The lion king 2

Simba's man cub

Chapter 1 birth of the three Son
Many years after the defeat of Scar and Simba becoming king, the pride lands were returned to its peaceful state. Nothing had changed, until one dark stormy night.
A family of humans struggle to survive in a storm on a bout. After many fighting to stay alive. The bout ends up on a shore in africa. For many days they traveled down a river and ended up far from the shore lines. Hoping to come across a village.
They stopped came to a stop deep in the Pridelands. The father had made a shelter out of the raft. The family stood in cover from the animals. The father would go out to search for food for him, his wife, as well as his new-born son.
Meanwhile in the pride lands, was a presentation of two young princes Kopa and Kovu the cubs of king Simba and queen Nala. All the animals gather to see their future kings. Rifiki the high priest of the pridelands held the two cubs up for all to see. One was a yellow fur and the other was brown. The animals all lead out great cheer.
Two days after presentation as the day turned to-night. light was given by the full moon. Terra a lion with a dark brown mane and his master Eraqus with a black mane. Two of Simba's pride guarded the northern border from the outlanders led by the dark hearted lion, Xehanort.

"It's still silent, Xehanort and his followers have still not attacked, this is not like them" said Terra?

"I share the same suspicion. They haven't been heard from for many days" said Eraqus as he walked along "but rest assured they won't give up so easy."

Terra looked down at the dried barren wastelands, where the remains of elephants lay.

"I hope they stay like this, just until we are ready to face them" said Terra.

"don't get your hopes up Terra, Xehanort will strike at anytime if we're ready or not." explained Eraqus.

Terra and Eraqus walked until they reached the western border.

"All seems lets return home, we could use some rest" said Eraqus.

But as they headed back to Pride Rock a loud gun shot echoed through the land.

"What was that?" asked Terra turning his head back to the western border.

There was then a cry of pain, coming from the east border.

"Man" he answered. "Come, we should see what's happening."

Terra and Eraques headed to the west. On the way they heard yelling and screaming. few minutes later it was silent as they came to the edge of the tall plain grass and saw the destroyed shelter near the river.

"Father, what is that?" asked Terra. Eraques stared at the shelter like he would in hunting.

"A humans cave." answered the light fur lion.

"From the looks of it, something has happen, Come."

"what?" asked Terra, as Eraques crept toward it. "Wait, who knows what's in there."

Eraqus jumped out of the bushes and Terra followed him.

Terra and Eraqus entered through the entrance to the shelter It was dark and Silent. There was large ripped hole in the roof witch gave way to the moon light. A

Terra look around the shelter and something caught his eyes. A rifle laid next to a tail of blood. Blood of human stained the ground as if something was dragged. Terra moved closely and saw blood foot prints of a lion.

"Eraqus." he said.

"What?" asked Eraqus

"Something happened here." said Terra.

Eraqus looked down at the blood tracks, he knew who was responsible for this merciless killing.

"Xehanort!" he said.

"Xehanorts here?" said Terra, looking to Eraqus.

"He must have killed humans." said Eraqus. "We must tell Simba."

Suddenly they heard the noise they came to find. It was the sound of a baby crying for its mother.

Terra and Eraques stopped dead In their tracks, they looked back, it became Silent again but not for long. There was a women with brown hair and wore a slave like dress. She was holding something in her arms. Something that moved. Terra approached it.

"Terra wait!" warned Eraqus.

Terra did not listen. The women looked at Terra who carefully approached her. She was shivering a bit thinking he was a threat. But as soon as Terra got too close he stopped. Terra saw a bloody wound on the women's arm.
He came up a bit and licked the scar. Terra showed that he was no threat to her or her baby. The women saw that the lion was trust worthy. She didn't have much time. The baby she had needed a mother and she wasn't capable anymore.
She thought there had to be a lioness who could mother her child for her. Terra watched as the women moved The infant toward him. Terra looked up at the women as she began to pass into the next world.

"Terra" said Eraqus as he walked up to him "what happened?"

Terra looked down at the baby. The child was small with white skin, his eyes were blue and he was wrapped in a brown cloth.

"The mother wants her child safe." said Terra.

Eraqus looked at the body of the once living women then at the child. "I see." he said.

"What do we do now?" asked Terra.

