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"Demon/Summon Speech"

'Demon/Summon Thought'

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Chapter 4 – Teams part 2

Hinata, Shino and Naruto were sitting at a bench eating their lunch. None of them were talking. Hinata wasn't talking because she was afraid she would faint the second Naruto started talking to her. Shino was just being himself and Naruto was just sitting there awkwardly, he had never really met Hinata and Shino so he didn't know what to say.

"I believe it would be beneficial to the team if we talked to one another" Came the monotone voice of Shino.

"I would talk but I don't know much about you guys, so I didn't know what to talk about" Stated Naruto.

"Well then it would be logical to introduce ourselves, and tell each other about our abilities" Said Shino. "I shall go first, I am Shino Aburame. I employ insects for my ninjutsu; my clan do not focus too heavily on taijutsu or genjutsu. I believe that with logic any situation becomes easy to solve."

"Where do you keep your insects" inquired Naruto

"Inside tunnels in my body" replied Shino nervously, showing emotion in his voice for the first time since he started talking.

"Cool" was Naruto's simple reply. Shino was shocked; most people avoided his clan because they were turned off by the fact that the Aburame's had bugs crawling inside them, but Naruto seemed think that it was "Cool." This concept was new to the stoic bug-user.

Naruto went second, "I am Naruto Uzumaki. I use the shadow clone jutsu and my bloodline, the flash step. I also started learning some fuinjutsu. I am horrible at genjutsu, and I started learning a new taijutsu style, from my mother's clan. I have abnormally large chakra reserves, so I can utilize high level jutsu but not low level." Hinata was shocked; she didn't know he was from a clan, neither did she know he had a bloodline.

Hinata went last, "I am H,h,h,hina,Hinata H,h,h,Hyuga. I use my bya,byakugan to s,s,s,see long dis-tances and th,th,through obje,objects. I use m,m,my clan's taijutsu, the g,g,gentle fist. I do n,n,not use nin,ninjutsu or genjutsu, but my byaku,byakugan can b,break most genjutsu." Hearing this Naruto screamed out, "Wow, that's awesome Hinata-chan" upon hearing Naruto add the –chan honorific Hinata blushed bright red. Naruto looked on worried, "Are you feeling alright Hinata-chan." And with that the white eyed princess promptly fainted.

"Uh, does this happen a lot." Asked Naruto with a worried expression on his face.

Shino just shrugged before replying, "Only when you're around" this caused Naruto to look even more confused because even if he had seemed to mature he still had no idea when it came to women.

-Line Break-

When Hinata eventually woke up they made their way back into the classroom. Once they were seated they looked around at the other teams.

The mainly civilian teams were all just sitting around, the girls were all just staring at Sasuke with hearts in their eyes and the guys were all looking at Sasuke enviously, mainly because he was the most powerful guy in the class.

With the clan ninja, things were slightly different.

From Team 10, Ino was like all the other fan girls, staring at Sasuke with heart eyes. Shikamaru was sleeping on the desk and Choji was simply eating yet another bag of chips. Naruto found this team to be altogether boring.

When he looked at Team 7 he couldn't help but laugh. Sakura was trying to get Sasuke to go on a date with her. Sasuke was trying to ignore Sakura with all his willpower and Kiba was, well he was trying to hit on two girls sitting behind him, and sadly for him they had eyes only for Sasuke.

-Line Break-

After waiting for a while a red eyed women walked in.

"Team 8 follow me." And with that she left, with Naruto, Shino and a still blushing Hinata close behind. They kept walking until they made it to a small café. When they walked up to the counter to order, the man looked them over before stopping to look at Naruto and saying

"I'm sorry young man but hoods are not allowed in the café." Kurenai looked at Naruto before making hurry up gestures with her hands to get him to comply. Naruto was acting really apprehensive about taking off the hood but in the end just took it off. As soon as the hood came off the man behind the counter started yelling,

"Don't worry ladies; I shall protect you from this monster, YOU MUST LEAVE YOU BLONDE HAIRED MENACE!" When he finished this mini rant he looked over to find that the jonin was holding back the small Hyuga. Her face was bright red and chakra was visibly leaking from her fingertips. The Aburame was audibly buzzing and the blonde "menace" as the man put it was slowly walking out.

By the time Kurenai had calmed down her two genin she realised that Naruto was no longer with them. They walked out to see him sitting on a bench seemingly crying. Kurenai walked up to him to comfort him,

"Naruto what's wrong" she said almost lovingly, she couldn't bear to see such a young child so sad.

"It's nothing Kurenai sensei, just go enjoy whatever you were going to order, I'll just wait here. Stores like that don't let me in, all because of my condition. The only store I can actually go to is Ichiraku." Said Naruto sounding rather depressed. Kurenai looked up at her other two students, they both nodded to her. "Looks like we're having ramen."

