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"Demon/Summon Speech"

'Demon/Summon Thought'

Chapter 1 – Why Sensei?

A small blonde boy stared up into the cold, hateful eyes of his sensei. He couldn't move as his entire world was crashing down around him. He now knew why the village hated him; he now knew why they would beat him or kick him out of stores. It was because he was the Nine Tailed Fox in a human body.

Mizuki smirked, 'That was easier than I thought it would be,' "You should give up now brat," he yelled, "No-one ever cared for you so just die so I can take the forbidden scroll and take it to my master."

Naruto Uzumaki looked up with tears dripping from his eyes as Mizuki pulled one of his large shuriken off of his back and threw it. Naruto just closed his eyes, glad that the suffering was going to end. He opened his eyes when no impact came, he saw his sensei and surrogate brother Iruka Umino with the large shuriken protruding from his back.

"Why sensei, you should have just let me die. It's my fault that your parents are dead!" He cried. Iruka just looked up and smiled before whispering, "Naruto you aren't the fox you are the hero that stops it from killing more innocent people." With that Iruka feinted.

Mizuki simply laughed before yelling, "What a fool, now that he is out of the way I can get rid of you once and for DEMON!" With this he pulled off his remaining shuriken before throwing it at the small boy.

He was shocked when Naruto disappeared in a red flash, before appearing almost instantly on the other side of the small clearing with a feral snarl on his face. "I am not a DEMON" he screamed at the top of his lungs before making a cross hand sign "Shadow Clone Jutsu" he exclaimed as 200 Narutos suddenly appeared around him a puff of smoke.

'How could he make so many shadow clones when this morning he couldn't even make one ordinary clone' thought Mizuki.

Naruto suddenly yelled "Uzumaki flash barrage" as he finished saying this all the clones started disappearing in red flashes and re-appearing next to Mizuki landing hit after hit until he was barely recognizable as human.

Once Mizuki was taken care of Naruto proceeded to feint.

He awoke the next morning lying in a hospital bed with a Konoha hitai-ite (Forehead protector) resting in his lap with a note from the Hokage on the bedside table. It read:

Dear Naruto

I saw what happened last night with Mizuki.

I am truly impressed by what you did, and the skills you have shown.

Please come to my office as soon as you get this.

I wish to tell you some important information regarding your parents and clan heritage.

Signed Hiruzen Sarutobi – Sandaime Hokage.

Naruto quickly got up looked around for his jumpsuit but found it was falling apart at the seams from the amount of stress put on the fabric while he was trying to learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He quickly pulled it on and placed the hitai-ite on his forehead. He then looked in the mirror, 'Maybe I should get some different clothes seeing how I probably won't survive long as a ninja in orange clothing' he then screamed at the top of his lungs "CAUSE IM GONNA BE THE HOKAGE, BELIEVE IT!"


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