"Xehanort will come for the cub" said Eraqus."we must do as the mother wants and get it to safety"

Then there was the sound of movement not too far from them.

"He"s here, we must go" whispered Eraqus.

Eraques stood ready to fight, he bared his sharp teeth and claws.

"Take the man cub to Simba and Nala, they'll take care of it" ordered Eraqus

Terra picked up the man-cub in the cloths warped around him, then things became silent. Terra and Eraqus backed away quietly then two orange eyes peeked out of the darkness. It was Xahanort the evil lion and the leader of a outside pride that had but one purpose, "to conquer all the pride lands of Africa." He was big, his fur was brown, his mane was white and his claws were the size of razor blades.

"Well well well Terra, Eraqus It's been sometime." he said with his deep old voice."

"Xehanort!" said Eraqus standing at the ready.

"I believe you have something that belongs to me." The dark fur lion said.

"No!" yelled Eraqus "you've broken the law far enough. You will never get this one."

"Come now, it's only prey to me and you." said Xehanort.

"We don't seek to kill the man cub, but we will protect it from you." Said Eraqus.

"Well then, it looks like I'll just have to take him from you."

"Terra go!" yelled Eraqus.

Xehanot tried to attack Terra and the man cub, but Eraqus quickly jumped infront swiped his paw at him knocking him to the ground.

"Your fight is with me!" said Eraqus

Xehanort got back on his four paws and chuckled. "I'm going to enjoy this."

The fight Was hard to handle, Xehanort kept slashing his big might paws at Eraqus. The white fur used his strength and his energy to black the attacks and strike back. He kept him at bay long enough for Terra to escape with the man cub. Eraques pushed Xehanort aside and followed him back to pride Rock.

"you can't escape me!" said Xehanort as he two followed.

Meanwhile Rafiki, the high priest of the pride lands draws two lion cubs beside Simba's.

"Great kings of the past." said Rafiki, as he drawled a circle around the three lion drawings."Two princes. Kopa and Kovu have been born and the circle of life is complete"

The wind blew into the tree and wiped away the circle.

"The circle is ruined..." But then Rafiki was silenced by Mufassa.

"No Rafiki." he said with his strong voice "The circle is not yet completed. You've mist the third prince."

"A third prince?" Rafiki asked.

A couple of small leaves blew in. They landed at the feet of the mandrill. Rafiki took the leaves and sniffed them. It was the sent of man. He reached for his turtle shell. He placed it down and throw the leaves in. He slowly shock the shell and took a good look.

"A man cub." He said. "In the pridelands? How is this man cub a prince of the circle of life?"

"The child has the spirit of my son, of a lion." explain Mufassa. "His future lies in the pride lands, find the child and bless him as you did his brothers."

"Vary well Mufasa." the old baboon said.

Meanwhile, at Pride Rock. Simba, the new ruler of the pride lands, waits for Terra and Eraques at pride rock. He heard the gun shot and was expecting them to show up and tell him what happened

"Simba, are they back yet?" asked Riku one of the young cubs of what was Terra and Eraqus's pride.

Simba turned and saw the brown fur cub. Riku ran from the mouth of the cave to the side of the lion king.

"No Riku." answered Simba. "Their not back yet."

Riku sighed, "I never get to go with them."

Simba giggled.
"Your just like me when I was a cub, I never got to go with my dad on dangerous missions." Riku looked down in defeat.

"Simba!" called Eraqus as he and Terra reached the top of pride rocks path.

"Eraques, Terra!" said Riku running up to them.

Simba followed.

"Eraqus, Terra where have you two been?" asked Simba.
"I heard a roar of a humans stick."

Eraqus looked at Terra who was holding the man-cub.

"We were investigating the problem in the pride lands west border." answered Eraqus.

Simba then noticed that Terra was holding something.

"Terra what is that your holding?" asked Simba.

Terra gently set the man cub down on the ground,

"You may want to see what we found Simba." said Eraqus.

Simba then uncovered the blanket, he too was shocked to see the man-cub.

"A man cub, where did you get this?" asked Simba.

"Near the west border. Xehanort killed his family." explained Eraqus. "He was all alone and Xehanort is still looking for him."

Simba looked down at the man cub but with a stern look having to know his kind. He then sighed.

"He can stay" said Simba "for now, but only when Xehanort leaves."

"But..." Simba cut off Terra before he could say another word.