Naruto looked up with hope shining in his eyes. "Thanks Kurenai sensei" he whispered quietly.

-Line Break-

At Ichiraku's Ramen Bar

Team 8 looked on in shock as Naruto ate bowl after bowl of ramen. There was about 15 bowls stacked up in front of him. Hinata was finishing her first, Shino and Kurenai were finishing their second.

As everyone finished their ramen Kurenai started talking, "Okay now that we are done eating why don't we tell each other a little about ourselves."

"Well sensei we all know each other, so it would be logical for you to go first." Said Shino

"Well okay then. My name is Kurenai Yuuhi, I like genjutsu and my friends, I dislike perverts and people who think Kunoichi can't be proper ninja. My dream is to become the greatest genjutsu mistress in the world. Then Shino you go next."

"Ok sensei, I am Shino Aburame. I like my clans insects and people who treat me fairly. I dislike people who kill insects and people who avoid my clan because we hold insects inside us. My dream is to become a logical and just clan head, like my Father." Hinata went next.

"I am H-h-Hinata Hyuga, I l-l-like people who d-don't gi-give up and som-someone special," she looked at Naruto and blushed, again he was oblivious, she then continued with a determination visible in her eyes that one would never associate with Hinata,"I dislike perverts and those who look down upon others because they think they are weak and those who unfairly judge good people. My dr-dream is to be s-s-seen as str-strong by my clan and to t-t-tell the person th-th-that I like m-m-my fe-feelings." She finally finished with a large blush. Naruto went last.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, I like Ramen," this caused the two Ichiraku that ran the stand to smile, "and people who treat me fairly like you guys. I dislike the time it takes to cook ramen and people who treat me badly. My dream is to become the greatest Hokage ever and to master my bloodline and my family's different specialties." When he was finished Kurenai began talking again.

"Now tomorrow we will have your genin test."

"Um sensei, we already had a test." Naruto pointed out.

"That was to see if you were capable of being genin, this test is to see if you will stay genin, 66% of the new genin will fail this test. Only 3 teams will stay as genin, the rest will go back to the academy. So meet me tomorrow at training ground 9 at 9 o'clock sharp"

This was met with a round of "Yes Sensei." From the genin.

-Line Break-

The next morning at 8:30 all three genin were at the training ground.

When they arrived they looked at each other, before all asking at the same time, "why did you come early."

Shino answered first, "I came to see if there was any interesting insect life here."

Hinata was next "Well I-I-I was just be-being cau-cautious in case I got st-stopped."

Naruto went last, "Well I woke up about 3 minutes ago and saw the time, I didn't want to be late so I sprinted here."

"But Naruto it is not possible to run from your house to here in 3 minutes, it would take 40 minutes to get here." Came the monotone voice of Shino. Naruto just smirked before disappearing in a burst of speed, appearing on the other side of the training ground in the blink of an eye.

"Please explain Naruto" this voice made all three genin spin round to see Kurenai materialize out of a tree.

"Well that was the second stage of my bloodline, the first is simply my body adjusts to high speed motion. The second stage, which is what you just saw, is basically wind manipulation at an extremely high level, it moves the air molecules out of the way when I move, drastically increasing my speed. The third stage is moving my molecules instead of the air allowing me to teleport. I can't use the third stage properly until I raise my fire affinity, I was able to use the third stage when I first activated it because of a special condition."

"What is the condition Naruto" asked Shino showing actual curiosity.

Kurenai then butt in saying "That is not allowed to be revealed at this time."

Shino and Hinata both nodded in understanding.

"Now let me explain this test." Kurenai pulled out a chalkboard and three pieces of coloured chalk. The chalkboard attached to the back of her dress and she handed the chalk to the three genin.

"You each have until midday to mark the board with your chalk. The first two people to mark it will pass the other will fail. If you don't get a mark on it you will fail."

"When I say go you may begin, and don't forget, come at me with all you've got, use lethal force if you want to, otherwise you will have no hope."

"And go!" as soon as she said go she disappeared.

"I believe this is a teamwork exercise." Stated Shino

"What makes you think that Shino, she said only two of us would pass, if it was a teamwork exercise then why would one person have to fail."

"It is to try and make us split apart; think logically there has never been a two man genin squad"

Naruto thought for a minute before flashing Shino a thumbs up.

They spent the next half hour devising a plan, Hinata only talked when her opinion was asked, the thought going through her head was as so,

'I hope I don't make Naruto-kun and Shino fail.'

As they were planning Kurenai watched them with a proud smile on her face, knowing that her team would pass. Unfortunately she couldn't hear what they were planning; if she got any closer they would notice the genjutsu hiding her.

