her hip. She paid Toothless little mind as she moved through the Grand Hall to instruct how the banners would be appropriately placed, "It's a grand occasion, not some cheap program your hatchlings do at school!"

"You're not with the foreign dignitaries, sir?" Toothless approached his father, taking in his surroundings with awe.

"They didn't wish to speak with me. It's you they're here to see." The King nodded towards the double doors on the left, his private sitting room when they had visitors. "Massclaws is boring them right now."

"I should go save them then." Toothless switched parent's elbows, following his father into the small room with three of his kingdom's Lords. He passed smiles and good cheer towards each man, questioning the current state of their lands while praising their prowess in particular fields. They were good names to always have in his pocket when he stepped up to be king. "It's still good," The Prince said after some time, "That you have taken the time to come see us."

"It's a historical day, My Lord." One of the Zipplebacks shook Toothless' hand. "I was there when your brother took his mate and I'll be there when you take yours. There was a time that I would have imagined you a bachelor until death." The double sided compliment was not missed on Toothless.

"Still, I'm very pleased to introduce the Lords of Our Prosperous Kingdom to my betrothed. It has been a busy three years and I would like to think we are finally in a place that we can have this party." He stepped back to welcome his Uncle, the Lord of the Dessert Lands. There was something fierce in his eye.

"And when, boy, shall we meet this girl? I've heard only whispers through the crowds that she's different than what would be expected of our future king."

King Clawless' laugh was bellowing as he slapped his own brother's shoulder. "Toothless' bride is a beautiful in her own way."

Wine and crackers were served by servants of the courts and Toothless settled to his father's left as Massclaws took the seat to the right. Honors would be given, followed by toasts. There was a moment to give memory to the Lords who had passed. Their uncle wondered when Massclaws would produce a fourth child, noting how far ahead the younger brother was than the older brother. Toothless ignored it with a pleasant smile, something he wouldn't have been able to do three years ago.

He was proud of his little brother - overbearing wife and all.

Faintly he could hear voices outside in the garden, Hiccup's language instructor. The Gronckle was moving through the flowers, talking in a slow fashion as he moved from object to object with Hiccup trailing a step behind him, repeating each objects name as he went. It seemed a boring lesson in Toothless' eyes, but that wasn't saying much when he felt he had taught Hiccup more of his tongue with his tongue.

His brother stomped on his claw under the table.

Grunting, Toothless returned his attention to the delegates.

"My little boy is getting married." Mother stepped back, checking his formal suit. Toothless checked his sash for the hundredth time before gazing into his reflection. He looked good, enough to get hitched. His pulled his mother close, exhaling heavily. "You couldn't have betrothed a better person."

"I know." Toothless sighed. "I'm just really excited, more than I thought I'd be. Today we're official and..." he trailed off, pulling his tunic down his toned abs with a thought. "It's going to all be different after today."

He was lead through the grand hall. Maybar had overdone herself, bringing in flowers from the garden and bellowing satin cloths to dress the ceilings. Somewhere Toothless heard the chirping of birds, eager to take flight and spread hundreds of scrolls across the lands. He moved up the podium where his father stood overlooking the crowds.

"Are you ready, Son?"

Toothless nodded and waited.

The hum of the crowds dampened as the doors opened and the wedding party marched in. Massclaws stepped forward, offering a single claw to the maiden in vibrant greens, leading the smaller form into the large wounds. Someone inhaled sharply and Toothless waited for the shouting and contempt, but it never came. I think, deep down, they all knew this would happen.

Hiccup flashed his betrothed the biggest smile, clutching posies closer to his chest. They shouldn't have been in each other's presence this morning, but sometimes Toothless cannot help himself. He strives in the little human's natural scent and Hiccup cannot sleep alone without nightmares. It's a pairing he never anticipated.

Instead of hard shelling there is pink flesh. Almond eyes are oval with pupils that are small. Instead of a thick tongue, there's a dainty slither that peeks between flat teeth. In bed there's no rush of clothes or need to dominate. Hiccup gives and Toothless can take. They can explore their bodies and be happy with the other.

