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Of Infantile Habits

I.- Of Thumbsucking

Edward was happily walking through the halls of his home, with a smile on his face. The Elric brothers had travelled all across Europe, getting to know new people, getting to know their new homeworld. Finally they had settled down on a beautiful town on northern New Zealand. It was a great place to relax and live a quiet life. That is, until they found clues about where the elusive Uranium bomb was being kept.

But for now, the older Elric wanted nothing but to relax for a couple of months. The upcoming war didn't bother him, not now that he was finally at a place he could call home. Now all he wanted was to enjoy his time in this new world, discover what it meant to live a tranquil life. The memories of his life in Risembool came to him and he couldn't help to feel nostalgia.

He missed home, but as long as he had his little brother with him, everything would be alright. Speaking of the devil, where is he?

Edward went to his room, the one he shared with his younger brother, and didn't find him. He raised an eyebrow, wondering if Alphonse had left the house or something. He was bored; he wanted to talk with his brother about anything. With Edward's work and Alphonse's school work, they barely had time to bond anymore.

His smile widened. Yeah, spending time with Al might be a nice way to start this weekend.

He walked into the living room, and saw his little brother taking a nap on the couch.

Edward couldn't help but smile, he could wait till his brother woke up to talk to him. He turned back and was ready to leave the room when he heard a gurgling noise. He stopped dead on his tracks and turned back, wondering what was that noise.

He heard it again.

Curious, he walked towards his younger brother and could get a complete look at him. Alphonse was curled up, wearing his pajamas, hugging a pillow and sucking his left thumb. He looked incredibly cute in that fetal position with his thumb in mouth. Even though he was fourteen, he looked like a three year old.

Edward couldn't help but laugh at the sight of his brother sucking his thumb. I can't believe it, he's sucking his thumb! He looks like such a baby! Darn it, where is that stupid camera when you need it?

The laugh woke up the young brunette.

Alphonse looked up groggily and looked at his brother with confusion in his eyes. Then he realized where his thumb was and got deeply embarrassed. He got it out of his mouth and sat up quickly, wiping off the saliva from his chin. "Brother, I…you see, I was, no, it's not what you saw, it's…"

Edward could control his laugher and looked at Alphonse with a smile on his face. "Since when are you a thumb sucker, Al?"

The younger boy blushed and sighed, looking down in embarrassment. "Umm…ever since I got my body back, I guess. I was just so upset that you were gone that I needed something to relax myself. I found…my thumb…very appealing."

The older blond boy suddenly hugged his younger brother, realizing how much pain his brother felt while he was gone. "You're the cutest younger brother I could have ever asked for, did you know that?"

Alphonse smiled despite his mortification. "I guess I am."

There was a moment of silence before Edward spoke, realizing he really loved his little brother's little infantile habit. It made him seem too innocent, as if all the burdens and pains he had to carry throughout his life were nothing. "You know, you can suck your thumb if you want. I think I like your little secret."

"Thanks Brother…" said Alphonse with a smile as he sat down in the couch and relaxed.

Edward sat beside him, and put an arm around his shoulders. He felt so close to his brother, closer than ever.

Alphonse relaxed against his brother embrace and stuck his thumb in his mouth, and started to suck it calmly. Edward really loved his brother, and thought he was awfully cute. Especially when he was sucking his thumb like that.

"I love you, Al." said Edward and kissed his younger brother's forehead with affection.

Alphonse closed his eyes and let himself be rocked to sleep by the sound of his brother's heartbeat, enjoying his thumb in mouth.

One thing was for sure, Edward should get him a pacifier.