"I said until Xehanort is goes back to the grave yard" said Simba. "We can't keep him here."

The four lions took the man cub into the cave. Where Nala and the other lionesses of the pride were waiting inside for them.

"Terra, Eraqus" said Nala.

"We were worried about you two." said Sarabi as she, Nala, and Sarafina walked up to them.

"There"s no need to, not for us anyway" said Terra.

Nala then noticed the man cub.

"Terra is that a man cub?" she asked.

"Yes" Terra answered as he put the cub down near her and unravelled it from the cloth.

"Where are it's parents?" asked Nala.

"Xehanort has killed his father." explained Terra. "His mother gave him to me before she..."

Terra closed his eyes and turned away. He couldn't bare to say what he saw.

Nala widen her eyes, for from what Terra couldn't say she knew what happened after the mother gave up her own child. She felt sorry for the man cub, how he must have separated from what was left of his family, like she did years ago when she tried to find help for and the pride During when Scar ruled and let the hyenas take the pride lands.

Nala turned her attention to the small man cub To begin with, she was surprised to see that the infant was not scared of her. She then sniffed the child who just giggled because it tickled him.

"I have never seen a man cub before" said Nala continuing to sniff the child "he's small and so cute"

Sarabi approached the man cub, curious of what it might do.

"For an infant he is very brave being here" said Sarabi.

The baby crawled over to Nala, He touch her with his small white hands, he felt Nala's soft, warm, beautiful fur and snuggled into her as if he thought she was his mother.

Nala smiled and nuzzled the baby as if he was her own. He laughed and he stretched his small arms to reach her.

"He seems to like you Nala." said Sarafina, seeing her daughter bond with the man cub

"I guess he does." Nala said, beginning to like the new baby.

Suddenly, a huge roar came from the mouth of the den. A shadow was seen on the walls of the entrance. it was Xehanort, the lionesses stood in attack formation and growled in protection of their cubs.

"I've come for the man cub Simba, give him to me!" Xehanort said in a commanding voice.

Simba stood ready to fight.
"We will not give him to you Xehanort!" said Simba.
"The law forbids you of hunt humans, leave now!" said Eraqus.
"I will not leave without the man cub, what use is he to yo? It's a danger and must be eliminated." asked Xehanort.
Nala then stepped in to protect the man cub.
"No!" Nala protested as Sarabi and the other lionesses stood beside her. "We will never hand him to you."
"Nala stay out of this" said Simba worrying that something would happen to his mate "I'll protect the man cub"
"protecting a child of a murderer?" asked Xehanort, turning to Nala "have you gone mad?"
"I'm not protecting a child of a murderer" argued Nala looking down at the baby laying beneath her "I'm protecting my son"

Simba widen his eyes to what his queen said.

"Son?" The old lion growled.

"The man cub will live among us, Xehanort. In time he grow and defeat you and your followers" said Sarabi.

"You think a hairless runt can defeat me, how predictable!" said Xehanort,

"Go now, Leave us alone." demanded Simba standing up to the rouge lion.

Xehnort growled "Mark my words, Simba, I'll be back."

With that, Xehanort left for the elephant grave yard. He growled, unsuccessful in taking the man cub away and killing the last survivor of the human family.

"Its okay now, he's gone." Eraqus said to the others trying to calm them.

"Come, we must take the man cub to wherever there are humans." said Simba as he moved toward Nala to take the man cub.

Simba leaned his head down, but Nala picked up the child and just moved away from him. Simba saw her walk back to their own cubs. She laid on the ground, next to her cubs.

"Nala, please give him to me."Simba said.

"No Simba." she protested, wanting to keep the man cub. "He's not going anywhere."

"Nala." said Simba. "Please."

"No" said Nala glaring at her mate.

"Nala, this is a human. He belongs to his own kind." explained Simba.

Nala spoke up.

"He belongs to me." said Nala, glaring the Simba.

The lion king's eyes widen at his queen going against him. Nala then turned away from Simba.

The strange white hairless cub shivered from the cold breeze. Nala covered her front legs around the cub to keep him warm. The man cub yawned and fell fast asleep, cuddling with the beautiful lioness, as a child with his parents.

Riku walked over to see the baby.

"He"s kinda cute." said the silver cub.

"He must think that Nala is his mother." Terra said, seeing the human baby snuggling close to Nala.