When the genin stopped planning, they all spread out into a reverse triangle formation, with Naruto and Shino leading and Hinata at the back.

All three put their hands into the ram seal, Shino's insects flowed out of his sleeves, Hinata's byakugan flared into life and Naruto just seemed to be channelling chakra.

'Whatever Naruto was planning to do, it didn't work' thought Kurenai, thinking that Naruto was the student she need to work with the most.

"Uzumaki Style: genjutsu destruction!" and with that Naruto released a wave of condensed chakra, disrupting the genjutsu that was concealing Kurenai.

Before Kurenai could even react Shino's bugs were rushing toward her. When the insects reached her, she performed a substitution with a nearby log. But as soon as she had escaped Hinata was attacking her with a flurry of Gentle Fist strikes. She was hard pressed to dodge them all, knowing that even one could end the fight.

She quickly placed a genjutsu on Hinata, it didn't last long but it was merely meant as a distraction. Kurenai quickly disabled Hinata with a chop to the neck.

Shino started launching his insects again, but this time Kurenai was ready. After performing a few handsigns Shino just stopped moving.

Shino tried to break the genjutsu, but couldn't.

"That genjutsu has multiple levels, with your insects constantly draining your chakra you can't build up enough chakra to dispel it." Stated Kurenai matter of factly. Kurenai got confused when Shino suddenly stopped trying to dispel the jutsu.

"It seems you have gotten cocky now that the two clan ninja have been disabled. But you have forgotten Naruto's explanation of how his bloodline works." Stated Shino, still with a monotone.

Kurenai then felt wind rush past her and the sound of chalk on a board was heard. When she looked back she saw three perfectly parallel lines on the board.

When she looked at Naruto she saw him holding all three pieces of chalk and a smug look on his face.

"So Kurenai-sensei, how are you going to tell which chalk line was drawn first?" questioned Naruto.

Kurenai sighed in defeat, she didn't think that they would outsmart her so quickly. She released the genjutsu on Shino and went and woke Hinata up.

"Hey Kurenai-sensei, are you gonna tell us if we passed or not." Yelled our favourite loud mouth blonde. Kurenai smiled before responding,

"Yes Naruto, you all pass, not because you drew all three chalk lines at the same time but because you thought up a plan and worked together to move me into a position where I wouldn't see Naruto move until too late."

"Well that was the plan sensei." Stated Naruto.

While this whole conversation was going on Shino and Hinata were silently laughing, seeing Naruto trying to explain to Kurenai that everything was intentional. They would back him up, but wouldn't tell Kurenai that they weren't expecting her to knock Hinata out. It had made Naruto's job even harder, without the added distraction of Hinata he had to increase his wind manipulation to an incredibly high level to mask all traces of movement. And because of this, he now succumbed to something he had little experience in, chakra exhaustion.

Naruto collapsed mid-sentence, he had been trying to tell Kurenai that the entire fight was planned but didn't get the chance to.

Kurenai sighed before dismissing Hinata and Shino, Hinata was a little worried about leaving Naruto unconscious but Kurenai reassured her. When they had left she picked up Naruto and carried him to the where she thought he lived only to find that the building had been demolished.

She took Naruto to the Hokage's office instead. When she arrived, she attempted to go see the Hokage, but the two ANBU guarding the door wouldn't allow her to enter unless she left Naruto outside the tower.

Hearing the commotion, the Hokage opened the door to see what was going on. When he saw what was going on, he straight away signalled to one of the trusted ANBU that guarded the inside of his office.

An ANBU wearing a tiger mask came forward and tapped the door guards on their shoulders. When they turned around he grabbed them and body flickered to the T&I department, Ibiki was going to have a fun appointment.

"Well that's the last time I allow new jounin to be promoted into ANBU." Sighed the old Hokage.

The tiger ANBU came back at this point. "Tiger can you take Naruto to his house now." Asked the Hokage.

"Well Kurenai, I can't wait for the team reports tonight."

-Line Break-

At the team report meeting everyone was shocked, Kakashi was on time. Now they knew that something was going to go down.

The Hokage walked in with the elders of Konoha behind him. They sat at the front of the room before the jounin senseis started to list off which teams had failed and which passed.

"Team 7…..passed" said Kakashi lazily. This shocked everyone, Kakashi had never passed a team. At the front of the room, the elders all smirked knowing that the last Uchiha had passed.

Team 8, pass." Stated Kurenai. Again the population of the room was shocked that a team with Naruto Uzumaki could pass.

"Team 10, pass." Said Asuma, looking like he didn't want to be in there.

And thus the rookie 9 had been born.

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