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X.- Epilogue

Twenty five year old Edward was watching their photo album. They had quite a few pictured of the brothers, enjoying their time with their new friends, some with familiar faces…some with new faces. The point was, Edward enjoyed watching those pictures and smile at the memory of them.

He especially loved the pictures of that were taken five years ago, the ones in which Alphonse had decided to become a baby. He still couldn't believe he convinced Alphonse to let him take pictures. And in the end, he put it on the album, to be kept forever.

Alphonse had stayed as a baby for three years, wearing and using diapers and acting like a real toddler for three full years. And he knew it had helped him become a happier man, like the one he was today. Even though two years ago he began "growing up" again, Edward couldn't help but miss those days when he still had his little baby brother.

But he knew he would always take care of him.

"What are you doing brother?" asked Alphonse as he walked into the picture. He looked at Edward, who was looking at the pictures.

Edward smiled. "Well, I was looking at your 'baby' pictures."

Alphonse glanced at the pictured of him at seventeen, wearing a diaper and with a pacifier in mouth. He blushed. "Brother! I thought you had burned those pictures!"

Edward laughed. "Al, you looked so cute in your diaper, even if it was stinky and I had to change it!"

The younger brunette blushed even redder. "I rarely messed my diapers…"

Edward pushed his brother down to the coach and put an arm around him. "I loved every second of it. And I know you did too. I'm glad you're happier now."

Alphonse smiled. "Thanks Brother."

The brunette closed his eyes as he leaned towards his brother and stuck his thumb into his mouth, sucking it idly. The only thing of babyhood he could not let go…

Edward smirked. I guess some things never change…