"I am his mother." said Nala.
The tanned lioness kissed her new cub on his white, furless cheek.
"He's now part of the pride."

Nala was more than willing to raise the baby with her two cubs. But Simba on the other hand was not sure at the idea of having a human as part of the pride.

"But Nala It's.. It's a human" said Simba "we can't keep him, he has to go back."

The others we're terror-fide at Simba's idea to take him back where he was found.

"Simba that's a horrible idea." said Sarabi. "It's only an infant"

"He'll die, we can"t leave him out there." said Nala.

"It's a human Nala." Simba said. "You know how dangerous they are. He'll be more than a danger to the pride. He needs to return to his own kind."

"Simba he won't survive that long of a journey." said Terra Stepping into the confiscation.

"Simba he's just a baby, he's no threat to us." said Nala. "He doesn't even know the meaning of harm. I don't care what he is, I'm taking care of him."

The lionesses chatted about Nala saying a man cub as one of their own.

"I agree with Nala. The man cub should stay with us." said Eraqus.

"But Eraqus he's a danger to-" said Simba.

But Eraqus hadspoke up and cut him off.

"Simba." said Eraqus. "You allow us To be part of the pride when we got driven from our home. He's no different he's lost his family, if we take him back he'll die on the way. Wouldn't your father Mufasa accept the man cub?"

Simba was speechless and he became confused. To think of what his father would do in this situation.

Nala looked to Simba. She wanted to show him that the man cub belongs with them. Nala leaned down and took the child in her jaws. Nala got up on her four paws and walked up to Simba.

Simba looked to her, carry the human cub by the cloth around his waist. She carefully set the baby down and looked at her mate.

"Simba listen to me." she said. "This one is just like you when you were a cub. He"s lost his family, but now he's part of ours. He needs us."

Nala leaned down and slid the man cub over to him.

The baby looked up at him with his small blue eyes. Curious of the lion. Simba leaned his head down. He sniffed him and the white child reach out and placed his small hands on the lion. Simba began to hesitate. He crouched down a bit and the Small baby started to chuckle.

"He sees you in a different way, Simba. He thinks your his father. do you now think we should take him back?" said Eraqus as he came up to the lion king.

Simba looked down at the man cub who was playing with his tail. Simba began to smile. Maybe theirs more to this small cub then he thought. Perhaps He can be his son.

"No, I don't." Simba said.

He leaned his head down and nuzzled his new adopted son.

Nala and Terra smiled.

"He's part of our family now." said Simba as he nuzzled his mate as she walked up to him.

"Yes, and I will teach him and his brothers to be great worriers." said Terra.

"Terra I think we should leave some teaching to Rafiki." said Eraqus.

"I won't teach them everything, but they could become great worriers under my guidance" said Terra.

Simba and Nala were not sure about the idea of having their sons as a worriers of the pride, especially there new cub.

"But they're only cubs, they can"t handle this." said Simba.

"Simba don't worry, I will protect them." said Terra.

"Are you certain you can handle this." asked Eraqus.

"Yes." answered Terra

"Thank you, Terra." said Simba.

Terra nodded his head in response. Proud to serve the lion king.

"What do think we should call our new son?" asked Nala, looking to Simba.

"I heard a voice say name from where we found him." explained Eraqus. "I think it was, Sora."

"Sora." said Nala, looking at her new son, who looked back at her, happily. "That's a wonderful name. My little man cub."

Nala then nuzzled Sora as he giggled placing his small white hands on his new mother. "My little, Sora."

Nala picked up and carried Sora to her other cubs. But the cloth rap around the babies waist slipped out of her mouth. Nala quickly bent down to catch him. Sora began to cry.

"Shih, shhh don't cry, its okay, its okay" said Nala trying to sooth Sora.

Simba stuck by her side.

"Its okay, we are here, Sora." said Simba, as he then nuzzled his Son.

Sora began to calm down, he giggled as his father nuzzled him.

Terra, Eraqus, Sarabi, Sarafina and the other pride landers smiled.

Nala Laid beside her two cubs. She placed Sora among them and nuzzled him. Sora cuddled with the warmth of his mother and two brothers. He then yawned at faded into his dreams.

"Good night, my sons." said Simba Looking down at his three cubs.

Sora slept through the night in safety of his new family.

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