And best of all, Toothless is one of a few that has ever tasted the salty stretch of human.

Hiccup's understanding of dragon customs is still rough. He is able to read his lines verbatim, but Toothless knows that the words are not connecting in that head. All the human knows is that after this, he belongs to his Toothless. They have worked on making customs that Hiccup is familiar with such as bringing forward a sword and tying a ribbon around their hands. Toothless fully intends to carry the human over the threshold to ward off what the little human dubbed demons. They'll dance and make merry before the crowd and as the moon rises over the horizon, Toothless intends to take his betrothed to their mating bed.

"-Under the eyes of my ancestors, the Lords that Govern Us all, I take my mate. I swear to love and cherish through birth, sickness, old age and death, to hold until the very marrow is burned from under my skin." Toothless smiled down at the human as his father drops the silk ribbon over the prince's head. He's no longer a boy, but a man. He cannot afford to make careless mistake anymore.

Hiccup's oath is not nearly as difficult as his. The boy stumbled over his vowels and glottal noises, his tongue rolls at the worst of moments and the audience has a laugh as Mate becomes Idiot, but he picks up once more where he left off, unabated, "Hiccup promise to have, hold, love, um," he waits for Massclaws to whisper a prompt in his ear, "And cherish. Hiccup will give king many children, egg will grow and will break and um," he stumbled again and Toothless can't fight his own chuckle that followed as Hiccup's thick accent works around the Dragon Tongue. His pronunciation is atrocious and his body language is lacking, but there's nothing sweeter than the human right now.

Such a bright little one, Toothless caressed the smaller hand.

King Clawless breaks the ceremony for a minute to address the crowd about the uniqueness of this ceremony. People do not need to be told twice, they can see the very alien creature that their leader is in love with, but in that party there doesn't appear to be any overt disgust. Spies are amongst the attendees, listening in for anything worthwhile.

Even though the Royal Family knows that it's not true, Hiccup is referred to as a Gift from the Gods. No one needed to know that both species were confused about who were the Gods at first. Right now, Toothless has to agree: Hiccup is quite the gift.

Hiccup kisses the hilt of the blade, saying in his native tongue, "I will give you boys."

Toothless has three nieces. The Royal Family could use a male heir, but he's not holding his breath anytime soon. Right now he just wants to enjoy his time with his lover. In the end, he also kisses the hilt in effort to receive Hiccup's gift. It makes the boy beam.

"-To the Court I present, Crowned Prince Toothless and his Royal Consort, Hiccup."

The crowd cheered.

It takes forever for Toothless to escape the party with his spoils. Hiccup's cheeks are pink from the wine he's drank and he looks ready to sleep, but there will be time for that later. "Mother intervened this morning," Toothless joked as he pressed the human into the bed.

Hiccup blushed. "Maybar say should not touch before married."

"Maybar should have heeded her own advice." Toothless danced his tongue up the expansion of neck. No matter how often this happens he still can't get enough.

The first year, months after the Flaremoth Fiasco, Hiccup appeared in his chambers and dropped his robe in confusion. At the time, his language was rockier than ever, but Toothless understood the gist of it all: the boy had an erection and Toothless had fixed it before.

It still shook him to the core to learn that such play had been frowned upon for the human. Ripper had explained that the only thing stopping the Human Seers from castrated their sacrifice was the knowledge that the Gods may desire physical pleasure. Hiccup was not taught to expect anything in return. Orgasms were banned and when he spilt his seed during his training, he was punished.

Their first time had been six months before. Hiccup had shyly asked the dragon to touch him between his legs (a place where the prince had placed his tongue only once before). It had been careful and sweet with Hiccup only lasting seconds and Toothless being forced to spill on the boy's belly. Over the weeks, they had worked on Hiccup's endurance.

Leaning forward, Toothless relished the feel of supple flesh against his own cock. Hiccup mewed and shook against him. "Hiccup, look at me," He rubbed the boy's cheek.

Green eyes flashed toward him.

"I am to have your children."

