I run faster, knowing that I'll never get anywhere. It doesn't matter. The sun is baking me alive and I keep going. Run, breath, and remember where you've been. I finally just stop, after hours? Minutes? Days? Years? Seconds? I don't know and I don't think I care. Leaning up against this lamp post, I can feel my heart beat out of my chest; I cough with as much breath as I have left, barely any. I feel my liver and my intestines flop out of my mouth and splat onto the pavement. I hear a vampire boy come up behind me. I'm not quite sure how anyone, especially me, would hear that there was a vampire. He comes around in front of me and grins slyly.

We have the key now. We've won. Call off your friends.

I stare at him for just a few moments, blink.

What? What are you even talking about?

I wake up to a blaring alarm. It's 9:31 P.M. A yawn escapes me. I reach over and knock my unbreakable alarm clock off the small table beside my bed on 'accident', and pick up my now cracked-screen phone in the same movement. Pressing a few buttons, and yawning again, I listen to a repetitive tone three times, when he picks up.

"Moira. What are you doing calling this late?" Simon asks, trying to sound tired. Does he even sleep, at all?

"Stop trying, Simon. I can hear everything in the background. I know you're out for dinner." I sigh.

"Okay, so? Why were you calling at all?" He questions, I can hear how anxious he is to hang up on me right now.

"I had a dream you might want to know about."

"Well, what was it?"

"Ah, now you're interested," I tut at him the best I can through the phone, "You don't just get to know. My psychological powers are going to start costing you if you need my services any longer."

"What?!" Simon's voice is raising.

"You heard me. I'll cost… hmmm… $20 dollars up front this time."

"You're crazy."

"Meet me by the Institute. One hour." I hang up, pick my alarm off the floor, twist the dial, and lay down. Back to sleep for an hour.