"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, a wish right now.." - B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams

His glimmering amber eyes shined. I drew in a breath and looked straight into them. Evil, hate... loneliness.. and.. a yearning for someone mixed into one emotion. The steel door back into the school locked shut. I backed right into the wall and Ayato smiled coldly. I shivered as he approached me, almost like a panther stalking their prey.

I shouldn't have eaten during the break. I shouldn't have fooled around in class. I shouldn't have done any of that.. I was in trouble.

"You're Yukiko, aren't you...?" he whispered as he loomed over me.

I nodded gently. He held me against the wall.
"Are you cold...?" he asked, I couldn't tell if it was mock concern or not.

I quietly whispered his name, but was off by the same person as he leaned in and gave me a small peck on the lips, though it filled me with a strange emotion... could it be.. love? No..

I couldn't hide my surprise as he withdrew and smirked. I stood as stiff as a wooden plank and started drifting off in my thoughts. My mind kept replying the moment we had a few times. I wanted it to stop, I scolded myself mentally.

Stupid, stupid! You know what he does... How could you?!

I couldn't register the cause for his show of affection. Confidence radiated from him though and I liked it. It seemed to fill this whole lonely and desolate world with something to hope for.

His smile and confidence was the reason I stuck to him. The way he would say what I couldn't ever say toward anyone without ever thinking. They, the SSS, always told me to stay away from him. They told me rumors; That I'll get obliterated if I joined up with him, a lie he was a NPC. No, he wasn't, I knew. He had deeper emotions, he didn't follow the school rules like Angel... Like a model Student Body President. I knew what he did when he was alone... That alone was a legit reason for my ever-growing fear of him.. and myself. How could I possibly love someone like that, much less look at someone who did what he did?

I stood there, still in the awkward position I was being held against, as I heard a loud and resounding bang, the sound of something hard against steel, from the door, which was ambushed by a powerful kick. A pink haired blur aimed a gun at us. Yuri. Her appearance didn't please me much for a number of reasons, no, it didn't please me at all.

"Yuki!" she shouted at me and glared, her eyes burning, at Ayato. I stared at her.

"Y-Yuri!" I wasn't happy, she wasn't either. I gently nudged Ayato away, a bit annoyed of losing warmth he radiated, and quickly walked towards Yuri. Both of their sharp gazes bore into me as I did.

"Sorry.." I quickly said to Yuri, and took a glance at Ayato. I didn't want to leave him here alone, but I couldn't do anything, I didn't say anything to Ayato, but I knew how he felt, all alone. Even if I did, though, I couldn't find the right words.

Yuri didn't question me as she lead me down the long flight of stairs while reloading her gun. Anger flowed from her.

"Bastard.." I heard her mutter quietly to herself as we headed down the empty hallway.

"Hey!" I jumped and looked around for the owner of the voice. It belonged to Otonashi. He smiled as he saw both of us. I returned his grin reluctantly.
"Oh.. Otonashi." Yuri said. I mustered up a little nod to him.

With little questions now and then by the SSS, I didn't talk much, and by night, I commended myself into a deathly silence throughout the evening, but no matter what, I couldn't take my mind off of today's little incident with Ayato.