Hiccup's brow furrowed. "Hiccup not get pregnant when Toothless do this." He reached his hand down, wrapping it around Toothless' thick length. The dragon growled into his chest. "Maybar say that sex brings eggs. Will you put egg in?"

Toothless groaned at the thought. The boy had been so innocent six months ago. He was going to have to have a word with his sister-in-law later. "Ripper told me that you won't have an egg. He and Erik didn't and no one else with a human ever mentioned the human bringing an egg forward." He rubbed Hiccup's hip. The image of Hiccup's belly swollen during incubation was a beautiful thought, however. "I wish for you to try putting an egg in me." He brought his hand down to join the human's, rubbing both their cock's to full stiffness.

The brunette inhaled sharply, confusion written across his face. "Do what Toothless does?"

Toothless nodded.

He's careful in shifting onto his back, folding his wings behind him. It's not the most comfortable position for any dragon and Toothless was never one to lay back and let any partner press into the space between his buttocks. During his courtship ball he even dismissed several potential mates because they had expected him to birth the children. It wasn't his style.

But Hiccup changed all that. He has obligations to the throne, of course, but he also wants to see another generation of dragons. He's curious if it'll be a new subspecies or if it'll be human-like. Usually the dragon baby looks like the mother, hence why all of his nieces were Nadders instead of Night Furies. Will they have Hiccup's expressive green eyes or his soft fur? Will the baby grow to be tall like Toothless or short like Hiccup?

He winces as Hiccup presses against his opening. He's a dragon, so he produces lubrication even there, but it's nothing something he's familiar with.

"Hiccup loves you."

The dragon smiles, even through the pain, "Toothless loves his Hiccup."

"Toothless make fun of Hiccup," The human pouted, nudging his hips forward. His features shift into pleasure and every muscle locks, but he doesn't move any further. He's not long like a dragon, which makes this all the more bearable. Toothless moved his hands to the boy's hip, holding the boy into position. "Speak human - Toothless speak awful."

"I'd learn human for you," But Toothless is horrific at language. He has picked up a few phrases the boy says, but it's nothing to boast about. Hiccup's grasp of the dragon tongue is a gift. "Ngh, hold still, Hiccup."

"Feel good."

He is careful about where his claws go. "I bet." He spreads his thighs apart, hiking his leg onto the bed. After this, he's going to make Hiccup feel really good. After some time he allows Hiccup to move forward, pressing his hips in until the boy's hanging testes (which are strange and sexy at the same time) press along the line of Toothless' limp tail. It's all the encouragement that Hiccup needs before he's moving out and in, picking up pace until the bed is shifting and the dragon is actually moaning.

Deep down Toothless can feel the burn in his gut as his body attempts to build an egg. He's not sure if it'll work, but he puts his hopes into a shell that's not rotten in six weeks. Hiccup's sweating and gasping, pivoting forward with a mission. Clawless fingers dig into Toothless' hip as the boy wedges himself closer with an uneven pace and Toothless almost misses it when the boy throws his head back and weakly gasps out an orgasm.

It's as uncomfortable as he ever imagined, being filled with semen, but Toothless can feel the shift in his abdomen. An egg is in the works and it's all a waiting game after this. He'll probably let Hiccup try again later, but right now he's feeling greedy. Rolled on top of Hiccup, Toothless nipped his way up the human's jaw until his own flagging erection presses against the dip between white globes where pink skin seems to wink in greeting.

"Thank you." Toothless presses in, forcing his mouth on the little human's to swallow the shriek that always escaped the boy when they have intercourse. At first he had thought it was painful for the boy, but Hiccup shrieked and cried out at everything. He's so sensitive.

Toothless raised long legs on to his hips, watching the soft pink cock twitch in interest.

"Put a baby in Hiccup now?"

"Sweetheart," Toothless smiled, "I'm going to try until one day we'll succeed."

It's a perfect story to tell their egg months later. Hiccup the Slave sent to serve, and Toothless the Prince to conceited to love. "You're my love," He whispered into the pink ear as Hiccup moaned and withered around his cock, "My soul, my mate. You are my gift from the gods."